Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 79

Need to move more. The heat has slowed me down.

I get in the pool with the grand babies and just lay on my floaty feeling chilled and relaxed in between a cannon ball or two, but these things don't make me all jumpy. It is all part of the kid package, noise and splashing. I have my favorite local channel tuned in Gen X 92.5
Right now I finished my lunch and decided to put my blog on and do some blog reading before heading out to an air conditioned place to walk around. That Shiritaki or maybe the heat...didn't sit well in my tummy, though.

Went for a country scooter cruise and found these wild asparagus growing. Now that I know what they look like (they are not hard to tell what they are..duh) I am going on a long haul to get bunches all over and freeze and pickle them. Guess what I am having with dinner? LOL.

When I was in high school I hang out in the upper B wing girls bathroom trying to be cool and smoking. I had this want to be popular thing. The girls that were in there, were talking about wild asparagus hunting. I thought they were using code for looking for guys. I judged that they were not virgins. And the one that said she wanted to go hunting was really excited about hunting it. I should of gone but I saw the phalic connection in my dirty mind and judged this girl instead of believing she was just another country girl!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 78

Io in realtà non parlano l'italiano. Credo che sia divertente. Italiano è una lingua bellissima. Sto usando Google Translator. Come il divertimento può essere? Scommetto che se si mette di nuovo in questo il traduttore non sarà nemmeno dire quello che ho detto. Ho trovato ad essere utile, ma anche di merda. Ho messo nella merda qui per vedere se ha tradotto le parole brutte. Non lo si vuole fare un espresso o un cappuccino? Assicurarsi che sia senza zucchero.

Ho messo il mio ragazzo preferito italiano, Mario seguito. Egli vi farà dimenticare cibo e tenerti occupato come un uomo può fare, a volte, ma questo è possibile disattivare.

Oppure, se siete in pensano al cibo, a dieta. ecco un enigma la pizza!

More Girls Games at | Play this game!

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thought I'd just theme it Italian. I used Google Translator. Being crazy-checked the moon phase, can't blame it on a full moon...maybe a lack of some dietary thing LOL. No...actually trying not to be obsessed and stressed. Just doing it and leaving the scale alone until weigh day.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 77

If your food looks back beware! Poor Nemo!
Watch what you eat, seriously!

Tanner this Summer, too?

And if your dieting and food is a big drama...
@ Can I Has A Cheezburger website! 
Pics like these:

Chillin' and keeping to the plan. Let's do this!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 76

I anticipated this. It has been a long week. I have to take the good with the bad and so taking this weight photo and posting it is part of it. Good thing is it is not that much, but it went up .8.  So be it. Just drank the first out of 8 mandatory bottles of water. So it is chug a lug let's give this bitch another go at! LOL

I am bummed, but I found new inspiration by reading that our StS sister Miss April has not only lost 6.5 lbs in a week, but she has entered the 200's.  That is outstanding. I needed this stall to see beyond my own personal journey. It was the first thing I did this morning to see her blog post on 30 before 30. Please go there and celebrate with Miss April!

Another pick me up today is the lovely quiche that you can find the recipe if you scroll down this month's posts on Bike N Butter. The current photo shows a quiche muffin with bacon on the side. If you look at the bacon, it is a choice cut with meat and really looks great. I like her- No Whining and 100% compliance goal.

Jacqui, at Losin' My Jelly Belly...One Bean At A Time had a very inspirational post yesterday. Some of the factors I am dealing with and many of us are is not FOOD but FEELINGS. I gotta big heart and I feed it, too.  These issues identified need to be addressed and curbed for sure.

Myra's Journey posted a very spiritual post yesterday, and I must send you there as well. 

I am starting this StS week, not alone, but with some very good and inspiring company. I am thankful for their views and especially with this almost flat week of mine!  The blog roll is to the right and I cherish each and every one of them (you). I must recall my initial mantra like thought of diet bloggers "Internet Sensations"!

Mary Pickford, America's sweetheart is my before and after today. I picked her because she is a "Drama Queen". LOL!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 75

Finding my lost Mojo 
Fat Fast serving
I need to recalibrate. I am not only on a diet, but I am on a health journey. Frak the fat fast. It set me off balance. This week I felt like I wanted more of everything. When I eat I need to practice eating real.  I need to have a plate that looks real. I need to use a fork and cut and chew.

Garden picked - I ate it.
In my daily food today, I have added garden fresh (out of the weed patch) veggies. The lettuce is pick-able and so are the radishes. I think I am going to change the mayo into evoo. The Greeks used it a lot, what could be wrong with a drizzle of that on my salad?  I am sure Princess Dieter would agree that those Spartans, like Gerard Butler represented were very healthy!

I am just adding a new breakfast, which is one of my old breakfasts that I started my diet with.
  • Half cup of instant oats. 
  • A half a teaspoon of peanut butter. 
  • A smidge of real butter. 
  • Davinci sugarfree hazel nut or french vanilla.
I am going to have this breakfast every other day. Alternating from low carb to carb. Another experiment!
Keeping low cal and doing the walking . Pilates will begin again for my next week on StS.
The Yo-Yo Carb Experiment.
Why this change of heart? Thrice Blessed from Less Of Me and more of HIM blog has toast. fudge bars, fruit AND spaghetti and has lost 6 lbs in a week. That is impressive. I am introducing only one factor and seeing if it really matters for me.  The exercise needs to be consistent with me as well. I am spending a lot of time just lounging. Only one walk a day.

Edited in: Oh and still keep to the Intermittent Fast. Keep to my eating window. Less salty food unless I can't avoid it like the shrimp or chicken breasts that have it in it as I get it...
Edited in:  I dunno. I was doing so well and then this breakdown of carby foods this week. I am going to chalk it off as that and continue the original plan. Consider it a fu fu or a cheat session. I think I either did not lose weight or gained a pound. We shall see.
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 74

I cooked today. Fried chicken and potato salad. I could not resist. I ate but not in abundance. It is off the low carb plan but within the caloric intake limit. We will see what the scale says on Monday. I was busy all day with the family and unable to post  until late. Got my mile long walk in. Plan on it tomorrow and daily. It is contemplation time for me. It takes a half a block for my knees to warm up. Kind of like a 1957 model car, I am the same year model person. I can go but I have to take it light on the pedal at first.

The rear end of a 1957 Nomad
The rear end of a 1957 Scooter Butt

I will be taking my progress pic of my scooter butt on July 2nd. That would be monthly.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 73

I weighed myself Thursday morning and my scale has not moved since Monday and I read some negative low carb don't work stuff. How did I deal with it?  I broke down and ate two single chicken nuggets from McD's that wandered in and 3 oz of Pepper Jack Cheese and a bowl of Beef Stew on top of what I ate. I had to hold myself back from eating more..Almost ate a sandwich and let the beef stew (high salt content from the bouillion) memories torment me by wanting another bowl. I finally am getting a grip on the thoughts so I got on here to tell and schedule this for Friday's blog post. I am going for a walk with the g babies, too. Walk off my guilt and frustrations.

With that in mind, here is some entertainment.

Don't eat it if you have to feed it or if it looks back at you!!
How french fries are made?
No eating on the job. Or stashing it for later!
OMG can't you TRY to share?
Donut breakdown!
Magic plate eats the food you put on it before you do!
Who needs a man when you can lay with cake?
And then there is the man of the night craver's dreams...

On a positive note, the walk we have been taking to the horsies and back I measured by taking my scooter and it was 1.3 miles total. And a piece of cake walk. Oh with out any cake of course.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 72

I am enjoying summer with my 3 grand kids. The day was great with 80's temp. The metal frame 3 foot pool we filled a week ago, finally is feeling ok to play in. I got cooled off in it and then put out a blanket, turned on our local Gen X (my favorite 90's songs) and grooved with all of them. I felt then that my heart was so filled with love and I was so relaxed.

I discovered that Drop Dead Diva Season 3 has just started this last Sunday! I was able to watch the latest episode online at My Lifetime! It is online and you can catch up.

Hope your hump day on StS went well with you!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 70

I read a little about the swim suits back then. They would get wet and heavy. I actually like the style. Sort of a bodysuit shorts ensemble. The parasol and the hat...check out the shoes.

Day 70 for me and in a month it will be already 100 days. Wow! It is only 12 days to the 4th of July. My goal was to get to 240 by then, but that is now trying to lose 18 lbs? Well, at the time of my divining this plan, I weighed 294 and in April, Independence day seemed way far away. Time does creep up!

I would like to thank you for all your kind words to me. Blogging support has truly worked for me for this diet. I don't feel alone. I have learned so much. And I get to mostly smile with you daily!

I really cherish the recipes. DebbieNichole (Colie), and Fitcetera are three off the top of my head.  I love when bloggers take the time to tab and photo and all. Or even just post a find. I briefly look like with my super binoculars because to get to close to such good food at this point of my diet, is like kryptonite. I especially love mushrooms in a meal, so the one on June 11 on Colie's kitchen just really looked awesome.  I gotta work this good stuff into my diet and shop accordingly. Right now it is what it is and just to see it...makes me hungry, but for flavor . My meals are boring. But it is a no brainer. It is serving my purpose.

 I need to clarify that although I can see some empty bags in the van of my daughters decadent eating last week. I am strong. I know that from the moment I decided to make this life change, that over eating and eating unwisely is gonna have to be out of my life. Yes, I can reminisce of my mega calorie fast food order, but I can also see what it has done to me. I am taking my life back. I do not want food to control me. Even though right now, food is sort of controlling me, but it is food in the right direction being weighed and tracked before I bite into it. When I go out to eat, I plan on being sensible about it. Not to mention, I do not want to ruin this run of weight loss at all. I want to continue losing. I want to wear fashion and wear it well. I want to  be a hot grandma. LOL
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I crocked some beef stew soup (no thickener) with broccoli, seasoning, and RICE.
I ate it. Hahaha. RICE yep I ate Rice. not even two teaspoons, but I ate it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 69

Slimmer This Summer End Of Week 2 Breakdown
Weight loss: Total week loss of 5 pounds!

Made this .gif animation at Picasion
you can grab it after it is done from
Flickr or Picasa or save by right click!
Eating:  I went off plan to try this Atkins Fat Fast Diet Boost. After two days, I gave into some meatloaf, but the next day continued with the fast.
Water:  Always on top of it. I have a system of bottle refilling and have them near at all times.
Exercise:  Laid off exercising to do this Fat Fast. This also allowed my injury to my ribs to heal up.
Blog Support:  Been around here and there reading posts getting others point of views. Love to leave words, always!
Major strength:  Resisting all the temptation from the Feasterama going on with all sorts of food!
Fat Fast conclusion: Let's see I lost the same amount of weight (hurray for losing) the first week with more food, less fat. So, I conclude that the Fat Fast was either not long enough, or there is no difference from what I was doing before to what I did on the Fat Fast. I am almost tempted to go on for a few more days just to see if something magical happens. The excerpt read : Caution if you have no metabolic resistance to losing weight, you will lose weight too rapidly to be healthy.  My idea of too rapidly is more like between 8-10 lbs.

I will conclude the experiment, though. And get back to my plan.

I am surely happy, though. Losing 5 lbs eating like a monk. No exercise. Resisting nachos, pizza, fried chicken, candy, root beer floats, and potato salad and the sight of Jack In The Box empty bags in the van (I love their 2 taco deal, Sourdough Jack with extra mayo and onions, and jalapeno poppers and they top their shakes with whipped cream).

Yet, that is how I got to this point to begin with. Binging can be part of it, but truly, I was a fast food glutton.

The Holy MacDonna! by Banksy
I love urban art. I especially love some of the rogue graffiti especially Banksy!  Their art is priceless, because they create it and then the law will take it down. Except in his home town in Bristol, England where his covert art is never white washed by the law.

Here is a slide show of my favorite outlaw artist! (btw millionaire)

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 68

Family day. Day off. Have a happy family day. Watch yourselves, but have fun.

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I am still brooding over the meatloaf a bit, but not as bad. I killed a lot of monsters in my DDO free MMORPG game. I am a dark dwarven female named Tristeza Flame. I kick ass melee style.