Friday, January 25, 2013

On My Happy Way

 My burden laughs giggles and says " are we there yet" a lot.
Had to try out that awesome yellow sturdy wagon as well!

Passed by a "not a through" road called "Happy Way". Make me wonder about the political correctness of "not a through road".  Did it use to be called "Dead End"?  Gave me something to Google. I ended up finding out about Dr. Richard Jackson.
"Related research in the United States by Richard Jackson has shown that people in car-based (cul-de-sac heavy) communities weigh on average 6 lb (2.7 kg) more than those in traditional towns (with open grid networks). "- on CUL DE SAC wiki

 Googled some more on the topic.  There is so much environmental health study info online. A good place to start is The CDC Adult Obesity Facts.

Here's a link to article and  a slideshow on the Huffington Post about the CDC mapping of obesity by state.

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