Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 74

I cooked today. Fried chicken and potato salad. I could not resist. I ate but not in abundance. It is off the low carb plan but within the caloric intake limit. We will see what the scale says on Monday. I was busy all day with the family and unable to post  until late. Got my mile long walk in. Plan on it tomorrow and daily. It is contemplation time for me. It takes a half a block for my knees to warm up. Kind of like a 1957 model car, I am the same year model person. I can go but I have to take it light on the pedal at first.

The rear end of a 1957 Nomad
The rear end of a 1957 Scooter Butt

I will be taking my progress pic of my scooter butt on July 2nd. That would be monthly.
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  1. Yum, potato salad. I don't make that too often as that is one of those foods that I am not satisfied with a super small portion.

    Love the scooter butt! :-)

  2. I miss potato salad :[ that's something I have to have at someone else's house or a restaurant, cuz I can't control myself if I make it at home. Too yummy!

  3. Am I confused (my usual state of mind) or did you say you might be moving to Minot? Sure hope not.

  4. Yea and housing is Low availability due to High flooding. My son in law is there working right now, but gets three months housing and it happened to be on high ground, luckily. They have to drive all around here and there to avoid the flooded areas to be able to work.

  5. I found a good recipe that uses cauliflower instead of potatoes in the potato salad. Just steam the cauliflower until cooked but still firm, cool immediately, I put mine through a spinner to get out excess and water and it was a good, low carb alternative to potato salad. Where did you get that picture of me on the scooter??? :-) Definitely a resemblance.

  6. Potato salad is one of my guilty pleasures too! I found a recipe that uses both sweet and regular potatoes with bacon bits - oh so good, but oh so wrong!!

    I love your sense of humor!

    You're doing great!

  7. I used to buy big pails of the stuff at Costco and go through one in about 3 days with a serving of Knackwurst ... a serving being 3 with each plateful.
    I miss potato salad. It'll be a long time until I can have some again. *sigh*

    I LOVE that you have a Scooter!!! I want one!
    I also love the idea of progress photos taken on it. What a great idea!

  8. I never liked the stuff in the pail, but there is a brand that made red potato salad and I had a sample at Costco two years ago. You could actually crunch on the celery inside of it. It tasted home made. I love homemade. I used to pile my plate with it. I wrote the company and they sent me coupons for artichoke dip and other packaged deli stuff.

  9. I think that would be a great idea to take a pic of the back of the scooter every month. To see the results make us try even harder. Keep it up! :)


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