Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 49

These flappers wear their outfits well.

I have a free woman's check up on Thursday. I will have the opportunity of weighing on a doctors scale. I hope it doesn't disappoint me and be different and more than my home one.
I am being especially good today. So far. I am holding on to my water all day long. Spending most of the day regulating the grand kids. I had the 6 yr old pull the stroller out of the shed. It is 68 degrees out here. I am gonna take the kids around when the baby (1yr) wakes from her nap. It starts. Movement and putting on the bra and facing the day. LOL I am looking for my camera or celly and no luck. If my daughter comes home before I go, I will take a couple of pics to add to the blog. Need to mow and weed. To weed not do

The omelet for dinner was not enough. Around a half hour later, I was watching Doctor Who and just went to the fridge took out that pulled pork and put it in the bun. The bun  was small and it was just a spoonful of pork, but now my carbs for the day are way up there. Oh well, tomorrow.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 48

Yippy Kayay! By September this year at the latest, we are going to move from Ideeho all the way up North in the North Dakota! The company that my son in law works for is an Oil company and there is a real big boom up there in Minot.

I ran into a couple of  "Urban Dictionary" referrals:

  1. Minot is in very NORTH central ND and is full of cracked out injuns and other welfare sucking people who are too lazy to get a real job. It is one of the nastiest, dirtiest, HILLY, quazi-cities I've been in. If minot were a color it would be grey, or diarrhea green. I wouldn't call em hillbillies, I'd call em more like oil rig cast offs looking for loose cheap whores and something to kill the pain of being for a while.
  2. Minot, ND is a rural town where everyone knows everyone's business, Walmart is the highlight of a Saturday afternoon, while at night it turns into bar on goings. Then there are the fat and fugly wanna be farm girls and guys who think that they are all that. This town needs to improve there vocabulary very badly. Everyone drinks alcohol like its water, they hang out at bars trying to get drunk enough to find an easy one. If you don't like to drink, find any strange at bars and work in the restaurant/hospitality industry, MOVE! save up your money if you can and become a refugee from Minot, ND. Get out of Minot, ND if you can.
OK it has a WalMart. And I am a believer that Home is where the heart is, so my heart is with my grand babies and I am going with them.

I remember being in a hokie cold northern town in Montana and they had an indoor olympic sized pool with jacuzzi that you could get season membership for, so I looked up Minot.  48 person Jacuzzi and 3 HUGE water slides. Exercise & Lap Pool, Activity, 4 Extra Kiddie Play Features, 3 Huge Indoor Slides, 2 Additional Kiddie Slides - Hell yah!  Splashdown Indoor Waterpark!!! A little pricey. 10 bucks a day per person, but there might be company or USAF coupons.

I am also a retired veteran's widow and there is Minot AFB and this is what I also found:
Minot Air Base offer services that often include exercise, yoga, kick boxing, swimming, sauna, pool, weights, and personal training. Talk to the staff at Minot Air Base for information about reaching your fitness goals in Minot AFB, ND.
I have all the paperwork to get my Air Force retired wife ID if they exist, I need to call them. I know how to talk in USAF acronyms so it will help.

I am so frakkin optimistic with my dieting and this move. Anywhere I go, I will have no problem.

If you are not familiar with "The Urban Dictionary", anybody can put a definition into it. Some are really funny.
I looked up my name and here is what I got:
  1. Susan's tend to be wonderful girls! If you've got one hold on tight! Susan's are extremely fun, caring, intelligent, very funny, beautiful, and make the best friends and girlfriends ever! They are the epitome of classyness! Did you see Susan today? She looks beautiful!I love Susan!I wish I had Susan! 
  2. The female state of arousal. A girl-boner. Most commonly described as "massive". A really great susan is a "suzanne" and a little (but pleasant nonetheless) susan is a "sue"."Reading the sex scenes in 'The Valley of the Horses' gave Christine a susan"
  3. If you have a Susan, you are one lucky character! Susans are generally smart, musical, and generous. Never take advantage of a Susan; they also bite. Unless provoked, a Susan can make a great companion!
  4. A codename used by men to describe girls with big saggy boobs reaching their bellies. Word was coined from the phrase 'suso hanggang tyan'. Thus, the combination of the 2 words to make it shorter. Sus+an = SUSAN Pare, tingnan mo sa kaliwa, Susan!
Look yours up! You will get a kick out of your name I am sure.

I will weigh in on the Sunday prior to the 6th beginning the "Slimmer For Summer" challenge.

And I had to edit this list because at 9:20 PM I looked at that pulled bbq pork and the rolls and said I gotta have one. It increased my carbs to 43, but you see my calories for the day barely over 1000. Let me hope that saved me. I was going to have another, grandson of 6 is the "carve" police now. He chased me a bit and I had to give it up to him. LOL

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 47

It was Summer of 1968. I was 10 yrs old and I was given a choice of what extra curricular I wanted. My older sister (4 yrs older) chose horseback riding. I chose tennis. We were living the rich life in Brazil. My dad was a college professor and took a foreign assignment through the University of Wisconsin with the US AID program. I remember the first time we arrived in the southern most state called "Rio Grande Do Sul" we had no car and they just gave my dad a Willy's Jeep. It had the US AID shield which was two hands shaking on the door like I edited in below. We were waiting for our sea freight which included our 1968 Buick Skylark. An oddball vehicle in Brazil. I remember some nuns coming up to it and looking in smiling and asking me questions when it was parked and I was waiting for my parents in the car. Automatico?  They had a lot of German and Euro immigrants in their history, a lot like in the US. They even had an Independence. And the city we lived in Porto Alegre, had skyscrapers and everything (to quote Stevie Wonder's first words in the song "Livin' Just Enough).

The currency was 5 of theirs to 1 of ours. We were members of a club. It had clay courts and a swimming pool.  I had tennis lessons and got really good.
The club had a bar for my recently "jet set" parents and there was a kitchen where we (even the kids) could sign for food and drinks. I asked an American kid who was already there when we went to order a drink, how do you say Pepsi in Portuguese. He said "Pepsi". I was impressed. And it was Pepsi.

They did not have hamburgers. Rio Grande Do Sul is the "Texas" of Brazil. Their cuisine is like barbecue because of it being the meat and cattle hub. Their version of hamburger was a steak sandwich called a "Baru". It was like 5 ounces in a baguette bun with cheese. Instead of french fries, they had fried potato chips. I would watch them slice 'em slim and then drop them in oil. They were like Hawaiin chips,  but hot fresh, thick and crispy. They also had ice cream and cake stuff. The first month my dad learned you don't give kids credit at the fountain and grill!

Brahma Beer is 8th largest world seller.
Every Sunday they had a "Churrasco"  which is a meat barbecue with choice cuts of beef, pork and chicken skewered with a stick.  There was potato salad, heart of palm with tomato (my favorite) and leaf salad. They had this side stuff that was some grain that had the consistency of saw dust. I forgot what it was called, but it was used to absorb the meat juices and I guess eat?. Every Sunday I ate this way for almost 4 years.. The picture in the side there is how Gaucho's party. Brahman cattle is the primary source of  meat and milk there at the time. The beer got it's name. Our club had single sticks about a yard long with a generous cut of meat. I still remember the cook Eduardo (who was also a bartender) and the one inside was Maria. I knew them well. They are definitely meat eaters in RGS, Brazil!

Reason being I got tennis lessons, was to get me active after all that porking. Not enough, but by the time I had reached 14, I was dieting with my mom and her special pills called Lipenan so I could go back to the states later that year being skinny. Looking back, I am pretty sure they were amphetamines. I remember when they went low, I hid the remaining ones. My mom asked where they were screaming and I ended up giving in, but they were stuck in my favorite piggy bank. The hole in the bottom was big enough to push the pill bottle in, but getting it out was not gonna happen. My mom waited a bit for me to try to get it out, then grabbed it from me and threw it on the parquet floor where it broke into pieces. She was fiending for her dope, I guess. LOL.  I definitely think they were amphetamines. Back in 1972 and drugs there are over the counter, but we had Doctor friends (like Elvis lol). I was a 14 yr old pill popper with adult supervision AND Doctor prescribed. Probably Dr. Marcus who also pierced my ears. We soaked up that rich living for 4 yrs.

I came back to the states a size nine at 5 ft 5 inches. It was a culture shock. We were back to common folks and I was not the popular Americana, like I was there. I knew how to play tennis really good, though. (Club champion. Old ladies (like me now)  used to want me as their doubles partner)!

I had to make some deviled eggs for lunch since I saw those ones on Carb Tripper.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 46

This is a vintage Before/After I did to represent the guys. If it were not for stumbling onto Jack Shit, I think it was the first dieting blog I had ever seen. I loved his Michelangelo's statue of David Obese. A while back I was considering altering David or put an outfit on him, but it has been done over and over again. .
Throughout history, Venus has taken some blows.
Presently, she has been neglected waiting for these
states to ratify ERA [click to enlarge]
Last year, I altered Venus De Milo for an ERA pic on another blog I do ( I have 3 total now). I am not recruiting here, just dieting, though. With my 1920's theme, 1920 marked  the first step in ERA with the Suffrage victory giving women the right to vote. Women have "come a long way, baby". Yet can you believe that there are so many states that have NOT ratified ERA? And it could be YOUR state?

Today I am eating pretty good. I have my cooking mojo back. I made up a big pot for company of chicken veggie chowder and going to serve it with Rhodes Dinner Roll (getting those babies out of the freezer and pushing them on the eaters). The flour thickener and the milk in it make it too much carbs for me and my daughter.  I boiled up some carnitas meat and seasoned it yesterday. It pulls off so good. We will be eating that with 2 cups of winter veggies if we can put that down. On top of the water. Still procrastinating on exercise. I have no hunger waiting for dinner. Breakfast was so filling and then coffee and water there is a lot in my belly.

Look it is only 704 calories and 15 carbs,  but we ain;t starvin'!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 45

Silly Flapper Girl, take your heels off!

LOL. I am enjoying editing these Flapper images. All I do is cut and paste and use a smudge tool and a the image resizer tool on my GIMP (a free Photoshop wanna be). I had to draw the scale on this one. I cut the scale circle from an image and changed the angle a bit and drew the rest. It is akin to scrap booking in a twisted way. I put a really big" badonkadonk" on the "before" Flapper, huh?  I never used the word 'badonkadonk" before. For years when my kids (and now my grand kids) are watching TV and I get in front and in the way, they will say "excuse me" or get a little more feisty with their words. I will take my time moving and pause and shake my butt and sing the "It's my butt show tune". My kids love that I still do this and now with the grand babies. I might surprise them with the "My badonkadonk show song".

Another way I annoy the kids in my life, but they actually like it is catch them off guard and say something like "I have some candy here for you" then I move my closed hand towards them and open it empty in their face and go "Hah Sucka!". They know they are easy! Been doing this since I was 21. If you know anybody who does that...they stole it from me. Copyright 1979! LOL.

Got rid of the music. It was noisy. I weighed this morning and lost that pound to put me at HALF OF FIFTY!!!! I wanted it to say 25 instead of 24. I added a slide show on my progression page. It is my Facebook profile progression. I cut out my face from a picture taken right after the accident just before my road trip to Ideeho in Jan 2010. Here is my favorite. I'd have to say this is a goal but with bigger boobs!

We had short pork ribs in the freezer. I thawed them out and decided to experiment. I used Wylers Light Sugar Free Sun Splash Orange the tall container type that holds long packets that make up to 12 quarts. I took 3 of those and put it in 4 cups of water. Then I took two teaspoons of Garlic Pepper Perfect Pinch, a tsp of Ginger, 2 tsp of Knorr boullion granules and 1/4 cup of  Splenda Granulated and poured it on as a marinade in a baggie the night before. I broiled it this morning and tried one. is edible. Not Food Channel worthy or even blog worthy to share. Has a bit of after taste. Didn't glaze...I need sugar free syrup and that might do the job on ribs. All they had at Sam's Club was sugar free Raspberry DaVinci. Looking for a place that sells more fruity flavors for the Italian Soda peeps. No Costco here. Any suggestions?

I am going to edit in my food diary later in the day. I am lazy don't know what to eat, besides those unusual Orange Wylers (lol) marinaded ribs. Let me pause on the thought and wing it through the day.

Thanks for the watch!

I am in a mood. I cooked up all those ribs and so I them. And to try and stay with in my calorie and carb plan, I plan on eating just them. It will be a carnivore day. A day of Tudor like feasting on meat and tossing the bones. (Not that extreme) I can't get away with eating them and then adding other "healthy" foods or just fiber at this is my decision. The marinade was virtually sugar free. And some calories to the Orange drink that I noticed. There was no entry for it in the My Fitness database, so I am assuming this is what it is minus the possible sodium of the two tsp of boullion.

Health? Well here I am at 269 and if you look at what I eat and think "Why is she not eating healthy things"? Well, I can say that if I have to eat a pile of meat today loaded with cholesterol be it. I could be worse. It could be a tub of  ice cream. Just a thought. So the carb and calorie levels stay within my acceptance level regardless if it is not balanced. Sheesh half the time I am not balanced. LOL
My Fitness diary:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 44

My main concern with exercise is that I am as big as I am. I need to do low impact on my legs to begin with.  I am a year and a half from a surgery that put a pin in my thigh bone and a plate on the socket it goes into. I just don't want to take a chance on it really hard. I walk fine even better than before. That could be because I up and quit my job a few months prior to the accident and got off the standing on my feet all day stress.  Here is the story :
I was in Seattle parked on an incline. I started my Full Sized Bronco SUV in the driveway of my daughter's friends place.. Had my 11 yr old Lab in there. I noticed I was blocked in by trash cans, so I get out (vehicle running) to go move them. As I start to move the plastic mini dumpsters, the vehicle starts rolling slowly towards me. I hold it for a second and scream for help. The idea of it rolling down in Seattle I thought could be for a long time. Well I was not strong enough so I let go and bumped into a one of those dumpsters and then the Bronco bumped me and I proceeded to be down on the ground My mind said " I am going to die now". I said out loud "Shit!" then thump the left rear tire of a big 4WD size 32 tires rolls over me and I make a grunting song that the only description to real that I have is grunting during a bowel movement.. Yea I used profanity as my possible last words. My mind said "I am going to die because the engine is going to decapitate me. Grunt, Thump forward tire rolls over me. I am alive. in the middle of the street but could not get up. I swear all this going through my head is if I broke my back so I tried to move it hurt and I could move my arms and yell like hell. Traffic stopped people came out. My Bronco rolled into a utility pole bounced and then proceeded to roll down 6th St located near the VA Hospital. then came to a crash into a small Hundai looking car. Broke 5 ribs and dislocated my hip by pushing my thigh out of the socket and blowing the bone out from the socket that needed to be reconstructed with a metal plate. The whole front end of my socket tore off. I was at the Greys Anatomy Hospital, Harbor View and well the best doctors in the nation fixed me. It happened 2 days before Thanksgiving 2009 and I had no cast, but I was not allowed to put weight on my right leg and had to not extent past 60 degrees. I had to use a walker. Not able to entirely walk until March 2010.  And the only people who could take care of me lived in Idaho. Big road trip, through ice and potty breaks were a bitch. I lost my RV and beach lifestyle. And to top it all, a day before it happened I told my eldest (who had a hard time dealing with me that way and could not mentally take care of me) that I had this feeling kind of like psychic that something is trying to communicate me some message due to weird things that strike my attention and a gut feeling of urgency and some crow calls. I wish I could interpret what it means. Two days later...there I was in the hospital. Happy to see some older nurse scrub my ass in the shower.I called my youngest daughter, the one I am dieting with and sang "Grandma got runned over by her Bronco"! So she would know I was gonna live.
All were surprised that I ran myself over with my giant SUV. Doctors told me that if I was not a large woman, I would probably had fatal injuries. Obviously there was something wrong with my tranny linkage. If only I had put the E-brake on. I was going to the store to get a snack,

The before and afters always amaze me on these diet success stories. I am committed to watch them as my inspiration. The first one I saw was on 266 blog [link] that made me cry considering why she stopped blogging (it is sad).

Anita says that "anyone who puts it in their mind, can do this".

I have put it to my mind!

As I will be doing the "Slimmer This Summer Challenge" I will have my days menu planned out early in the day and commit to it. So I best start and get used to it. I also will do my weigh in's on Monday mornings.
Here it is:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 43

I am happy Debbie and Mir (Princess Dieter) have put their minds together and created this "Slimmer For Summer" . All the "I am going to get thinner for the summer" plans gone by...The blog world creates a challenge this geek blogger can truly follow! I posted my plan on a page above.

I weighed in and lo and behold! Weight loss!! My daughter, too. She has lost a total of 18lbs.

I celebrated by cooking up a roaster chicken and splitting it. We each were allotted a half to eat all at once or split between dinner and lunch.

I chose to eat mine all at once for dinner. OMG I was so stuffed. I only had some plain romaine lettuce on the side, because I didn't want to go past the 1000 mark today. Common sense tells me fiber is needed. And vitamin. Thus I took a vitamin and at night I will take a fiber pill.

[Top 10 space foods]  Sort of ISS (International Space Station) eating tactics just not such ah err "fancy zero gravity" (seriously scary) toilet.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 42

Today was my latest grand daughter's 1st birthday. It was a small celebration. Dad is in the field working and so brother, sister, Mom and me. We got single cakes for the kid "eaters". Mom took a bite of one of the kid's pieces and my 6 yr old grandson said "Mom, that has 20 carves"! He might of been right.

I wrote about how my daughter and the 2 Amazon friends of hers joined the diet, well the 2 Amazons bailed after the first week. The older one said that she needs carbs. The younger one lives with her, so they stuck together. My daughter is sticking with me (except she DID have "20 more cake carves"). We stopped our Pilate routine a week ago when the carb shoving hubby returned from the field. We need to get back to it.

I don't normally take fiber pills, but when I had that downfall yesterday, I took one before I slept. And drank mega water today. I was going to punish myself by not eating, but I had plenty today as you can see and it still hardly gets up to 1000 and my carbs and sodium are low.

We discovered "Perfect Pinch Garlic and Pepper" No salt by McCormicks. A god send!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 41

The mind is a tricky thing when it remembers. And then I have the blog as a memory keeper. In this case it was the fond memory of the 4 pieces of pizza I cheated on. In my mind when the cheap 5 dollar pepperoni came in and I was good to go had ate and at around 500 calories- then I remember the 4 pieces from the beginning of my diet and how I still managed to lose weight . So as I ate one, I decided that then I had ate 4 the last time and so now I will just have a second. I even looked up the calories and carbs..I gave the top end crust to the dogs. But...I was bad. On cheap 5 dollar pizza! It still was better than a bowl of that imitation crab salad in the fridge. I am throwing that out even though I made it yesterday...Let's just give it a premature toss in the trash! Yep!

As I felt the urge to binge anxiety, I decided to throw away that imitation crab salad, but not until I managed to shove three spoon fulls in my mouth.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 40

Question: Music or no music on my blog?
Please tell me if you like the 20's music along with my post.

Day 40 that went fast! I had to cook for 4 extra adults after they drooled over me and my daughter's low carb omelet. Usually the son in law whips up his own decadent eater food. But his Step-dad, his teenage brother and brother's friend came by. When we started eating they all announced they were hungry. So I made them bacon cheese burgers on toasted sourdough. The brother says I won't be able to eat that all and I snapped at him and said "Nobody leaves carby food uneaten around here"!  Later I whipped up some Fajitas and imitation crab salad. That imitation crab is a frakin disappointment! 12 carbs in a half cup. Someone needs to call the frakin cook. I guess if I could get fresh crab and crack it and all that I could make us some..We will see what is in the market, here in Ideeho, it seems like it might be spendy.
I surpassed the 1000 calories today...a bit.  I ate my salad and fajita meat on the porch with a cup of coffee. It was such a beautiful day here!

I just read up on low carb flour called Carbquik. I follow a low salt blog and she was making tortillas with regular flour, so I googled Low carb flour. 2 carbs per serving on the cheddar biscuit recipe. A ton of recipes. Got to be domestic and have the 12 bucks for 3 lb bag. plus 5 bucks shipping.  Is bready low carb worth that much to you?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 39

I took a new progress photo. I like this blog dieting. It is a visual of all I do so I can troubleshoot my days and wow there is a different look about me. I was wearing a bit of eyeliner on the first photo and wearing a lighter color shirt, but they look so different. Mostly the face. This is truly cool! Again I am thankful for Diet bloggers for their inspiration to do this!

A tad of an urge for emo feeding today spare you the details, but found an awesome animated pic on google images that relates to emo lol
Went on a scooter ride to research the sugar free DaVinci syrup flavors for using to glaze my meats! Pineapple sounds great and I am checking out the adobo seasoning that they say there is.
My mom is from the Philippines...adobo is vinegar garlic and soy sauce with onions and peppercorns reduced when cooking any people are calling it a spice? There my mind was off my stress in onto food in a positive direction. No ice cream cone images floating in a hazy cloud in my! absolutely NO!LOL

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 38

I decided not to put out the big word that I am on a diet, but when my daughter told another relative that I lost weight and how much I lost, I heard the "uh huh" of a tone that means more like "yah sure" in a wonder how many diets she has been on and quit sound. Maybe it was just me. I just don't want to hear it at all. My mother of 81 who constantly criticized me with fatdom my whole life is on a positive kick. I know it because she is older and we got the why do you have to be so mean issue under the bridge.

 My Shiritaki experiment. I put cayenne in because my daughter likes hot, but it didn't go well mixed with ginger. We ate it anyways. I will get it down and then add it to my recipe file. Thinking pork and also making my own low salt broth out of a whole chicken I have in the deep freezer. That is a 13x9x2 Corning Ware dish. We split it in two and the calories and carbs were way low as you can see in my journal below. This mega portions with low calories is why my total calorie counts are low, but as you see my protein is not bad.  My sodium is not to my liking. I will have to be more careful tomorrow. Maybe go vegan for a day.  I am stuffed. And still have 3 bottles of water to go. I may do five while I play a video game or watch a movie.

I am also feeling energetic. Waking up early and staying up. I must have some fat cells that have some magic mojo rejuvenating juices in it that the Phase 1 Atkins is releasing. Thinking about taking a progression pic with tighter clothes tomorrow and marking my spot better so when they are combined in a video, I will look like the shrinking lady!

Looking forward to the 12 weeks "Slimmer This Summer" challenge that starts on June 6th.

Shiratake Cheesecake Recipe [link]
Do you like Cheesecake enough to make this? Check it out! 191 cal and 3 carbs per piece. It is a 9 inch round cake and cut in 16 pieces. If you make it before I do, tell me about it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 37

  • Starting to document my low carb recipes on a page. 

The Blog called "Debbie Does Dieting" has started a group challenge.
 It is 12 weeks to "Slimmer This Summer"! Click on the badge!
All the rules are there and there is a special page in developing to see the participants and progress. Tracking weight and food and committing to an exercise plan.
I got most of it down, but the exercise plan.

Since it will be weekly weigh ins, I decided to weigh in to start the routine and guess what? Oh yea lost weight check out my weight on the side bar!!!!!

I am new to diet blogging, but not blogging all together.
Last year, I joined the "Dona Nobis Pacim-Blogblast for Peace" started by Mimi Lennox  of Mimi Writes . It was my first this year and I plan on doing it again. So many wonderful blog posts and YouTube messages on that day!
I also joined the "Practical Magic" group blog day.
They were both fun!
The Blog For Peace is a yearly thing.

The video below is one of my favorites! 
Crowzena really has a strong message:
"Be the change that you want to see in the World"!

I am jumping on house chores so not to be sedentary.  
I am also getting into cooking!
Check it out "Bluezy's Shrimp Cerviche".
8 carbs per a third of what you see
[in a Corningware 9x9x2 square].
The first in Bluezy's Low Carb Kitchen Page!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 36

I was hungry all day it seemed. I couldn't wait for lunch and was clocking dinner time. I went for a ride on the scooter and when I came home. I had forgotten my hunger. I added the Shirataki noodles to the meat I had made with cabbage and seasoning. I was impressed that they were a lot like the Cellophane or Clear Bean Mung noodles I like so much. My mother makes a native Philippine dish called Sotanghon (soh tan hoon) that uses clear mung noodles. I wondered if the mung aka cellophane noodles were low carb. On the contrary they are like 491 calories and 121 carbs OMG!
I calculated tomorrows Shirataki Sotanghon I am going to make.

The bacon is for grease to cook the chicken chopped in chunks and the rest is all just sautee with it and add broth then noodles. Pretty low cal and low carb. You have to use half the green onions in the sautee and the other half is topped raw on the dish. If it is too bland, I will add bacon. I could eat the whole thing, but my daughter is dieting with me.

There is currently a smell of chocolate chip cookies and popcorn in the house. Movie time for kids and Dad and they are porkin. He is bonding because he will be gone again in the field for a long while. They let him come home and prepare for a 12  hr trip and stay on the Canadian border setting up oil rigs.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 35

The song begins with what is called a "Muted Trumpet". I like that especially when watching old cartoons! You can read the history of this sound in the Wiki [here]

I used mozzarella fresca in my omelet this morning. Most dieters probably know this already, but as a grocery checker, I imagined it was just a new trend of cheese and possibly a health thing, but now I know. One of the things I liked about being a checker was snooping on people's food choices. Oh and I would ask about it. The fresh mozzarella really kind of didn't have that stringy pull that everyone likes on cheese on the cooking end with what amount I used, but I will continue to experiment. Love that low sodium level of 50mg.

Bought some whipping cream to make Frappe Breves! 4 coffee cups of strong coffee I made in the morning and then left in the freezer. Later, I put coffee mixed with the ice chunks of coffee into the blender half way. I poured a half cup of whipping cream and added some cubes of ice and added about a half cup of Hazelnut DaVinci SugarFree syrup. It made two servings of 200 calories each with NO carbs.

 Me and my daughter were like Starbuckin' It!

*About my Roaring 20's Theme:
I just got a creative hair up my jiggly butt and imagined myself a Flapper to be...LOL. I really didn't realize how cool the music is. They used real instruments and I love the wah wah buzz sound. It reminds me of early cartoons...I played a playlist off of YouTube all through cleaning my house. I was feeling domestic with all  the cooking and stuff. Sort of like the Flapper women... coming of age in America...getting out and about...thinking about voting...and trying to find a speakeasy to smoke and drink in without Pappa finding out!  Hanging out with pot smoking musicians and Negroes singing the blues and jamming the jazz. And it was prohibition time...kinda like CARB prohibition here. They're seriously restricted here. I do want to succeed this time!