Monday, December 3, 2012

Mindless and Meatless


The item below reminded me of The Liar's Club. I wondered what it was. I am posting a do you know post about it on Facegook ©2012 (my new thing to do since my phone has the © @™®¶¥£√€°` options lol when I feel like I created a new word lol).

I like how Monday and Meatless begin with m. Me thinks that I will continue this throughout life more or less. This challenge has so many people sharing recipes and wonderful pictures. LITERALLY Mmmmmmm!
I had a couple moments with binge desires. Thanks to the magic of Facegook my post was read w/ in seconds and Spunkisuzie came right in with a comment to help that sounded in my notifications and I got instant support! So awesome.
Today I got my mind off of food by heading to Michael's to get something to hang what I am calling a Rainbow Angel.
Points for positive just opened an awareness for me. The glass is always half full and as I drink from it I smile and see that it is neverending.

Bloggie love!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Week 1

Watch "Wander Walk positive #3 Skinny Snowman Challenge" on YouTube

Week total 370/450
1. Stopped to smell a flower.
2. Payday
3. Above video encounter on my walk.
4. Ate Lunch at Fisherman's Market & Grill - Shrimp Cerviche seemed opp (hope I used that right).
5. All meals eaten on patio..even the restaurant!
6. Ordered all my g-baby Christmas
gifts on their way to them.

Cool thing with this challenge...the blessings counted daily just make waking up to a new challenge day such a joy.  With my mind in seek out the happy mode omg such a great thing.

I usually like to picture the scale for a weigh in. That dogdamned scale and I really have had an uptight relationship. I am only actually associating with it regularly to get the 15 challenge points. I cried over it being so cruel not knowing water weight...come on DON'T EFFING TORTURE ME WITH WATER WEIGHT BEOTCH. This scale I am using now is my mother's scale NOT DIGITAL so it is NOT photogenic. AND it is 5 LBS heavier than the Doctors scale. MORE GROUNDS FOR A SCALE DIVORCE. I lost 3 LBS according to Dualit teeter when being photo'd.  I go by a community gym when walking...maybe they have some dogdamned digital scale there.

Bloggie Love.