Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Warning the unaltered vintage ads below may be disturbing to you. 
They also may make you go Vegan!

I do a lot of image surfing for my manipulations that even before my blog I called "Profane The Arts Project". What a dweeb like me does with my PhotoShop clone what can I say?

I did nothing to the above pictures. They are all vintage ads and really creepy. What happens at the slaughter house should stay at the slaughter house. These pics could make you turn Vegan. Unless you are Ted Nugent. LOL Which is not bad if you are carnivore to hunt for your meat!

 When the Zombie Apocalypse arrives...a cross bow, a back yard diesel fuel factory and a 4x4 diesel will come in handy hauling in the safe animal meat. It will suck if all animals become zombies, though.

It rained and hailed today. Yesterday it was 93 and today it is windy stormy and 53 low tonight will be 36 degrees?! I was swimming outside (well wading in the stand up 3ft deep pool) just yesterday! Compensated with some Pilates.  Have a heck of a haul planned out for tomorrow.

Bloggie love.


  1. Hey, that's a farmville cow! LOL Those ads up top are awful! WOW!

  2. Okay you are right, they are desterbing images.

    Your weather sounds as unstable as the weather here in MN.

  3. I dunno... Maybe I'm desensitized. I know my meat comes from animal products... and I've lived on a lot of farms. What's more disgusting is the animal itself. Snotty, smelly cows... I find that more unappetizing than hacking them up to eat them. mucous... ughhh.


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