Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Weigh In

I altered this, but would it not make an awesome tattoo? On the forearm or upper arm...hmm.

I am sorry that I have not been on since Monday. It has been a really busy week here. Gotta tell you that I am really loving this living situation. There is always something to do. I have been very active. Life is good and all work around the house is accompanied by select channels on Slacker attaching my phone to an Ipod dock speaker set. I am on my feet on and off, lifting babies, cooking, raking, doing lots of chores.

I missed taking my g-babies to school like I did in Vegas. I elected to get the kids to ride the bikes to school instead of the bus. I have no idea why they bus kids that live less than a half a mile from school anyways. There is one ONE busy street (as busy goes here in this city). It has a light. I guess the bus driver is happy to have a job, but with the price of fuel...hmmm. I just don't get it. Oh maybe because of the snow. Let me not get into when I was a kid going to school in the snow stories. LOL! It is just the perfect little ride for me. I get to go in the morning and then take the afternoon kindergartener as well. They all come home together with me! It is fun. There is a short hill that I have to battle coming and going with my beach cruiser. I stand and pump, but just as I am going to make it, I stall. I am excited about this. It is a goal to for me to do it regularly until I make it. I can't wait until I can do it with ease. I used to be "the bomb" bike rider for years. I could ride no hands and all...So chasing the g-babies is the best!

I imagine life lighter on my feet. I imagine how I will be able to just leap up and jump off. I am in the zone mojo wise. It is going to happen. Onederland is in my sights. I WILL FIND IT.

3 lb loss baby! Finally lost the weight I gained.

Bloggie love!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Just Another Day in Paradise

Last Piece by *DestinyBlue on deviantART
If tears left scars... by *DestinyBlue on deviantART

I always like to have a picture starting my post. I was browsing and found these. It might seem sad...but it is the nature of Anime to take toonies and make them serious! I need to catch up and start following some more Anime. So much out there! I was stoked that Nickelodeon started a new Avatar series! Avatar: The Legend of Korra. I actually got emotional not to give it away if you have not seen it. I get that way with all sorts of TV and movies. They really don't tell you who this character is at first and being that I had seen the first series and the character's clothes were Water Nation...I guessed. Time passed and now a new Avatar that is a girl! Girl Power!

My emotions have never been better. We have two families living in a large nice neighborhood house. The saying "It takes a village to raise a child" is literally going on here. I represent the elder. Grandma. Yes and they love me. We have 2 living rooms one for the kids (which we mostly hang in if not the attached porch) and to get them from one room to the other (dining and bathing and bedrooms) we have to help them over. It is like giggling (or whining) little kettle weights! I am not stressing if I don't go out to do exercise because there is a lot of activity just being home.  We live in a location where a lot is accessible via bike, so that will be maybe in the future. So far it is the local park and weekend we will bike to the zoo park which is just over a major road and maybe 1.5 miles away if that even. So yeah life is good. I have no emotional binging issues.

Amazon Amanda (because she is 6"2 and as royal as they come) adopted a boy and a few months later, she became pregnant with twins! It is a lot of work to chase around with all these toddlers! It is so good that there are all of us here! The cooking, cleaning, and all are major chores. We are a semi Samoan tribe here.

Amanda and her Samoan hubby DJ Uso wearing traditional Samoa stuff.

 I am on it today. Calories and (gulp) water! Notice my sidebar has a weight loss list. I enter the next weigh in date and leave it empty. It reminds me that I have a list and I want it to gradually go down! It helps motivate.

Bloggie love!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Graduation Party

After the Hornito Horn Shots...
 Had to get a horn shot on the cam...

I was a Karaoke Rock Star.

I weighed in with a 2lb loss for the week.

Relaxed on Saturday.

EDIT IN- SUNDAY:  Keeping my mind on the if I remain consistent with 2 lb loss increments 
   73  Days   -- or --   10  Weeks and  3  Days to July 4th, 2012 I would then weigh 225. If I keep thinking of will be a great holiday, ey? 2 lbs is a reasonable amount to lose in a week...I am not going to drive myself psycho to burn out or sabotage myself with emotional eating.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


So I was thinking again...

I am going to take a vacation!

To Onederland Baby!

Yep I figure it to be a 4 month drive give or take. Yep!

Figuring that by August (Mid to End) I should be there. That is 10 lbs a month.  I need to fit in the 3 to 4 lbs I have over 240...cuz I weighed this morning at 244 but my weigh in's will be on Saturday.

It is The Tour of PersistEnce for me. I want to be there so bad. What a vacation that will be.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hump Day ramble

Ok, so I am browsing the famous nude art looking for big girls...Here and there mostly. Renoir liked to paint young and a bit chubby, but not even fat girls after bathing...Then it struck me where is the cellulite? Would the artists exclude it? Is it a modern society thing brought on by Coke, Pepsi and Koolaid by the trough?  Do I have too much time to think? LOL Well taint thanking bout FOOD!

This one is really tasteful by Gustav Klimt done in 1902 called The Goldfish...I went to a gallery website. OMG I really love his style. The Klimt Collection go there and enjoy!

I got over my hand in the bag thing with the chicarrones. I ate a good breakfast of eggs and bacon. I repeated that when one of the kids did not want their already prepared dish and saved it for lunch. Already drank 64 ounces of H2O. Planning on a salad for dinner.

It is sunny and snow free here. It is 56 degrees out, but the wind is chilly. I WILL be riding my bike in a bit. Going to Albertsons to pick up some bell peppers. That will be less than 2 miles.

EDIT IN AT 2:30 pm:
Butter was only 99 cents for a 4 pack package at Albertsons. If you shop around and have their card, you can save big time, but I prefer the WalMart, Sam's Club and Winco shopping we do. Sam's Club is just a 1/2 mile further. The Albertson's checker hooked me up on this Real California Milk coupon.The discount on the butter is good until the 23rd and each coupon is per ITEM not purchase, so butter would be 44 cents! Oh yeah!

Bloggie love!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hand in the bag feeling...

These are a great low carb mock potato chip dipping binge replacement, but I don't like the salt content and the idea of eating the whole thing. It whacks my mojo all off. Opening a bag and watching a is just a behavioral replacement. That sort of behavior gots ta go!! I get guilty hand in the bag feelings. Not good.

Yeah...I did it. Nommed on a bag here and there throughout the day until it was gone. We will see what this does to my weigh in results. I DO need to hydrate further to purge out the salty damage.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Nekedness Of The Beholder.

This is one of my favorite ones of my last year's "Profane The Flapper" photo manipulation project for the blog. Just to explain again:  I started getting obsessed with my photoshop clone and liked to produce manipulations and animated gif's since 2009. I started this blog last year on April 13 (oh I missed posting about my blogaversary)! Yay!!!

I remember watching the movie "American Beauty" when it came out a while back. I could relate to Kevin Spacey. I think I started doing what he did in 2009. In the movie, he quit his job and got a job at a fast food restaurant. He also started working out. His explanation to the exercise was "I WANT TO LOOK BETTER NEKED".

I up and quit my job and moved to the beach. I had started a vlog to motivate my walking the beach called "High Times at Low Tide". It was just a video slide show of beach shots. I would collect a small amount of drift wood and anything else I would find, I would take a celly pic of. Go home and compile the pics with choice songs I liked. It lasted about 2-3 months. I went to Seattle and my full sized Bronco ran over me. LOL. Just around Thanksgiving so I called my Idaho daughter and sang "Grandma got runned over by her Bronco". The surgery took awesomely. I don't even feel like it happened when I walk. I will set off some Airport security metal detectors...maybe. I also have a big ol' shark bite scar on me arse. LOL. I always think about the team of bone surgeons saying "We are the best in the nation" and Grey's Anatomy. There was one young one that if I were young I would think would be sort of a Dr. McDreamy. LOL

As far as looking good surely could have it's perks...BUT looking good neked is totally subjective. I Googled  "famous fat nude paintings" and was captivated by the following one by Renoir dated 1876. It is big maybe to today's unreal anorexic standard or not very toned for the healthy work out standard.. but how could that even be categorized "fat"? LOL Seriously? The picture led me to a blog named "Manolo for the Big Girl" (not really a weight journey blog)  that has a series of posts with pics of  "Big Girls In Art". It made me want to start a new project with a few skinny famous nudes and make Before and Afters of them. Look for it soon!

I believe  the heart is connected to the eyes...and not some brainwashed societal stigma...screw those simpletons that bash on big people. I actually feel sorry for people like that. They obviously will hate themselves if they grow old or incapacitated or just plain cozy fat. Or will they dump their mates if they do not meet the superficial standards they have in their lack-of-reality hearts? So sad. So sad.

Keeping my mind on my journey and my journey on my mind!

Bloggie Love!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Sunday and yet another get together. This time BBQ. The food odors are rising into my room making me hungry. All the first wave of tamales got nommed down last night, but there is masa left and the boiling meat is really smelling good.  There will be another rollathon, but this will be to freeze.

The blonde is Amanda my daughters BFF. My daughter is to her right. They both got styled by the red head sister Christine who is almost graduated from beauty college. Christine also went to art school in Seattle. She is very talented. They took glam shots in a Rockabilly style. Christine is also a talented self taught photographer and does weddings and projects. I will share the professional photos when she is done proofing them, but her computer is acting up.

This is a shopped celly pic They are gorgeous retro beauties!

I like these girls a whole lot. Each of us are 10 yrs in age between us starting with my daughter 23, 33, 43, and eh I am 44 er I mean 54. LOL I really am in a happy loving place. I dig it. The kids all get along and living on a cul de sac near a park makes it so safe and easy. Amanda towers over us at 6' 2" and I call her my Amazon daughter. They all plan on joining the weight loss journey in May. Yet they are all happy and confident BBW's.

The BBQ is a no no all the way around for me. They took tons of chicken and marinaded it with soy sauce. 3 cups or more of brown sugar and seasoning. I almost was gonna just eat the meat, but got my strength in and prepared me a couple of chicken breasts with my salt free spices that I can dip in my low carb hot fry sauce concoction.

Bloggie love!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weigh in

I went swimming. I wussed out on the bathing suit. I wore sport shorts and a stretchy fabric shirt. The two hours I was there, I made sure I was in constant movement. I did some laps, treading when I was in one spot socializing. I jumped off the low board, but did not have the balls to do the high board. Incredibly, I am not sore. I need to find a swimsuit that I am happy with when funds avail. It feels oh so nice to shop and give one a reward that way.

I have been able to maintain my weight plus or minus 5 since my mile mark of 51 lbs lost. It has been 5 months not really pushing for it. I have a long weigh to go to be an Internet sensation like those I follow who have lost so so much. I do want to be in Onederland AND have my ticker read 100 plus lost.

I need to step up on the toning. Once a week swimming and 3 days a week or more biking is more than I have been doing. I was walking no more than 1 mile daily, yet moving around the house chasing after toddlers and elementary kids and the household duties involved. The swimming will be good for all body. Yet I need strength and I am so impressed with the transformation Princess Dieter has with her 121 lb loss and the Pilates combination. She is curvy and tight for a contemporary of mine. I will not run like others I is just not something I enjoy. I guess though if I could run...I would be impressed as I am of those who chose that form of exercise.

The future is bright and so is the sun. I have a running/jogging path a hand throw away. The park is full of life. People playing soccer and soft/hard ball. I have my fully charged phone and tunes. It is all good!

So lot's going on here. With 3 beauty schoolers  they are all doo-ing up and painting the faces for a glam photo shoot in the back yard. One friend is getting his hair buzzed. Hoss is stenciling a tattoo to be later started sometime today on the buzz hair friend. There is tamale meat in the fridge waiting for a group rolling. I need to possibly hold off a little pile for me that is not to be rolled. The kids are all playing outside. The weather is wonderful about 60 degrees and we are all wearing shorts lol.I had a wonderful low carb lunch. Hydrating. It is definitely all good.

Bloggie Love!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Going Swimming!

So Friday is family day at the aquatic center just up the road...Apparently they let you bring a bunch for a mega discount. So we are going to invade! I have a hand-me-down swimsuit. Last year I swam in a shirt and shorts in our doughboy like pool and the lake.

I took the picture before I tried it on. It is like packing it with a tree trunk. OMG but I am going. Maybe someone else has a bigger size...This one is snug. But then in the water it will loosen up. I am so going to wear an over shirt. Out of 5 BBW (big beautiful women) there is only one who weighs less than me. Yet the 3 above me are tall. This is something THEY do. We were invited. They have no mental issues with it. I am not going to be the bummer beOtch and talk much about weight and that annoying roll I just manhandled into that sucker.

I was again strong today. Put all that I ate in "My Fitness Pal" diary. Calories less than goal. Water on it. I spent the whole day mostly cleaning, cooking and did a couple of rounds of diaper changing and gave 4 babies 2 and under baths. I made soft oatmeal cookies. Let the older kids roll some dough and make a pan. I served them up and did not eat a one. My carbs were on target! When I was feeling a bit hungry, I picked up my cell phone and went blog reading.


Bloggie love!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I have arrived!

So I misplaced or tossed my graphic pen and mouse for my tablet...I use the pen to smear my pics or paint them fatter. It is crude and simple, but makes me feel my blog has a theme of

Today I really was strong. It made up for yesterday's later for supper politeness eating an awesome oriental meal with some fried rice (all homemade). I just didn't want to be an anal dieter and piss off all the eaters. I enjoyed the taste, but felt bad for again putting off my plan. Yep, today I ate the right amount of carbs. I was below my goal calories and I drank enough water. 

I had a pow wow and told everybody that I need to continue what I started. I have a blog with so many friendly supporters that I appreciate. I can't just up and go away. And if I am here...duh...this blog is my weight loss journey and it has not ended. I then proceeded to share my blog and blogs I follow. They all understand and will not try to come home with that happy hour bogo frappe or feel bad eating brownies ala mode with hot caramel sauce. As I watched 4 people nomming down on those, I realized that I have my MOJO back. 

I also biked around today in the park and neighborhood. I did about 4 miles of riding.

I feel like I have arrived to that mode I had in the beginning. I also found a food (processed but yummy) that is low carb. Turkey Italian Meatballs 3 of them only have 5 carbs. It satisfied the naughty because it comes out of a bag.

I appreciate all the support and the weight loss blog community. I am here to DO IT!

Bloggie love!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making a Path to Zen Mojo.

Back to my old format. Along with the phone notifications to those I subscribe to, this worked for me last year. And it is the time of year mentally where I began my drive to lose. I am going to mimic more or less what I did last year. Oh it is actually a page tab...The weather is awesome and a community park with a course for walker/jogger/runners. There is family discount day at the Aquatic once a week we will be swimming.

Is it me or something mental, but again I say the Before is in my mind normal and beautiful. A Renaissance figure?  Why do we mess with our heads so much on our big body image? The before pic is actually on the border of the high side of Onederland I would imagine.

Someone bought ruby red grapefruits thinking they were oranges. Duh. Well, I will be eating at least a half or one a day in this pre-diet. I usually rely on eggs to fill my need to eat big urge. An omelet in the morning, but theses guys did not really buy many eggs and a lot went towards the egg hunt this Sunday. I did make egg salad which categorizes in the low carb way. Lunch filled me fine.  I need to maintain my mojo for dinner. I imagine I will eat a piece of what ever meat they decide to cook and ask them to leave one unseasoned (they really abuse salt our friends do). I do have my food scale. too!

Bloggie love!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Setting My Food Table-(Pre-Diet weening)

The Andersons LOVE burgers. Look how Kitten, Bud, and Princess are smiling!

I began the day with a cup of coffee and a banana. The banana was way setting me up for going over my carbs. I imagine eating just no carb for the rest of the day. Tomorrow will get more into the low carb.

Lunch was sort of selfish. I just needed to eat it to get the desire out of my system. I ate Liverwurst with out bread and used the piece to scoop out egg salad that was on a sandwich made for me. I don't plan on eating much for dinner. A piece of meat chicken or what not. Nothing processed.  (edit in) I ate a chicken thigh and a hamburger patty for dinner. All in all I am up to 1450 cal. This is a high beginning. I will get a handle on it and the carbs as I do this pre-diet. The banana blew the low carb end, but how can I be mad at a banana?

I can or more like will not weigh in until May 1 when everybody here will be on some sort of diet. I just will not feel good about looking at the scale at this point. I have an idea I am no more than 250 if even that because of water and maybe 2lbs of gain...but I just don't even want to see it. I can feel it in my gut roll. I do the pinch and if it is deflated..I know my water retention is off. I am not happy with my gut pinch today.

What I plan to do is be on top of my carb counts and hope my caloric counts are in range. Of course I will drink the 64 up to 96 ounces of water. (gulping right now).

Everybody here looked at their Easter pics and if they were not lucky to hide behind the kids...reality sets. Nah no denial we are all pretty fat. Can't blame the camera for a putting on more pounds look.

The best thing I am doing is going to My Fitness Pal with all I eat and drink. I  really think that JUST that tool in my life (and drinking more water and bloggie support not forgetting) helped me so much lose my intial weight last year.

So Mojo is on!

Bloggie Love!

The salt content of the food here is not to my liking. I need to ask for a special no salt or just saltless herbed meats.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

E2E with pics, too

 Oh the drama...I (don't) vant to be alone(as that vintage actress used to say)!

Made it to Idaho. Unpacking and setting up. I really did not focus on the regime,  but I did not over indulge. Believe it or not, I have not found the scale...My daughter has it in her stuff somewhere.

I was asked to add some buddies to the diet. In May, the whole lot of us are going to lighten up. I am not sure if that is a companion diet or a make me in charge of We are all living in a great big house. It is a 3 story and although it is 5 bedrooms, there are two living rooms and we all seem to fit. I have my own room. The girls share and the babies are in the masters. Oh yea babies! Twins at 1 and a half, my Zozo at near 2 and little man at 2.5 ish. Only one is potty trained. My little Zozo heck yah! It is a total of 7 kids. 4 babie/toddlers and 3 elementary school. There are enough adults to get r done though. We also have space. We will outgrow this when they get older soon enough, but the son in law says he will be rich soon...hmm. 

So my eating has been what is and not abusing. I did have a couple of Frappe and a couple of sodas. The frappes I finished, but the sodas I think I want them, then I just pass it on to a willing child. I am not happy with bread and sandwiches...I think I will try a beer and then start getting on it by Monday.

I really want to get back into plan. I am really sorry that since August of 2010, I have been wishy washy. I am happy that I did not do major damage and regain.  I am happy for the successful E2E challengers. Their success is very inspiring.

I am bloated. I feel bloated. Like I posted in my last post...yesterday I binged. Emo eating with a houseful of lack of manner recently adult guests...I did it to myself. We are talking chili dog chips cheese...chocolate was bad. So here it is:

My gut is back to where I was at the beginning of the challenge, but if you look at the sideview (arrrgh) I bubble out like I am all gassed up Either fricking way...there is no way I can look out of rose tinted glasses. OMG this is NOT what I was wanting to be at a year ago when I started. I had all theses expectations of a Christmas that had some poundage gone! Major reality check. 

The good thing about this all is that I am no longer sick. And I got to get two books from Loretta (where I have always the most inspirational blog reads) that I can use as reference! One is a cook book! It is in the mail will most likely be waiting for me in Idaho!.Loretta is full of color and wisdom. She is apart from the wear black and hide behind the kids when taking photo kind of large woman on her journey! Her art is a window into what she is and feels. A beautiful and colorful soul. I really dig that about her! Check out her Art blog! Look for the elaborate art on her husband's motorcycle helmet. Truly impressive! I have her "2012 is my year" art badge on my sidebar.

What about my weight? Man I am just going to remember the last time I weighed and keep happy. I know we must take the bad with the good, but damn after the big bloaty belly pics...come on!!!
I weighed about a week and a half ago at the most. 246.6 Just before I got better. Now I need to step up and get ready for some sensational weight loss. How about it? And I need to stay away from all the drama that brings me into emo mode.

I am really sorry to have been so evasive this challenge. I really love my bloggy support. I need to be regular on the posting, but more so I do need to be regular with my subscription lists I follow. Once I get in motion, I think I will join another challenge...Maybe a slim to summer. I DO need to do the math and do the numbers and all. I hope to plan some charting and all!

Bloggie Love!

April Fresh?

 This photomanipulation of Marilyn is something I did over a year ago. I decided since my daughter has 3 portraits of Marilyn, that she needed this in her kitchen. I had done it for my other blog just for fun. I could not believe no one on the Internet had done one. There is Cheese Elvis, but no Marilyn. I put it up in Hi-res on my DeviantArt page and had them print it and send it to me. It cost me 20 bucks for a 12 by 18 and the paper is pretty thick. I am happy with it. It is like the first follow through of something artsy I have done. I plan on selecting a few here and there so I may keep them for my personal collection. I might try to find a local alternative of the same quality to do the printing. I make like 5 bucks maybe off of stuff that is bought from my DeviantArt store, so I paid myself lol. Photomanipulation IS a form of art. It is a concoction from my brain of icons or pics that already exist that I literally manipulate to my liking. Sort of like Warhol...who just posterized and changed the colors of Marilyn...simple but definitely artsy.

 I did not make the linky for the E2E challenge...sorry.

So here we are about a half a month prior to my diet year blogaversary. I think my mojo maybe seasonal. Or hopefully. I plan on a repeat of last year. Let's see. That would put me down another 50 pounds and then I will feel like an Internet sensation!

I might of stayed at the 50 lbs lost for so long...but I feel that fate allowed me to stay there and not regain, so I am happy.

I am 2 days from full recovery of my mystery flu. I can say happily that I was proud to be able to "pinch a loaf". There is some eating going on here. I had a bout yesterday with binge. I am over it. I really don't even like bread anymore. If I were not on a low carb mode of thinking, I would go fruit and veggies with a little of high fiber cereal for breakfast. We will see. Last time on the scale, I weighed 246.6 just a mid week before packing the scale and a week before recovering from the mystery flu.

My daughter is cursed with drama. We were going to comfortably make the trip back to Idaho. Loading the truck today and leaving in the morning. Then their money drama hit again. It is going to be tight. It is like the Grapes of Wrath move. LOL. Next blog post will be from lovely Idaho.

Let's see five recently turned 18 yr old in laws and in law Great Grandma and my daughter recently has always lost her hosting skills. She lets me figure it all out. So I schlop it out. Then there is no offer of "let me help get that ready" or "let me help clean that up"... The 18 yr olds are playing the "duh I am still a kid" card. The brother in law one who has been staying here since Nov. lost his skills real quick. It is like they want to be treated like ADULTS, but lay around acting like kids. I mean not even an offer to take over the "flipping pancake or stir the pot" guard on the stove or more? Spoon feeding. Oh the rest came here to help us move. Yeah kids that have no guest manners.


Good luck on all your challenges! Bloggie love to all!