Saturday, December 31, 2011

Calm before the "Stormy" Spring Chick Challenge?

Jello Shots in the fridge?
There is no calm here. This style of alcoholic partying came after my days (17 to 23) of really boozing it! They had upside down kamakazi's and of course beer chugging and beer bongs. I was just a babe. When I met an actual alcoholic, I just wondered why I was not one, but so happy that I was not. Yet hard liquor made me sort of a ho. I was God's gift to all kind except the animals...I was not that kinky. LOL

So I can't wait until tomorrow when it is over. This house is gonna be a hell hole of drunken and possibly emo drunks. Oh I can't stand emo drunks. I have been there, though. Where one person or many are your best buddy because after the pouring of the booze comes the pouring of the feelings. No way I am not doing it! But, I am not such a reformed ho to not let the young ones be foolish and staggering. LOL

So I weighed myself for Mir's challenge deadline. I guess since I am doing both, I will weigh the same for both. I am trying to limit my at the keyboard time by carrying my celly and being outdoors. I really appreciate the bloggers who have "follow by email" gadgets. I have talk to text and I can comment quickly with voice!

My NSV to drink less coffee and more chai...was because the flavored and regular creamer is way to carby. 3 cups of coffee can easily be 24 or more carbs. Why waste carbs on powder or liquid, when I can chew some veggies?  If I bought Torani or DaVinci, it goes too fast around here. 

It is a full house again. We got the boy just turned 18 brother in law and his bud staying with us. The town they lived in had no schools with in sensible driving distance. Plus times are hard with their parents. There are 3 houses that just were repo'd on this street we live on now.  That makes 5 to 6 on the walk to the kid's school. This is a nice neighborhood, too. They are going to go to some local Tech College when they get their ID's. I like these boys, though. They are good guests help out and know a lot about how to make my Xbox character stronger. LOL

I also pulled out a pair of awesome brown, tan, black and white paisley capri's. I actually could put them on 6 pounds ago and still can, but they are tight. They fit, but are actually the kind of pants that could split if you had to squat...Who knows when one needs to squat, but lol I could like find a coin and yah man I would squat quick especially if it were a quarter! Here's a pic.

I rode the bike in the neighborhood for an hour yesterday. I plan on making more trips when I have a lock I am buying later today (yah my pensions came in early). Oh and a tape measure.

Wanna get this right-Repost of Goals

Here is the clothes I will be purchasing. I currently fit into a 2x Danskin Now Capri cut that is black, but to quote from Van Gogh that I read on Art By Retta (Loretta from Loretta's journey)

"Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life."

I am going to buy XL. But to top it off...check these babies out and talk about color!  I actually wore them a couple of times in Nov. they were not hooked. But I could zip them..yet was worried they would rip. Now I want to really fit in these much better. PAISLEY!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eve 2 Easter Goal Post


I made this scroll thingy so that when I do put my stat updates up I can just load a pic. Keeping it simpler so that I can spend more time out there riding my bike and doing physical things which I notice I did not put on the scroll..With the scroll I will have a blank with the headings Weight Measurement Calories Exercise what am I forgetting. Should of put that bong down much earlier in life. LMFAO No seriously I am almost 12 years away from that all. Had to take a drug test to get a job and liked the not stoned me better. That was then...this is now. No regret.
Come to think of it, the ribbon idea is confusing. I am happily broke since I helped Santa with the grand kids.. Please stand by for measurements after the stores open on Jan.2.

Big love to Mir on another awesome challenge! I am stalking you with challenge art, aren't I?

The first "Emerge" I did was supposed to be a beautiful silhouette coming out of an Easter egg. I wanted to incorporate the minute to midnight clock to give the "Eve" affect but could not find the right clock. Found a Cartier Watch and went from there. I put vintage Easter egg pattern inside her. The egg is from a vintage Easter card. I cut out the boy that was in it and replaced it with the figure.

Every day counts for a better result. I want to start as close to my previous weight as possible!
I am thinking of borrowing a tape measure. It is a 6 mile bike run to it...hahahaha Wonder how long that will take?

Goal Post for Stormy Vawn's SCC

I really love how the chicky is wearing Nike!

Pre Challenge Come back Ramble

This is the time of year when it is almost a given of human nature to look back. We have done the time and now it is time look back. A sort of sorting of the pictures of the trip we took. Always, we seem to want to do it better the next time around, don't we?

So I am listing in my mind the things I did and the things I want to do in "twenty twelve"!

Always (from forever and ever it seems) weight loss is on the top of the list.

What is different about twenty twelve to twenty eleven is that I get to start this year from the start in blog mode.  Again apologies for the hiding. I knew in my heart that there had to be a time to stop before all of my past progress would have been lost.

A magical motivating NSV happened to me:
When I first got here to Vegas, I had blogged about my desire to join a fitness group of sort. As Santa's helper this Christmas, I have been totally tapped out until January. With this fallback on my dieting, I knew I needed to live up to what I wanted back when the mojo was strong. Logged on to the YMCA web and found that they dropped the $75 sign up fee for a limited time!

Already physically things are picking up. I feel those good feel endorphins after an outdoor session today with my grand babies. We hung out in front and rode our bikes around in circles. The winter desert sun was invigorating. We played this computerized dart board later. Pretty cool.

Desiree the older girl, she needs to get some activity. It is a priority for me to ensure this. I don't want the cruelty I faced as a young chubby to affect her little heart. It has started already a slight. Kindergartners are not that that cruel, but as the grades go up so does the level of name calling and mean girl encounters. No way not my Desi! The Y will be perfect for her. And she loves to swim! And they have great programs.

Thanks so much for all the comments. I am glad to be back on the blog. I will weigh myself on Saturdays, from now on maybe, but need to check the challenges fine print. LOL. I will have to nudge that ticker back just a slight. I peeked. Not so so bad. Made me not say yes to the corn bread muffins at dinner and the biscuit and gravy breakfast.

Monday, December 26, 2011

My dive into the vortex

Bloggies...I am sorry. I had been hiding in shame and falling into the food vortex.
After all that hard work and time to lose 51 lbs...I got into a mode and fed into my emo. Literally gave up.
I have not weighed myself, but I'm feeling 10lbs maybe worse?

We are talking noodles, stuffing, nachos, cornbread, eating after sleeping at 3 am, Chili with crackers...Oh and then I kicked in with non diet soda. Some fat buritos from Pepe's, Animalized In and Out double doubles. And I could not pass up the bucket margarita bring home thing. Xbox 360 marathoning. OMG Elder Scrolls Oblivion is just my kinda geek RPG game.

I could blame it on the season, or blame it on others who pig out and be merry all before me...but no I just fell into the vortex.

The official weigh in will be on the 1st. If there is a way to crap or flush this out...maybe the weigh in will not be so shameful!

A good thing is that on the 5th of December, I got a beach cruiser bike from my daughter for my 54th birthday!

And I feel like shit. I can feel that carbs and me do not agree. I am so ashamed.

I realize it had to be the Christmas emo...that did this to me. Because now that it is is like I woke up from a sleep walk to the refrigerator.

I am joining two challenges to start the year right. And the YMCA when my money comes in after New Years!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I was happy all day. I took a shower and weighed myself. Phew! No big damage. I only gained 3 lbs. I felt like it was 40. I have been on a bummer since T-Day.

I took a pic. Frontal not side view. I was happy until I looked at it more and more. The self critique is always hard. I am wearing a pair of Joe Boxer size XL. I always admired the fleece and pajama wearing that started in the 90's. People wear them in public and all, ya know. But I have NEVER. Still b/w until I reach my goal like entering Oz!

I will not touch my weight loss ticker. There is still time until Dec. 19th when the Christmas Dress Challenge is over . I guess, in the end, I chose Joe Boxer lounge pants with the little red peppers saying "freakin' hot" as my clothes to fit into. I would of loved fleece Superboy logo (I am a cartoon and comic geek Super Boy"s Young Justice logo is black and red. I prefer it over the blue and red Super Man or Girl logo). The logo has also been a trend since the 90's and it is my monogram (Bluezy Susie is me!) Yet can't complain cuz these were free!

What sparked this all is my daughter is going to a pajama party at some church with the kids and her Vegas school days BFF Patricia...There will be a gift giveaway for the kids and I imagine Christmas cookies.

 My favorite part about social churchy type meetings is the pot luck aspect of food. Every church lady has some awesome home cooked stuff to share. My mom used to make walnut sandies. They were like short bread cookie balls dusted with confectioner's sugar.Très addicting oh n' gotta have some nog!  I can't eat like the holiday "populi", "goes straight to the butt" is not a lie!

So looking at the count down clock for the new year, I have time to get back on the mark. Tallying my loss for the year...I am happy it IS a loss. Now back into the car for a whole new fresh drive in 2012. My picture that was inspired by Princess Dieter...but not sure if it will be officially a challenge name...but for me...this is my year to Drive it and drive it HARD. 2012 as I will speak it as "twenty twelve" like in the Rush song/album if you are a rock fan.

Friday, December 9, 2011

I SEE...

  • For every time I see others as an excuse to just go ahead and eat that...
  • For every time I see I can fix my emotions with food...
  • For every time I see just because I cook it means I should eat it...
  • For every time I see that the cure to boredom is a snack.
  • For every time I see a new food item is a good excuse to eat it.
  • For every time I see leftovers are not wasted when I eat them..
  • For every time I see ok I can have more....
  • For every time I see I can do it today and tomorrow I make up for it...
Am I frickin blind not  to SEE MY BIG BIG BIG BIG
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The rock band "Fight" 1993 (lead singer Rob Halford from Judas Priest)