Saturday, December 31, 2011

Calm before the "Stormy" Spring Chick Challenge?

Jello Shots in the fridge?
There is no calm here. This style of alcoholic partying came after my days (17 to 23) of really boozing it! They had upside down kamakazi's and of course beer chugging and beer bongs. I was just a babe. When I met an actual alcoholic, I just wondered why I was not one, but so happy that I was not. Yet hard liquor made me sort of a ho. I was God's gift to all kind except the animals...I was not that kinky. LOL

So I can't wait until tomorrow when it is over. This house is gonna be a hell hole of drunken and possibly emo drunks. Oh I can't stand emo drunks. I have been there, though. Where one person or many are your best buddy because after the pouring of the booze comes the pouring of the feelings. No way I am not doing it! But, I am not such a reformed ho to not let the young ones be foolish and staggering. LOL

So I weighed myself for Mir's challenge deadline. I guess since I am doing both, I will weigh the same for both. I am trying to limit my at the keyboard time by carrying my celly and being outdoors. I really appreciate the bloggers who have "follow by email" gadgets. I have talk to text and I can comment quickly with voice!

My NSV to drink less coffee and more chai...was because the flavored and regular creamer is way to carby. 3 cups of coffee can easily be 24 or more carbs. Why waste carbs on powder or liquid, when I can chew some veggies?  If I bought Torani or DaVinci, it goes too fast around here. 

It is a full house again. We got the boy just turned 18 brother in law and his bud staying with us. The town they lived in had no schools with in sensible driving distance. Plus times are hard with their parents. There are 3 houses that just were repo'd on this street we live on now.  That makes 5 to 6 on the walk to the kid's school. This is a nice neighborhood, too. They are going to go to some local Tech College when they get their ID's. I like these boys, though. They are good guests help out and know a lot about how to make my Xbox character stronger. LOL

I also pulled out a pair of awesome brown, tan, black and white paisley capri's. I actually could put them on 6 pounds ago and still can, but they are tight. They fit, but are actually the kind of pants that could split if you had to squat...Who knows when one needs to squat, but lol I could like find a coin and yah man I would squat quick especially if it were a quarter! Here's a pic.

I rode the bike in the neighborhood for an hour yesterday. I plan on making more trips when I have a lock I am buying later today (yah my pensions came in early). Oh and a tape measure.


  1. Well, they are colorful at least!!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Looks like you are gearing up for Mir's challenge... I hope it goes fantastically for you!

    Happy New Year to you, and may it be a healthy and fulfilling one for you!


  3. I'm loving this person that's being created in the minds-eye about who you were and where you're coming from. I can tell you are just a BUNDLE OF FUN! Those jello shots look like a rainbow of fun just waiting to happen! :) LOVE!

    P.s. I got my email-y link up.

  4. I hope, you will be able to loose that pounds that you so much wish to see off the hips. It's always so fun to read your blog.

  5. Hey, fantastic news that you got a bike. Good for you. Be careful: it is addicting: Just go slow and easy and watch the cars! Happy New Year! Michele

  6. I love Mir's badge but the idea of emerging thinner from my current egg shape makes yours more apt for me. i know you were probably thinking egg for Easter but I thought egg for shape. I put a comment on your prev post and the email thing(i hope). I've been to Vegas a number of times, stayed in the old MGM before the fire....the last time was in 2008. Liked your Okie gun, no dog, no long beard but there are still plenty of people around here that could fit your description. Can't wait to see you in those pants.....the closest I've got is that I bought my danskins in hot pink as well as black and that set has yet to be worn. maybe it will be for the spring.


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