Monday, August 27, 2012

Cheat Day

Sunday was a cheat day. I ate like everybody else. The motive there was evil/spiteful, though. Let me explain: I have been relishing in the fact that now I am active in walking daily. I also include my June biking in my mental and physical achievements. Yet everybody around me eats without a thought. So it is sort of rubbing it in. Because I took one for the cause. Yeah I ate like them yesterday (I walked 3 miles before it all)...but I am back on the watch today and the walking/water as well. This is without getting into detail all the drama going on here.


  1. Great job keeping your walking up. I hope you enjoyed your "cheat" day yesterday... I did :)

    1. Yeah...but I am having a hard time today looking at the left overs LOL


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