Wednesday, November 28, 2012



On spot with it

So my Wander Walk ©Bluezy2012 will be the library to use their computer/printer. This Skinny Snowman challenge is so AWESOME and in order to do it right duh I shoulda started right with a chart print out. I started taking notes off my celly and realized the chart is physically essential. SO ALL MY POINTAGE this week will be screwed...
Cool thing is getting reaccustomed with My Fitness Pal I hope I remember my will be fun putting in the ingredients to my recent crave creation.
See I use salsa, cinnamon, dried apricots and siracha. I am laying off the cheese. That pepper in the pic is not a red chili it is a mini bell pepper. Love the crunchy sweetness. It also enhances my cinnamon combo. I use only a sprinkle of Parmi/Regs. Last week I reacquainted myself with block cheeses and realized the bloat factor with me (and how one can get out of hand with a portion in the recipe two portions in the mouth). Or maybe I am just being mentally guilty cruel and it just twists with my mojo. NO BREAD SODA CHEESE OR HIGH PROCESSED MEATS OR FOODS >>>except siracha it probably is a horror story of processed let's see: ingridients - chili sugar distilled vinegar potassium sorbate sodium bisulfite xanthan gum MADE IN THE USA ..Oh well it burns literally then like battery acid I guess the preservatives kill my dreams. Lol
The apricots will be one of my fruit servings. I am also getting into Trop50 juice specifically pomblu.
EDITED IN: Got the point charts...I made today my meatless day and entered my values. Had to think about the positives looking backwards. Tomorrow I will be ready as they come. I am sorry but I guess my week started Wednesday. From being vlc going to moderate carbs with a couple of vlc guilt days will be my new strategy. 5k walks daily. Walking now key to my health plan. Joining Santa Claws Run in Palm Springs need to get my fee in before shopping and stash the bus fair because I have a feeling my cousin will bail on going. We just met again since I was a 6 yr old. Dunno think we are not hang outtie kind of cuzzes. I invited them, but expect they will find an excuse. I am a bit eccentric...we shall see.

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