Friday, July 27, 2012

My Walking Coach

Have not checked the scale. I know I am on the plan, but I was almost literally OCD with the scale. Just being Grandma hoping my healthy choices and exercise will show.

Edit: I was wondering about the fact that every night, my son in law's mom has to get a snack and it is Reese's minis and a Pepsi and an It's It ice cream sandwich (oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwich dipped in chocolate). I thought it was an in my face I know you want this but you are dieting thing...Then today, I mentioned how I can bake and the next thing I am baking is Toll House Chocolate Chip cookies with Reese's mini's in them. I saying this because I am nice and notice they like them. Well...they just went on a camping trip and left a bunch of bakery made chocolate chips here at the house. Why did they not just take them? Is this a chocolate chip and reese's conspiracy? Oh well I did eat three, before I found out they are leaving them here. OMG I am not gonna eat them. I will consider today a cheat day. Have some pasta with imo crab for dinner and tomorrow when they are all gone camping...I will walk maybe 5 miles or so...
If you look at the sidebar, my walking meter is moving up. I am old school at it. No problem. Even the heat is not a problem. I get my shirt wet with cold water when I leave. It keeps my body temp just fine. I actually do little spurts of jogging with the stroller here and there. Always breathing and feeling quite accomplished. I will still have the stroller because the puppy likes to ride in it and I dare not leave her alone. Dog sitting instead of camping...No dirt in my groin and sunburn and rock in my slumbering back. Puppy, Netflix and morning and evening walks...Oh yea.
Oh yeah also newsflash: I got to try Chia Seeds there is a bag here. Oh I like them. 7 carbs I think for 2 tablespoons. I just use a tablespoon with my salad here and there. It reads that it is a great source for Omega 3. I remember Julie from Taking The Fat Out Of Skinny had blogged about these. I like em! And if you go to the Chia Seed link I provided, it mentions a whole lot of going on with this little ch ch ch chia seed.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Update

Been busy at my main persona...Super Grandma. Walking frequently. The weather has mellowed out to a not too hot for me and my smallest. The park here is a bit farther than the bicycle park in Idaho. The walk has inclines. It feels good to walk it and see my grand babies smile and have great adventures by the pond and creek. This park is age old and the pond is stocked and only kids can fish it. A perfect "Kid's Life" type of environment.

Meet Nathan...our new friend. He is a bullfrog hunter. He named it "Henry".

Low Yep I wanted the kids to try mini was good.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Pilates and Perception

I did some Pilates this morning and found out how to use the snippet tool on Windows 7 to cut out the picture when online. I cut out most of the moves from the way easy Pilate video that I do from time to time. I need to get regular and build up to harder or actually longer sessions. I did 25 repetitions to most and one I did like 50. I thought that I could also intermittently sit that way as I watched TV or messed with my smartphone. Why not? I am really missing my bike, though. Even in the Sierra Nevada Foothills here it is in the low to high 90's. I think I need to take off in the morning and do the walking thing for now. Several people do it here in this neighborhood as I sit on me arse looking at them drinking coffee with sleep in my eyes at 8AM. Especially when the family outing photos come out and in my mind and on the scale I have lost 50 plus lbs, but somehow on camera...
feeding my face...but drinking water.
That is a Powerade Zero..btw. I am wearing way old and oversized stuff..but how this really affected my perception of myself...Gotta work it for sure! I got a long way to go.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Have a great 4th Of July

We are doing the 4th of July picnic style on one of the local lakes. I spent 10 yrs from my early twenties in Northern Cali. Many times driving at 99 cts per gallon to the reservoir. We will be going to one of those type of lakes round these parts. Trees everywhere. I am enjoying it. It will be in the high 90's and water is a must. Will be cheating on my carb counting with chicken breast kabobs and this fruit salad using cantalope, honeydew, grapes, plums, peaches, cherries, pineapple and yogurt (all fresh). Sounds acceptable to cheat that way.
I was supposed to be in high gear and closer to Onederland. I have not looked or know where the scale is. Gonna just take it as it comes.