Thursday, November 29, 2012


Me at 220 wearing my 4 dollar outfit I bought at the local thrift shop. BTW the pants are size GET THIS>>>>>MEDIUM. They are plaid red black and white pajama type pants. No pee pee hole so must be a womans size lol. And the shirt I call a Charlie Sheen (Adonis DNA) Style Bowling shirt. And those are my cheap $9.99 WalMart (I call the Commie store) Mary Janes. They are so so comfy.

1>>All that is a bundle of positive unless you are the Fashion Police.
2>>Picked 2 long stem roses gave them to my mom to put next to the departed's urns.
3>>On my Wander Walk ©2012 I complimented this older man probably in his 70's as I passed him in front of Trader Joes and said he looked great. There was a lady sitting on the bench who said she was thinking the same. He was tan and had some leg muscles to envy.
4>>Again on my Wander Walk ©bluezy2012 I saw a yellow butterfly fluttering near some purple flowers then a hummer comes bullying it's way in they flit around...the butterfly leaves then the hummer comes right in front of me.
5>>Ate all meals on the patio. Since I am posting via mobile Blogger...the pics are what they are. Bloggie Love!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012



On spot with it

So my Wander Walk ©Bluezy2012 will be the library to use their computer/printer. This Skinny Snowman challenge is so AWESOME and in order to do it right duh I shoulda started right with a chart print out. I started taking notes off my celly and realized the chart is physically essential. SO ALL MY POINTAGE this week will be screwed...
Cool thing is getting reaccustomed with My Fitness Pal I hope I remember my will be fun putting in the ingredients to my recent crave creation.
See I use salsa, cinnamon, dried apricots and siracha. I am laying off the cheese. That pepper in the pic is not a red chili it is a mini bell pepper. Love the crunchy sweetness. It also enhances my cinnamon combo. I use only a sprinkle of Parmi/Regs. Last week I reacquainted myself with block cheeses and realized the bloat factor with me (and how one can get out of hand with a portion in the recipe two portions in the mouth). Or maybe I am just being mentally guilty cruel and it just twists with my mojo. NO BREAD SODA CHEESE OR HIGH PROCESSED MEATS OR FOODS >>>except siracha it probably is a horror story of processed let's see: ingridients - chili sugar distilled vinegar potassium sorbate sodium bisulfite xanthan gum MADE IN THE USA ..Oh well it burns literally then like battery acid I guess the preservatives kill my dreams. Lol
The apricots will be one of my fruit servings. I am also getting into Trop50 juice specifically pomblu.
EDITED IN: Got the point charts...I made today my meatless day and entered my values. Had to think about the positives looking backwards. Tomorrow I will be ready as they come. I am sorry but I guess my week started Wednesday. From being vlc going to moderate carbs with a couple of vlc guilt days will be my new strategy. 5k walks daily. Walking now key to my health plan. Joining Santa Claws Run in Palm Springs need to get my fee in before shopping and stash the bus fair because I have a feeling my cousin will bail on going. We just met again since I was a 6 yr old. Dunno think we are not hang outtie kind of cuzzes. I invited them, but expect they will find an excuse. I am a bit eccentric...we shall see.


So someone needed to hollah at this chubby girl to get me into mode. It is shopping season and my head was up my butt and looking and browsing. I need to finally get the payday..then spend then be broke...before I can calm down mentally.

Thank you to Brooke from Brooke Not On A Diet for hollerin my way reminding me of my challenge commitment to The Skinny Snowman (linked over there in blue).

I am starting off late. Mind y'all I am doing everything via smartphone due to my move with my mom who is a 1950's chic and the only tech she succumbs to is Digital cable, cordless phones and she likes how her car has radio button controls on the steering wheel and a button above to open her garage. I am not sure if I feel any safer than I was as a kid when she drives though this time I am not looking out for cops and she is sober lol.


Small small small keyboard. But I have this option I am using right now called text to voice. AWESOME. How many points do I get for that? Lol.

Enough said... I missed Meatless Monday and unfortunately I ate meat today so tomorrow is my makeup. All the way around my post will detail the aspects of what will give me pointage for the week. K??

Bloggie Love and in the words of my favorite liar : LIVESTRONG

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fashion is simply smashing 1939

So explaining a bit further my situation. Decided to visit my mom. Decided to stay which is a total flop of my desires to be a local close by grandma. My mom is anchored to this lahteedah desert my dad left her with. She is happy I am here. Not as fearful. We will see how this goes. Considering the conflicting values....making the best of it. No longer a 5k event virgin. Thanksgiving day I walked for a charity that feeds the homeless. I ate there in 2000 where I met my mom for a sec and she said she could not have ME live/stay with her when my world went awry. She paid me 15 bucks and did not even ask where the grandbabies were. Been walking daily. Planning two trips in the near future to see my grand babies and my eldest. Will be taking the Zephyr Train from Ca To Chicago early spring.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Focus on the DRIVE

TO ONEDERLAND!! MY BREAKFAST AND DINNER. WALKED TO BEST BUY A 4.5 MILE TOTAL TRIP.  That is 50% sugar pom/blu juice not too satisfied with the label...drinking it like fine wine at my mom's poolside.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lunch Yesterday

After a 4 mile "Wander Walk" © Bluezy 2012. Pomegranate juice or is it? Lol

Bloggie Love

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Twenty Twelve...

It seems like this year has gone fast forward.
I am really focusing on daily exercise. Doing it early AM because my mom is still in bed. There is a giant park up the road. Awesome dog social area, aquatic center, YMCA and community gym.  There is also a skate park. I am looking forward to seeing some extreme sports as I walk by.

Weighed myself noonish after a shower lol wet and naked oo yeah

Using Endomondo for tracking you can buy the low battery mode for. 99 cents for android on google play. It uses gps and let's you play your player as it runs in the background.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Dealing with the mommy issues I have carried in life...remembering the good life she gave I hold HER hand.  What started out as a visit ...

25 lbs to onederland!