Tuesday, January 3, 2012


New Year's Eve went well. The drinking was controlled. There was no drama. Just happy family and one sleeper on the couch. They drew on his face and put a wig on him then we all took pictures next to him. It was actually fun.

The weather out here is great. Did some biking and Monday we took a long walk to the store and around the neighborhood.
Putting on the Paisley Before pic to comply with the E2E

I have not been tracking my food, but what I ate, I know was well with in calorie realms. The carbs were a bit more than I prefer. Still have not gone grocery shopping for MY food. OMG tonight with white castle, potstickers and orange chicken and  pie and ice cream  with the eaters...they really eat a lot! Last night it was pizza and wings and reeses ice cream bars. I am happy I have a book to dig into. Only in my mind at times I think they enjoy to eat more like that when I am dieting. Later in the challenge, and as I read of what others are reading, I am going to actually browse Amazon for a kindle book to help me with that. I had a giant ceaser salad over at a little jewel of a Pizza place around the corner. The croutons were like dipped in a garlicy Evo and were oily-crunchy. I had to pick them out being carb conscious, but they were unusually good.

Got a lock for my bike and training wheels for the cool "Monster High" bike. Tomorrow after school we all are gonna ride.

I still need to get a tape measure.

I tried to load my kindle copy of Primal Blueprint to my phone so I won't be anchored to my desktop. Somehow THIS phone I have doesn't want to do it. The other phone I had took it. I read some of it and rationalized I could eat nuts and had 4 handfuls of peanuts today. Not good. I will kick into gear once the kids are gone to school.

I have not made it to the Y to join, yet.

I will do some surfing the blogs real quick before I hit the hay.

So I have not dealt with the less coffee more chai. And I ate out. Once I go shopping tomorrow...I will be on track. U betcha!


  1. 3 cheers for rolling DRAMA FREE!!

    I really liked Primal Blueprint.
    I could not do it as he does (as strictly) but as a loose blueprint ;) it works.

  2. I believe Mark says you'll benefit with 80% adherence...that no one's perfect. It's a blueprint, just make it work for YOU. I think moving to veggies and good protein, and away from processed and junk always helps..anyone, everyone, everhwere. It's common sense. I ditched milk after reading the paleo/primal peops, and honestly, hardly miss it and my skin got better. :D BUT..I am not letting them get my cheese. I'll die holding a chunk o cheddar, and I'll be smiling. Please. This girl will cut down on cheese (and have), but wont' give it up.And I still have occasional legumes in hummus or a bean soup. I love beans. Could live on them. Just having them now and then is a sacrifice. But gotta make some. :D

    Hope it's a great week for you.

  3. I just adore you and your style in which you blog.... it rocks! Happy New Year, doll! Make it count! :) You're.Worth.It.

  4. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you and sending all the good energy I have your way. Hang in there!

  5. Whatever is happening i hope it resolves in a positive manner. Gotta watch those nuts....i don't eat nuts anymore unless I weigh them as one handfull can be a couple of ounces which is many cal.


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