Sunday, August 4, 2013


So it is official. 24 lb gain after not scaling since Nov last year. I started acting like I was like the rest of the folks.


  • Eating chips, cookies, ice cream carbs like the rest.
  • Not watching my hydration. 
  • Not reading labels.
  • Going through mental health issues. Depression.
My only salvation through it all was my biking.  I did notice that there are a fair amount of chunky bike riders, though. Reasoning that much relies on the mileage. A 10-20 miler needs only to eat two brownies to devastate the effort.

I will be checking in regularly to update my comeback.

Let's see if I make it to Onederland... 

Here is a pic of my bike.

1984 model of a Schwinn Mesa Runner. It runs great. Seat a bit hard on the ass. 

As I have again moved. Back to near Chico and hilly area, I am going to relive the 3 mile hilly hikes.
Maybe attempt the bike, but the narrow roads lacking bike lanes will make me have to find safe routes. It is a 12 speed vintage bike so... I should be able to gear to the hills. I just was using the hardest to next to hardest in the flat land I moved from.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Back with major MoJo

Hey Bloggies I am still alive and well....fu fu'd a bit but was in a whirlwind of emotion and life's thangs goin on...but I am much better now and found some mojo. Listen to my new found friend Alecia better know as

and Why so serious? You can We can do this bitch!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring forward

Recovery and escape from my own mental prison. Still need to think physical AND mental health. A dyi trip on bike. Sunday 4 miles. Today 10 miles. Took pics.

It was 4 miles round trip to the Sunday Swap Meet. I rode my bike and walked around. Learned something new about food. A fruit called Cherimoya. Got to taste it. Got pics.

Today I picked up some toiletries in town. The Dollar Tree has this towering building portion which has a sign on it. Easy to determine I had to turn right.

Bloggie love to all on your journey.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Awareness" Pay" it Forward

A family friend's little girl has diabetes.  
Her name is Patience. Her nickname is Pay Bug. 

Now a days everyone has friends, acquaintances or relatives battling the big D. The blogging community is a great venue is to spread awareness and knowledge. Pay it forward for Pay!

All art belongs to
Diabetes Art Day

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013


I would like you to meet my therapist. Her name is Jen. Every time I tell her my whiny woes she tells me " Bu Bu Buckup". She is also a low carb coach.  So I am bucking up and sticking to her well laid diet plan! LOL

I am feeling better seeing that I did have a great plan day and walked to the Swap Meet to get my laying hen. It is the first of a coop of say 6 layers. Next one I get will be of a different color. And I have a reserve of some chicks that are soon to be born. We shall see how this one lays.

Brave New World

Going to stay with my mom sent me to a place I had not been to in years. The echoes of blame from her mouth lashing  my ego and reducing it to that time I was so depressed. It was like a switch. I fought it but knew something was not right in my soul.

So 2 months later I think I weigh 25 lbs more. And I am in another transition mode. I was way too codependent on my daughter and my three grandchildren. After living with my mom, I realized that no one should really live with their mom. The hurtful words she said were variations of words I said to my own daughter in an anger of expectations not met. It is so easy to point those mistakes out like clean this and your baby needs you. OMG I did not realize this and I had to apologize. I was being a control freak. An omnipresence in their life. Cleaning house so that I could help my daughter, but really thinking she was lazy and about to lose her man if she did not motivate. I would ask her if she had something defrosted. I would do her dishes. But give her a"how can you let me do this all the time" glance as I did it.  I was always available to sit the kids. This turned out disappointing the kids, because even a quick run to the store is a bye bye me being there took away from them. I know they did not think this, but I did.

Either way, it took it's toll. Somewhere towards Christmas, I gave up on the diet.

Opportunity knocked again for my son in law and another move.  This time I told them I did not want to live with them, but eventually near them. So it was agreed. Still a village, but I will have my own hut.

I am a mess, but I know how to fix it.

I am housesitting for the Great Grand Parents. They are truckers. They want/need someone at the house while they are gone all the time. I am going to the swap meet right now to pick up a laying hen. To see if an egg will come out it's butt that I can lo carb excite over!

Friday, January 25, 2013

On My Happy Way

 My burden laughs giggles and says " are we there yet" a lot.
Had to try out that awesome yellow sturdy wagon as well!

Passed by a "not a through" road called "Happy Way". Make me wonder about the political correctness of "not a through road".  Did it use to be called "Dead End"?  Gave me something to Google. I ended up finding out about Dr. Richard Jackson.
"Related research in the United States by Richard Jackson has shown that people in car-based (cul-de-sac heavy) communities weigh on average 6 lb (2.7 kg) more than those in traditional towns (with open grid networks). "- on CUL DE SAC wiki

 Googled some more on the topic.  There is so much environmental health study info online. A good place to start is The CDC Adult Obesity Facts.

Here's a link to article and  a slideshow on the Huffington Post about the CDC mapping of obesity by state.

Bloggie Love.