Monday, August 29, 2011

Slimmer This Summer

Winry loves Edward Elric who is "The Full Metal Alchemist". She lives in the home town of the Elric brother's tragedy where Edward tried to use Alchemy to bring his mother back to life only to lose his arm and leg and the body of his little brother Alphonse. Alphonse ends up occupying a giant armor. Winry does the mechanical repair on Edward's metal prosthesis leg and arm. It was a very deep and different kind of animation and one of my first exposures to Anime.

It figures that I am a day late on the date. I just thought since weigh in's were on Monday...I got up to see my grandson get all dressed up for his first day in 1st grade. Did my morning bathroom thing...and then got on the scale. I have no idea where the camera went...and these days I am a bit slow and not in the mood to dig around. Suffice it that I did my little before and after pic.

254.8 is the number. A 14 lb loss for the StS final.

I sort of stopped the challenge when I got emotional and then had my accident...
I am happy and thankful that the challenge got me going and the set back was not major. It gives me confidence that maintenance will be not that hard.

Yet I need to get back to serious tracking and dealing with this all as I had planned.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I dunno...but if you have seen the news above and maybe thought of my blog logo...(as I did when I was in the emergency room yeah ER baby that is my place lately). I developed an infection on my ankle road rash that is laced in golden medical bills...they gave me drugs to make me not think about it that much. LOL.

I am sorry to have just kept you all hanging. I had no idea that my Slimmer this Summer would mean my wallet lol. Ever since this has happened, I just kinda rested and watched a lot of movies. Now I am going to the hospital daily to have intravenous antibiotic infusion for the next seven days. I need to keep my leg elevated and wrapped. Good news is that the rib ain't so bad now....I can laugh with out hurting.

And when I saw this news it made me wonder. A person writes a book and people actually THINK of boycotts and banning? in America?  It could be worse it could be a pedophile educational storybook (watch that come out next month) of "Uncle Chester Buys A Video Cam". LOL LOL LOL

I think of you bloggies daily and often, I hope you know it!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 124

Integra Hellsing before and after...from the Anime Hellsing. It is pretty violent and graphic...not ruined with hints of light hentai. Some anime just ruins it for me when they get all booby showy and panty flashy...Integra Hellsing inherits the Hellsing Organization that exterminates vampires. Their chief agent is master vampire named Alucard who in the first episode mercifully saves a dying zealous police officer (Seras Victoria) from death by turning her. The anime has deep emotional and graphic content.

StS Update:

Still recovering and using it as an excuse to not be on my diet best.
Right now I am tracking my pain meds and vegging to Star Trek: Voyager on Netflix. It is amazing how many episodes I missed when it was running on TV. This time I am doing it in order. Also gonna catch up on True Blood and Drop Dead Diva...Any other ideas of what can keep me entertained as I sit and heal?
ouch just sneezed!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 123

So back to business...Decided to celebrate by altering my favorite female Anime characters so far as I have seen..
This one is 77 yr old (due to being frozen cryogenically) space bounty hunter Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. Anime women are always well endowed and never chubby...but what if? Faye before and after. But when you are are beautiful any way it you can see with lovely Faye.

So it seems that the rest on my rib did me I had to pause to sneeze ouch (something in the air).

  • Tracking
  • Hydrating
  • Blogging
  • Taking meds on time
  • Staying cool.
The prego teeny bopper cousin in laws are now proud parents. They had their baby on the 10th just before I went to the concert. They were 4 hours away holding my daughter hostage (in a good way) so she missed the concert, but experienced a lovely little 7lb girl be born. They tagged along on my daughter's road trip to Boise and got more than they expected. Now that the kids are back with the baby, I am not so mad at them. They made a pretty baby. Destiney Rae.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What day is it?


Still hurting. Kills to cough or sneeze. I have to sleep with my back up or the pain keeps me awake until I fall asleep. Road rash is scabbed up and healing. It is the cracked rib that is hurting. I was feeling better, but then moved funny and whacked it out again. Of course I did the comfort me with food thing...but that has to end.
I am taking otc because I ran out of Vicadin. I am reluctant to get more because I have such a prejudice to narcotic pill popping. (and doctor bills) Mostly a fear.

Good News: I survived the concert and had an up close encounter with Poison's lead guitarist CC Deville. I had taken my grandson (there were other kids there), but he wanted to go home after the second backup band played. It was loud and boring for him. He did like the 5 dollar generic burger and small bag of chips and the 3 dollar water and was eyeballing the 2 dollar fudgecicles.
When I took him to the back side of the field towards the road to wait for his dad to pick him up, there was a guy riding a dirt bike all around. We sat waiting and then the dirt bike came up to us. I was in a vicadin daze and did not react fast to take a pic, but said "I know you must be someone famous". The dirt bike rider said "I am CC from Poison" I shook his hand and then hugged him and he ran off-no he asked us why we were not in the crowd. I explained about the grandson and CC says "It's going to be a rocking loud show!" I said maybe when he is older. Then CC took off and I thought. Damn I did not even take a photo.

Gotta get my head back in the game and not let my body ailments nurture my emotional feeding. I have been gone from blogging too long. I needed to check out my bloggie friends and clear my mind.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 116

I decided to say goodbye to the MsScooterButt handle and go with my handle of many years-Bluezy. Why?

What happens when you are going 35 MPH and you get a flat on a scooter?

Answer: MsScooterButt sore, learned and burned.

I have been enjoying this summer going here and there on my scooter. Friday we went to the mall and in this pine tree were 3 crows talking. I told my daughter...I hate when birds come up out of nowhere and start making sounds like that. Crows are especially a warning bird in my life.
All week prior, I was wondering if I should inspect my tires, because I wondered what would happen if I had a flat and I got about 2500 miles on this set....I got my answer!

So at 30 mph on full throttle trying to get faster, the rear end fishtails slightly and I start losing control. It got progressively harder to control. I slowed down as much as it would let me as I readjusted my steering to go with the fishtailing to stay straight. I was still in motion, but just about stopped as the front end just would not let me stay straight and jackknifed and then set down on the left side. I slightly scraped and slightly hit my forehead to the pavement. My left ankle, elbow and a bit of my thigh have shallow road rash. The big problem was the rib cage again. You have a 250 plus hit the ground and the bones do complain. I have had my ribs fractured before and sure enough this time again. Did get xrays to confirm that there were not any broken bones like arm or shoulder...

It happened fast, but it felt like forever. I am convinced that when I am dying I will always say "Oh Shit" and then "Fuck"...No deep meaningful words to record...When my head barely hit the pavement, I thought..."helmet". I got up right away with the wind knocked out of me and the cars of people who stopped all shocked. I gave my daughter a call and got a ride to the friends I had just left and showered up and went to see if there were broken bones.

I was told long ago that when you ride a motorcycle the odds are you WILL drop it. Well...I had got so confident that I was preparing to get a real go fast motorcycle. I was looking in Craigslist and even went to the Harley dealer and sat in one and thought "I could handle this baby, but not the price". I had decided to get a 250 Honda Rebel for next season. At this point, because of the spill, I decided a convertible will give me the air in the hair and wide open road feeling. FOUR wheels.

I had time to think that if it was my front, tire, I would of probably flipped at 30 plus mph. And the night before I left the scooter at a friends because I did not have my clear safety glasses for night riding. My daughter was going to ride it home the day I had the flat, but got busy. A friend offered to bring it home, but I wanted to ride. I am glad it was me and not my daughter. She probably would of crashed harder and faster and hit her head bad. It definitely was a learning experience. And I am safe, but sore.

Better news: I ordered a Do Life T shirt and got it today! I am going to wear it to the "Rock The Falls" concert. It is the first real outdoor local concert with headliners "Skid Row and Poison". I am not a diehard glam rock fan, but in this town full of Rednecks, it is a very popular band on the local classic rock channel.
The tickets were given to me by my adopted Amazon daughter Amanda (6 ft 1 qualifies here as Amazonian).

Monday, August 1, 2011

what day is it? 110? Wow!

Just popping in giving reassurance to my StS bloggies that I am still alive and well...fighting a domestically grown anger which has limited my dieting vigor. I did not do so bad...gained but not outrageously....

I needed to wallow in my non blogging non diet misery for a spell. I am BACK!

To not whine with too much details...we all know our emotions affect least some of us...and not only do we have to fight the food temptations, but the emotional habits we developed some frakking how.  Whether it be comfort or is a bitch, right? And so am I sometimes..more than my share of times!~ LOL!

I have seen a lot of good movies...and did not even hardly explore the foods that I am not allowed...So it was not really cheating...just with the flood in North Dakota preventing us from moving. The added money really not a gets spent.  The 17yr old pregnant couple cousin in laws staying with us since May...and their gonads are mature, but they are not. They compete for my daughters attention and act like guests. My daughter having been a teen mother, as well is kind of eating up the attention and she has two groupies. She is lonely because her man is gone up in North Dakota a 12hr drive from here. The prego teens only have done a dish washing or house cleaning only on occasional prompting. When the kids wake up before 9 am the expecting mom snaps at them and says she is trying to sleep. even with my daughter's permission, we make sure we wake up to make some added noise to bother their slumber. Put on PBS and prevent them from logging on directly to Facebook so they can emo post about it. Well they have stopped emo posting since there is another emo poster way worse in the family circle getting in a bunch of trouble for her lack of respect and  lack of appreciation. I guess it is harsh to suddenly change the opinion that they are no longer stay the frack away from the crayon popsicles I bought my grandbabies! And now that they have grown into procreating "adults" they can bitch at the grandbabies for eating snacks before dinner, as the candy and kiddy snacks and milk disappear into their don't need to ask belllies. And I am not their doggie sitter. Yes...they have a dog and it does not like being left alone at home and when it did, it ate the framework off the door and tore up a bunch of stuff....He is a cute dog, though, so I am stealing his affections since he is with me 24-7 like I have with all the home dogs here!

Oh and the grand mere mother in law is frakking with me on Facebook. She just joined this family tree app and requested that I accept being labeled her mother in law. OMG she is my son in law's mom. If anything I categorized as sister. She is one of those large women who is not large as you (she thinks) and not old as you and well better than you. She is a one upper. You buy a car she buys a newer one and gets personalized plate sort of one upper.Or if you revel in the fact that you went to a local cheap restaurant, she goes the next day to Red Lobster and brags about it. She only goes there to do this...not that it is something she normally does. You can make that woman do things just by doing and watch the predictable behavior.

Well...I lied...I whined and it is done! Now back to tracking and doing what I set out to do. Be a bloggie success story! (among the many that I so admire and appreciate they blog)!