IF and Workout Schedule

With Princess Dieter's blog "Two Years to Happy Weight After"  posting about her Intermittent Fasting and how she is just peeling off the pounds...and her links...I see the light!
I researched Short Term Intermittent Fasting at Lean Gains, The Life and Fast-5 .  I had always heard the rule no eating after a a certain hour or limit your carbs early in the day and lesser at night...This is actually a plan that I can do with little change. Actually, it works right into my schedule.

 I will be doing beginner Pilates 3 times a week from 9:30 to !0AM

Click [here] to my Pilates link. (oh there is a hilarious story about this)

I am doing it with my 23 yr old daughter who is also overweight needing to lose 60 lb. She had a baby last May, and I think she will shed that weight gain off quickly because she is young and it is maternity weight gain. The great thing about after having a baby, if you diet and exercise right after it, the weight loss is always amazing. I hope it is that way a year later. Considering this IF is geared to attack the stubborn fat...hey We are very optimistic!

We started on Netflix and tried a sadistic version and laughing and groaning through it. Finally I convinced her to go to YouTube where this skinny man was kind and slow. LOL It was a total jelly roll on the floor, but we felt it even though some positions we could barely get off the ground with... and a good laugh before breakfast was good for our soul!

Edit in a year later: Like did we even keep to this? It really helped at first and then somewhere I lost the structure.  So far I have sabotaged myself into only losing the initial 50 lbs. I need to do better. (May 14, 2012) It is like it is mental. I can do this!