Monday, October 22, 2012


The usual ingredients we use for imo crab salad were not there. Nothing fresh except for the tomatoes...
Since we had the first real rain here in Northern Cali...I got creative in the kitchen.

Bluezy's Cilly Dilly Crab Salad

3 Roma Tomatoes
1/4 of a small sweet onion
a spurt of Siracha
1 tsp Litehouse Freeze Dried Cilantro (cilly)
1 tsp Litehouse Freeze Dried Dill (dilly)
Lemon or Lime juice spurt spurt
Salt and pepper to taste
Best Foods/aka Hellmans Mayo (think it was a 1/4 cup and more
2 of 8 oz bags thawed TransOcean Chunkstyle Crab Classic

Using a 1.5 Rival Mini Chopper, put the tomatoes, onion,and siracha  Pulse it to what consistency you wish.

In a bowl separate the thawed out Imo chunks into slivers and then spurt spurt with Lemon or Lime.

Scrape out the mini chopper "bowl" into the imo crab bowl.

Add Mayo


Chill and serve whenever...

Mack down and enjoy!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Holiday Stretch

I am a sucker for gif pics. This one above is shared from DeviantArt.

It is a very hard time for those who are on the weight loss regime. The mere fact that chocolate is free in all forms and is on mega display when you go to stores....HAVE STRENGTH BLOGGIES! The holiday stretch is surely a hard hard time for us.

Journey Update: Laxed a bit, but maintained. My living situation gives much opportunity for emo eating...I lax then recover. The past two days it was noodle and rice carb binging. Now the next two weeks I need to hydrate that crap out of me.

I just started reading novels again. It is a great way to keep my mind off of emo or boredom eating. I was at the library with the grandbabies. It was my first time at this library and with all the kids. With that in mind one can understand why I could not just browse around. It is hard to keep one eye on the kids and another on the shelves LOL! They had an area up front of new arrivals and lo and behold and this is what I saw.

In RPG gaming even back in the non digital times (not so much now) I always imagined "Alma Bane" as something similar to this, but my hair would be across one side hiding a scar. lol.
I had read all the Herbert dad I guess I can work back in order to all the Herbert son ones.

And when I get into a book, in my head I get the images of what they describe. On the internet I searched images of what artists may have created of the book I am currently reading. Fan art and fan cosplay and fan fiction is a great thing on the internet, me thinks. Here are some samples to share of my browse results:


Bloggie love!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to train a zombie?

If you could train a zombie to just use a straw and liposuck....they sure look hungry! LOL
Sorry I was just surfing the net for the new season of "The Walking Dead" date.  Ooo yeah October 14th.

I am really lax on the keeping up my widgets. My Daily Mile should read a regular 2.5 miles most days of the week. Last week, however, I only walked to pick up the kids twice. At least the second time I side tracked to the local library. Then there was a ride waiting for me at school.

Today I did the full and will plan on doing it all week.

Started checking out what I eat on My Fitness Pal. And getting a handle on hydration.

Halloween is my fave holiday because I am child-like. Ooo yeah. I have access to face paint. Hmmm.

Hope all are remaining on the plan. This is the beginning of a hard season.