Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I am adding to my mileage tracker gadget on my side bar as I go. So far I have done some walking and swimming in our lovely scenic new location. My bike is in storage, but I have seen that this place has hills to challenge my biking and walking.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dissing the drama

We had to leave due to drama. We had been there in a house of friends turned liars and thieves apparently to pay their debt off, love and clean after their babies and let them go through our stuff and take what they wanted. BFF of my daughters for 5 years. Hmmm

I am not blogging for a while. I will pop in at some future date. Staying on the plan. Have a great summer.

We got set up real quick because we never told them of the exact amount of money we had. It was immediately apparent we were there to be the help.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


We made it to the mall a couple of days ago. We got a ride there and walked around for hours. The most fun were the escalators and the elevator, though. Oh and Barnes And Noble play stop. Oh no there was more fun and pics these are just a sample.

Planning on getting back to the park to do my bike rounds. I don't want to get stuck allowing things like the emo eating I did today to go on. My scale is on the hard wood floor in my room. I looked at it and thought "Evil Device do not tempt me".  Yep tomorrow in the coolness of the evening I am putting on the clear goggles so the mosquitoes won't kamikaze into my eyeballs and putting in some casual mileage.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Little SVT Bump

I have had this reoccurring medical condition since 1997. I had to go to the ER again. And they got me all hooked up with cheap yet effective meds that I think this time will be fine. I did finally go to the clinic and register for their low income rates. They pay 90% of the labs and each visit is only 15 bucks. It is a Community Clinic run by PA's. I am finally going to get the whole probe into the cause. One time a doctor thought it was thyroid...I just don't really have the symptoms of cardiovascular disease (even though my heart rate was in the 200's and twice I had to be defibrillated in the span of time). It could even be prediabetic related...Another thought it was dehydration.  Each incident, they told me my blood pressure was fine and my blood sugar was a bit elevated, but not of real concern. Another time the stuff that my hypothalamus kicks out was at screaming levels, but the stuff that my thyroid matches it up to did not require it. It was like holding the pump handle on the gas tank even after it was full thing.  All this will now be told to my doctor and we will figure this bEotch out.  The pills they gave me are to treat Angina and blood pressure, though. It was the drug that instantly converted my heart rate to 90 (from 212).

SVT Supraventral Tachycardia
"Most SVT is unpleasant rather than life threatening, although very fast heart rates can be a particular problem for people with underlying ischaemic heart disease or the elderly-(from wiki)

I was walking to the mall (2 miles away) with 3 young girls. The last time it has just happened in my sleep and also at resting state another time, so it was not exercise related. We were gonna do the "poor girl fashion show". Hit all the cool places at the mall and just do dress up and buy nothing. The girls imagined being models and the celly was charged. I did that one time with my own daughters. They had hecka fun. I went to high school right next to a mall and we did that a lot. Just went in and tried stuff on for fun. I liked hats and sunglasses (Quick and easy and no dressing rooms).

So I had to curb the challenge (until tomorrow), but keeping to just the bike. Doctor's orders. I did 3 miles in 2 days...though. Just added it. 2 miles Tues. 1 mile Wednesday (suddenly interrupted by an SVT attack).

LOL The doctor told me no work out. Just rest. My work out was going 212 on the heart meter and yes was a cardio work out and it does burn calories (I was anal enough to ask that). Maybe he was joking. I was not. I really wanted to get my mileage in. It is my new phase of getting slim to get fit.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Imma Rydah!

I did the 10 miles. 6 on the first stretch. Went home to eat some awesome meatloaf and green beans for dinner. Relaxed for a half hour drinking water and kicking back. Then I went back to finish up the next 4 miles. I also walked 1 mile while I was at the park earlier.

I used a phone app the first stretch. It started with a British speaking guy telling me my speed and my kilometers. I decided to do the first lap with him periodically yapping the distance and speed. He said "1.1 km" Then I realized that the track was metric. Each lap was 1K. Hmm...I guess they did it for the runners. I changed him to miles, though and he still was British. LOL. I used an app called "Noom". When I returned after dinner, I did not use him. I decided that counting in my head and listening to my tunes was all I needed.

I brought out the drawing case and let the kids color. I decided to join them and felt a bit Monet-ish using oil pastels. I thought later, it should of been a vase...but happy to be off the machine to use some real art media...

Not quitting. I have not counted the times I did this...but I plan on doing this daily until the month is over for the challenge.

Bloggie Love!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Not quitting!

Friday night to about 2:30 today I was really sick. I slept in all day on Saturday. Then I woke up at 2:30 Sunday after noon. At 8:30 tonight I just up and left for the park and did 9.5 miles on the bike. I told myself as I went round and round the .7 of a mile asphalt track, no quitting. And so I did it. Even the weather was overcast and cold, but I still did it. Saturday it rained so it was a perfect day to be sick.

I am not going to stress on the scale. I am just going to stress on the activity. Doing at least 10 miles for the remainder of the month daily.

I am still tracking my food so not to blow it. I am just calming down on the stress on it factor. I will not weigh or be different from the household. I will just pick and chose as it comes. They have been pretty good on laying off the breading or leaving a piece of meat for me with out the breading.  Tonight I cooked and only ate the chicken and the tomato onion saute' that I made with it. Left the rice and the starchy veggies alone. I need to stress on the water more. I have been drinking 3 cups of coffee. Usually it was no more than 2. The main deal with the coffee is the creamer has carbs and adds up. So I don't want to drink my carbs.

I need to do more Pilates. My legs are feeling worked, but my arms (besides the baby lifting) need more emphasis.

I will be checking the blog roll. I hope all are doing fine on their challenges and journey.

Bloggie Love!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Up Late again!

I drank Chai Tea at 11pm! I guess I am a light weight! I have got to try to sleep or I will be slumping tomorrow oh I mean

Yesterday I got my baby girl tattoo done. Working on getting a sleeve. It is what I want to do...There will be some sort of sun in the upper left and vectored rays of light filling in orange or yellow or a fade of both in the empty gaps. Another sunflower will be on the right of the girl and it will be facing the rays. The stem will swirl into scripted word saying "Love Me". It is still fresh. The red is supposed to die down, if not I will have to have it toned down. She looks a bit sun burnt!

I did really good today on the 5 mile challenge. I just up and went there to do it. It was around 8 something and I managed to get 7.5 miles in before the sun set. I am thinking I can do 10 easily and more. It is great quiet time. I am thinking of investing in a weight of sorts for my arms and alternately work them out as I go. I also keep conscious of my tummy muscles and try to feel the pump in them. And I breath....

Check out my sidebar for my total progress gauge. Pretty cool gadget. Got it from "Google Code Playground" just need to edit the HTML by hitting the edit HTML on the code box. To check to see if your edit works you then hit the debug button on the box with the visual result below the code box. You then copy the code then paste it to the HTML sidebar gadget.

Bloggie Love!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Warning the unaltered vintage ads below may be disturbing to you. 
They also may make you go Vegan!

I do a lot of image surfing for my manipulations that even before my blog I called "Profane The Arts Project". What a dweeb like me does with my PhotoShop clone what can I say?

I did nothing to the above pictures. They are all vintage ads and really creepy. What happens at the slaughter house should stay at the slaughter house. These pics could make you turn Vegan. Unless you are Ted Nugent. LOL Which is not bad if you are carnivore to hunt for your meat!

 When the Zombie Apocalypse arrives...a cross bow, a back yard diesel fuel factory and a 4x4 diesel will come in handy hauling in the safe animal meat. It will suck if all animals become zombies, though.

It rained and hailed today. Yesterday it was 93 and today it is windy stormy and 53 low tonight will be 36 degrees?! I was swimming outside (well wading in the stand up 3ft deep pool) just yesterday! Compensated with some Pilates.  Have a heck of a haul planned out for tomorrow.

Bloggie love.

Scratch that pause...

I was thinking I was taking things a bit too serious by weighing daily and then when my scale went up 3 lbs (which I am convinced is water weight ), I had a meltdown. I was considering just up and deleting this blog and stop talking about how I am going to do the "life changing" weight loss.  Just do it and shut the heck up. I have been so whishy washy this year.

Either way...I decided to just get out and about. There is a .7 mile track in the park right next to us. I took the kids two days in a row there in the evening after supper. It is way too hot in the day...evening is just splendid. I rode my bike 6 times around while the kids played in the playground area on Sunday. It was mind settling to just ride it. Many people were doing the same. 4-5 on bikes, families with strollers and dogs, and single folks with dogs. Some lean runners. Today I did 7 rounds and the ride home equals a bit over 5 miles. I would like to be able to do that walking. Maybe another phase.

Witnessed this ice play on the park hill!

This grey hair was jogging with these!

About 7 carbs per half- Jalapeno poppers with cream cheese.

I ate a breadless sandwich, though.
I still intended on making my blog roll rounds and peek in on all the bloggies. I was very excited in reading Jo's blog "A Well Kept Life" on the challenges she has joined. I know I was gonna start one, but I had no definition to it. It was just a pretty challenge badge with the Toulous Latrec look and fancy font from a pic I saw on Google images. "The Five Mile Challenge" was spot on. I had just come back from doing 5 miles on the park track on my bikey. LOL It is being sponsored by Deanna from "Me and You { Getting Fit At Home}"

A trim and dye matches the purple reading glasses!
Being overweight at this age is just asking for bad stuff. I already have some bad stuff happening. The clock ticks and the only thing I can control with time is my weight and health habits. I just need to get a grip and not be so obsessed with the scale. I just need to do it.  So there you go.

Bloggie love!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


So I have cooled off from the meltdown over the 3 lbs gained. Went out today and rode the bike around and around the .7 of a mile track at the park 6 times 3 with my 5 yr old grand daughter. Tomorrow we are going to another park farther away. Gonna pack a lunch and water.

I rationalized my reasons for this journey.  I am getting older. The only thing I can control with that going on is my weight. It is not really a vanity issue it is a fighting age issue. I just don't want to be hobbling and portly with my bad vision. Not just yet! I have had the white hair since late 20's. Stopped dying it at 42.

I am staying away from weighing for a month. It stresses me out. I want to just see a big bump come off the scale. I will be tracking my food and hydrating, though. Exercising daily now. Pilates in the morning and then showering eating and taking off on the bike. Let's see how that works. I will update before the 4th of July.

Have a great month of June!

Bloggie love!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ommmmm Ommmm effing Ommmmm

I woke up and did my morning bathroom run. I got the scale out. 240!!!! Oh shit! I know it is water weight. I ate cured ham last night and processed vegetables. I know they are full of salt, but still...I have this icky feeling of remorse and emotion. Not good. I go downstairs and see my grandson making hot dogs for breakfast. I tell him, "Don't eat the whole package". I should of said "Oh no, put that crap back and fix yourself some cereal". What is wrong with me? Then I pour some left over coffee from last night into a cup and (yuck) nuke it and drink it with some hazelnut creamer (had to add some hot water to make it taste better).

What I am driving at, is instead of just riding out this scale value..I take two of those hot dogs and then unpeel my own veggie cheese in plastic goo (two) grab a handful of cold instant flavored mashed potatoes put it in between the goo shove a hotdog in it and eat it like a disasterous burrito in less than 30 seconds flat. Oh then I feel the remorse. WTF ARE YOU DOING? THAT IS NOT EVEN FOOD! Why do I punish myself with food?  I am an emotional psycho food stuffing weirdo bitch someone slap me because I would of preferred the slap over the food. LOL Slaps have no carbs!

Good thing is that all I had was a plasty goo mash potato hot dog burrito (in less than 30 seconds). And that yucky coffee. That psycho part of me has no class or intelligence. It could of been ice cream, cookies, chips or pizza you effing dummy!!!

I went all around grumpy . I really screwed up my day for a moment. Hell of a way to start it. And I got paid and it is all going to the greater good and spent so that makes me feel bummed.

I need ZEN. And part of getting back there was bitching on my blog. Now for some fresh coffee, fresh water and a shower...I think I will let that Pilate Video torture me, too! Oh and clean my room. My folded laundry from yesterday needs to be put away(some stray pieces on the floor that I bumped into).

Bloggie Love.