Monday, April 9, 2012

Setting My Food Table-(Pre-Diet weening)

The Andersons LOVE burgers. Look how Kitten, Bud, and Princess are smiling!

I began the day with a cup of coffee and a banana. The banana was way setting me up for going over my carbs. I imagine eating just no carb for the rest of the day. Tomorrow will get more into the low carb.

Lunch was sort of selfish. I just needed to eat it to get the desire out of my system. I ate Liverwurst with out bread and used the piece to scoop out egg salad that was on a sandwich made for me. I don't plan on eating much for dinner. A piece of meat chicken or what not. Nothing processed.  (edit in) I ate a chicken thigh and a hamburger patty for dinner. All in all I am up to 1450 cal. This is a high beginning. I will get a handle on it and the carbs as I do this pre-diet. The banana blew the low carb end, but how can I be mad at a banana?

I can or more like will not weigh in until May 1 when everybody here will be on some sort of diet. I just will not feel good about looking at the scale at this point. I have an idea I am no more than 250 if even that because of water and maybe 2lbs of gain...but I just don't even want to see it. I can feel it in my gut roll. I do the pinch and if it is deflated..I know my water retention is off. I am not happy with my gut pinch today.

What I plan to do is be on top of my carb counts and hope my caloric counts are in range. Of course I will drink the 64 up to 96 ounces of water. (gulping right now).

Everybody here looked at their Easter pics and if they were not lucky to hide behind the kids...reality sets. Nah no denial we are all pretty fat. Can't blame the camera for a putting on more pounds look.

The best thing I am doing is going to My Fitness Pal with all I eat and drink. I  really think that JUST that tool in my life (and drinking more water and bloggie support not forgetting) helped me so much lose my intial weight last year.

So Mojo is on!

Bloggie Love!

The salt content of the food here is not to my liking. I need to ask for a special no salt or just saltless herbed meats.

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