Monday, August 27, 2012

Cheat Day

Sunday was a cheat day. I ate like everybody else. The motive there was evil/spiteful, though. Let me explain: I have been relishing in the fact that now I am active in walking daily. I also include my June biking in my mental and physical achievements. Yet everybody around me eats without a thought. So it is sort of rubbing it in. Because I took one for the cause. Yeah I ate like them yesterday (I walked 3 miles before it all)...but I am back on the watch today and the walking/water as well. This is without getting into detail all the drama going on here.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rate your butt

Another NSV for me was this Android App called Butt Analyzer from Yausoft on Google Play. I come home from my walk and supposedly Dr. Oz had mentioned it in the house and my daughter was dying to check me out. Here is the video on the Dr's show they have on it that I found:

I RATED 7 OUT OF 10 WHOO HOO. Made my day....then later my daughter let me try on these loose fitting jeans that had a size 15 tag on it...and I actually fit into them, but they were looser than the size 17's I had tried on the other day...but this is what I am saying...Two months of regular walking...has it's reward. On top of it...that scale stress weekly is all gone. I just don't care how much I weigh. I just care how much exercise I get and what kind of food I am eating. It is good for my head and soul.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ticking In My Head

I tell everyone that everything is alright as long as you can still play at my age!

We always pass these hopscotches on the way home from the school/park daily. I HAVE to STOP AND HOP. I will take a progressive of this pose in a few monthes! That sidebar dailymile gadget is awesome! Walking 2.5 daily and not letting the weather screw me up.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Digital Vision Emo Update


So still have no scale available or care for one....maybe at the end of the year or on my birthday in December....
I am on a different equation as dieting/weight loss goes. Almost a physics law as in ENERGY IN MORE ENERGY OUT.Moderate eating with lots of movement.