Sunday, August 4, 2013


So it is official. 24 lb gain after not scaling since Nov last year. I started acting like I was like the rest of the folks.


  • Eating chips, cookies, ice cream carbs like the rest.
  • Not watching my hydration. 
  • Not reading labels.
  • Going through mental health issues. Depression.
My only salvation through it all was my biking.  I did notice that there are a fair amount of chunky bike riders, though. Reasoning that much relies on the mileage. A 10-20 miler needs only to eat two brownies to devastate the effort.

I will be checking in regularly to update my comeback.

Let's see if I make it to Onederland... 

Here is a pic of my bike.

1984 model of a Schwinn Mesa Runner. It runs great. Seat a bit hard on the ass. 

As I have again moved. Back to near Chico and hilly area, I am going to relive the 3 mile hilly hikes.
Maybe attempt the bike, but the narrow roads lacking bike lanes will make me have to find safe routes. It is a 12 speed vintage bike so... I should be able to gear to the hills. I just was using the hardest to next to hardest in the flat land I moved from.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Back with major MoJo

Hey Bloggies I am still alive and well....fu fu'd a bit but was in a whirlwind of emotion and life's thangs goin on...but I am much better now and found some mojo. Listen to my new found friend Alecia better know as

and Why so serious? You can We can do this bitch!