Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Testimony Tuesday

I got to see the first baby I ever met after not seeing her since 1999.  She was visiting Vegas and met up with us Saturday and Sunday. She (now 32) is the daughter of my  best friend and neighbor in 1979. I met her when she was 6 months old and wanted one just like her. Her mom was an L.A. biker chick and I thought she was the coolest woman on Earth! I used to say I was happily riding in the side car of her life's wild Harley. Our friendship lasted 20 yrs. My marriage was pretty stable for the 14 yrs it lasted. I had rescued her family from bad relationships and hard times at least 3 times in those years. Her kids were close with mine. Literally called me Aunt. I had left the whole scene because somewhere in our happy little green pot garden, the white snow of amphetamines came in. I was a fat girl on a diet that took more of my brain than it did my waist. We went our separate ways since I chose sobriety in 1999. Her mom is still all caught up in the life.  The daughter who visited is the only child of her 6 kids that did not end up in prison or lost in drug addiction. She works in a hospital as an RT on the supervisory level. Oh she also had a Gastric Bypass and is skinny as heck!  I did a thing with all the kids that I left behind.  I beat my heart once with my fist and said "this is what it is all about here in the heart, babe. Let's FEEL here." I pointed to my head and said " Let's THINK here". I then smiled and pointed to it and said "And then we will both SMILE". I reminded her of that when we saw each other and we smiled together. 

At the beginning of the month, we were about to just leave broken,  something unexpected happened. An institution that is much disliked, IRS immediately removed their money taking mistake. No notice that it would be 3-10 days. We called and they returned the money. Thanks for all the bloggie prayers!

After all that and a pause in employment of 1 week that delayed my son in laws pay, a series of "unfortunate events"occurred with a flip flop effect.

We were already late in paying some bills because we put them off due to Christmas. First came the cable with internet to be disconnected.  A day before this happened, a silver tongued go getting door to door sales girl smiled her way into our household. We hardly ever let sale people in and really we did not even have money to buy her Dish Network or Direct TV...She convinced us we did not need money and also showed us we were paying the cable company way too much. She gave us 300 plus percent more TV for only 10 more. We could of had less for 20 dollars less, but opted for more channels. Payable when we get paid.

My daughter called our cell phone provider to check out what this "WiFi" hot spot is all about. Omg 15 bucks a month. We tested out on our movie streaming to the TV and it works. I was paying 70 bucks a month in Idaho for Internet. In Washington I paid 85.

Today they disconnected our electric. We were hoping to be bailed by tax returns, but because we moved, w-2's are delayed. I was about to call the LDS church. My daughter said they would not help, but my late husband was Mormon (jack) and I have his baptismal records. My daughter told me that they only help their own and blah blah blah blah blah...I told her that after talking to ME the bishop would most likely help. I went  through a bunch of stuff to try to get a number to the local bishop. Monday is their closed day. Hmmm. I talked to a Brother Hart and a Sister Alma on the phone. Before I talked to Sister Alma, I was harassed by a honey bee outside. The bee is the symbol of their industry called Deseret. Alma has been my rpg  gaming character name since 1988. It  means "soul". It was sort of spooking me out in a good way. As we spoke, the son in law had called and said he got paid.  The power company was called but they said that there are no guarantees that after 2 pm the power will be reconnected so it may be tomorrow. I paused for a moment as I was playing chess with the 18 yr old brother in law on the porch. As I heard that there was no guarantee, I thought of the advice given to me by Princess and Myra. Power of prayer. I put my hand up in that Catholic way of prayer I grew up with. I said "Hold on guys, I think we should pray". We held hand and I said, "Well God we are so thankful that there are signs all around us screaming of your presence and we believe whole heartedly. We mean not to be disrespectful, but want to try one more time to see an immediate sign of your Godly power". As I completed "Godly" click the lights went on as I said "power". My daughter started crying. I told her we need to go to church. I was thinking that we should just get in the car and drive and go to the first one that we encounter. Then came the "if we go to blah blah church" they will judge you by your clothes and "if we go to blah blah blah church" they will start speaking in tongues. All from my daughter. Man she sure is judgmental for a youngin'. I told her that blah blah church would surprise her if I came dressed like a bag lady (which is similar to how I currently dress less the smell and messy hair depending on what time of day it is LOL). I imagined this to happen that I dress ultra baggy poor and go separately. We take a video and see what surprises come up. Later, I thought that was too cruel, unfair and judging. I think we should just go with what we know or at least just do the go to the first one we see no matter what denomination. Even more so maybe a Synagogue? I told my daughter that if we do it that way she will be crying again because the topic of sermon will be exactly something that is going on with OUR personal life. Heck they might even say "let there be light" and then my daughter will be balling loud as heck!  WHAT DO YOU THINK?

I will update on what happens.

 LOL I have a great deal of respect for any Christian church. Even more respect when I see them out on the street. The Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses and Catholics seem to get a lot of criticism from the faith my daughter follows. I just wonder why? Not saying that the 3 I mentioned don't do it as well...So some on the narrow road are glancing out their windows wondering what kind of ride you have and pointing that nasty finger?  And I am kinda crazy with this sign association. I am just riding my simple ride looking out the window and saying "wow" I know God wanted me to see that and I am very thankful for the attention. I am also very surprised that he had the time to holler back at us one more time!

Bloggie love!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Being "Jedi"

Unlearn what I have learned...

The amount of unlearning at my age? I tell ya it is frakkin amazing how much! It is like that mini challenge on the Spring Chick Challenge to eat a week using your non dominant hand I experienced a double entendre (usage right?).  Like my dominant side represented the way I used to eat. Using the non dominant side was difficult physically, but also mentally. I felt a bit unsatisfied with each bite.

As I examine the changes I want to do, I wonder if they are changes at all. They are more like sporting one of those designer fake sunglasses, purse, shoes or clothing. I am still trying to be the over eater that I am, but thinking it out with less carbs and calories.  Is this type of replacement actually unlearning?
  • Replacing chips and dip with fresh veggies and a low carb dip... 
  • Drinking my coffee with a splenda and a touch of vanilla giving me a "faux French vanilla"...
  • Using 4 eggs to my veggie omelet to give me a pile of right food instead of a pile of pancakes or 4 to 6 donuts to dunk. 
  • Fresh fruit instead of ice cream for desert...
Is is just alimentary methadone? It has worked for that ever standing at 50lbs lost...but is this a long term plan or just a fake fix??  My eating is a behavioral addiction. It is Winter. I am a classic hole up and fatten up USDA sort of cow grazing in my barn...I think this and I need to be extra careful at this time of the year.

Sometimes I do feel when dieting I am in some sort of order not unlike Jedi where it takes a great deal of mental control and also much sacrifice. Some things are just not of the Jedi-et way.

no change maybe the decimal which i forgot what it was last week
We need to get a handle on shopping. I am going to freeze mushrooms and idk cukes and make sure we get enough eggs. We got our Sams Club card renewed so I love the flav-a-pac broccoli florets.  I want to think this all out better.

*The cable guy came by to disconnect our broadband (using WiFi tethering on my phone to lappy) in between me editing this post. We just started talking right off. He was an older chubbier country version of Billy Bob Thorton. He had the same voice and some facial features that made me think "bad santa" lol. I was wearing long underwear and a long t-shirt. We just kept talking about this and that. I had no makeup, my hair was messy and my lips chapped. As he walked away to his mini truck...I was compelled to ask for his number. Well...I got his employee number on the receipt. I kind of feel like leaving my number at his work and inviting him out for coffee. Hmmm...what was that all about? 

Upbeat Musical Friday

A Bohemian (/bəʊˈhiːmɪən) is a resident of the former Kingdom of Bohemia, either in a narrow sense as the region of Bohemia proper or in a wider meaning as the whole country, now known as the Czech Republic.

Správná slova ve správnou místech, aby se pravda, definice stylu.

- Jonathan Swift

I always wanted to do an entire post that needed translation. I did it a while back in German.
This time I just put a quote by Jonathan Swift to add some cryptic effect.
I also added a discovery-ASL songs. PBS has a show for kids that teaches words and the signs that correspond.

In the United States:

Number of adults with hearing trouble: 37.1 million
Percent of adults with hearing trouble: 16.2%
12 out of 1000 deaf or hearing impaired are under 18.

In a world where everybody is fighting for rights...I am very happy to see this video.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Easter Bonnet tradition.

Any recommendations on a binge and emo help book? I already finished The Primal Blueprint....There are many things I can use that I have learned. Some of that Primal stuff is pricey, but all in all the reprogramming your genes runs along with (barefoot as Grok lol) behavior and the mind. In my mind, I can either make believe or be real. I can't pretend.

This continues with the Jedi words from Yoda on perseverance ..I am not in line with the jedi way.

With me this past cycles I have been wearing an "eater bonnet". I am kicking it somewhat.
Yesterday I searched around Mark's Apple blog. Reading on Fish Oil and anti-inflamatory foods. I get his news letter.
I'm having a hard time editing using my phone. Keeping it short and sweet. Blogg app not so good.
Nice to see that Mark appreciated one of my fave artists - Banksy . Bloggie love!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

week end

I am sorry looks like I missed the linky. I must apologize for those who made it and to Angela Pea and Mir.

This week is like a cloud has been hanging over me. I just wanted to kick back with the grandbabies to watch some dubbed anime they like online, and I guess the copyright police purged
There are places to watch the subbed...but my gbabies can't read or at least that fast. I am still searching.

I did not bother to weigh in. I don't want the clouds hanging to start raining. I need to get a handle on my grazing. I could go on with what I think is it and the emotions behind it but that would be TMI, but these things happen to me when I have plans and then things get in the way.

Instead of my anime site being purged...I am in need to being purged. LOL.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Carb Dancing for Friday Music Post!

Binged. Emo/Comfort fresh tortillas and cookies bringing me down. It is over, but the sorrow is like a Bee Gee's song. LOL

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mid Week Update

up from 244.6 on Saturday

I knew it before I got on the scale. I knew it when I ate it. It was good. It was made with processed ingredients that were high in salt. It was good. On top of that, I ate some cheese. My daughter cooked it. She uses those otc ready mixed spices.

I have not read much. I have surfed the web on topic and spread some bloggie love here and there.
I have been trying to be at the desk less, but has transformed into more time to play Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion on the 360o.  My character named Alma Bane is THE mamba jamba Battlemage. She raises her hand to cast a spell and the enemy drops instantly!

I am going for a walk. Gotta  get away from electric comfort and enjoy the day!

Bloggie love!

Monday, January 16, 2012


The egg is now for us a very significant icon.

I watched the U-Stream Live Cam of "The Decorah Eagles Nest"  this year. I discovered it shortly after they hatched in April. I plan on following the whole cycle this year. The mother labeled "D1" is being tracked by satellite to catch the copulation date. The laying is supposed to happen in February.  I imagine it is a great sight to see wild eaglets breaking through their shells! As it will be equally exciting to see all the challengers do so as well! 

 Challenge Week 2 Update

I used "EditGrid" to create the box above
Screen captured it and then cropped it out.
It's free to use. Works like Excel.
Oh no Nerd Alert! LOL

I need to do the mini challenge all next week instead. I tried it once, then did not think about doing it consistently. I have been housework busy.

Bloggie love to you!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Lost 3 pounds
Inch off the belt.
Water on top.
Walked the kids to school and the housekeeping and yard care involved around that.
Letting my upper leg muscle heal. 
Like when it says in Primal Blueprint to lift heavy things...mine are heavy fleshy and giggle a lot.
Kept to my caloric intake. I had a problem with fried with Larry The Cable guy batter for chicken last night. I am glad that everybody loved it and there was NO left overs to tempt me in the fridge.
I have been around showing my bloggie love. (TO MY BUDDY Lv2 as well.)

I have read the entire comic series Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic...
This is my weekly credo to go by Perseverance!

I read yesterday's post from Mary G. at "A Small Loss"  mentioned how she tries not to buy trigger foods. I can understand that so well. I thought when I read it that I have no contrtol over what food is in the fridge here. I had to go shopping with my daughter. We went to a Mexican (super) grocery store here. It is big. It has a bakery, restaurant area, a tortilla factory and the regular ilses of a grocery store...
I had to go through and watch her buy fresh tortillas and cheesecake, but my eye was on the Flan and Tres Leche Cake. My diet of omelet for breakfast, salad and some meat for lunch, and meat and veggies for dinner fills me up. I need to stay focused and not try to entertain myself with food. I love how on Anne H's blog "Carb Tripper" she had this sign on for a while:

Bloggie love to you!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Musical Upbeat Friday

Back into my mode from the beginning of my blog. Before and After retro themes... Introducing Musical Upbeat Friday! (I think I will make this a habit. I will keep it low key...maybe LOL) So we found out we could pay 15 bucks more on our phone plan and tether one of our phones to our computers. It is wireless. You can use your phone while it is happening and you can run up to 3 devices...We get 1MBPS on the lappy that is an older HP with Vista and 4 GB RAM and is ok fast, but I can imagine it on newer processors it is actually a pair made in techy heaven. Take your phone and lappy anywhere there is a phone signal. I am posting with my dinosaur Compaq 1.9 mhz 1gb ram. Streaming is a bit rough you gotta wait for loading...but if you are not in a hurry...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mid week with weight edit now

Edited in my weight whoo whoo 245.6 from 247 on Saturday.
Didn't want to break the rules of the challenge. I gotta fess up and girl up on it. 
This is encouraging!
I am doing ok. Did not weigh myself. This week I have been racing in the morning getting my grand kids ready for school. By the time I am done, I have already walked outdoors and chugged some coffee in me. Not very primal, yet habitual for years. I just don't want the scale to drive me psycho.

NSV is water and getting my grand daughter involved. You see she is a very girly girl. She sees shoes and goes wild. Her favorite color is pink. She has a pretend bra. Like her mother, she was all about wearing a bra as a kid. It is hard to let a kid so young do so for me. Mostly because I can't handle them wanting to grow so fast. At first they pretended doing it with her bikini tops...then we just let her be happy. In order for us to get her to eat her veggies, she has been told it makes your boobs grow. And now with water, I told her it not only is good to have healthy boobs, but your skin won't get zits and your hair becomes shiny. It is working with the grandson when we mentioned the no zits. LOL. I like it when they drink pure water opposed to koolaid. You know they didn't get mad about Santa Claus and there is some truth to what I told them. Especially the skin.

We found a deal on cucumbers 17 cents each.  Fills my snack need. Also found a deal on avocados 5 for a buck, but that is my daughters thing, Too many carbs for me. I have to watch them dipping chips in the blender guacamole. I love to dip and dunk. I had to do it the first time they did it on Sunday a bit. They were dipping chips and later dunking was hard.

Tonight, I saw noodles and sauce and realized it has been a while. Left them alone, though.

I have this cramp in my back thigh from wrestling the easy chair extension down. It is a hard one and I pulled it. I can walk fine, but it hurts to pedal my bike. I will be better very soon. Done it before.

Oh so is this whiner Wednesday for me?  Sorry.

Bloggie love to all!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

SCC WEEK 1 link up

247 ( - 2 lbs )

Was less coffee more tea. I accomplished only adding tea but I have only 2 cups of coffee. I need to limit my splenda. Seems to make me bloat. If I add more coffee it is just 1 homemade frappe we got the magic bullet for 5 bucks new on auction. Reviewing it that is about all is good 4. Chopping onions is more like puree and salsa too comes out like sauce.

Rode my beach cruiser twice 30 minutes. Walk a mile and a half during the week Taking the kids to school. I've been very energetic Applying it to household chores And chasing after my grandbabies.

Have not been using my fitness pal effectively. Yes I have been conscious of what I have been eating, but I know that there are things that add up.

I baked a bunch of cookies for the family. As I watched the joy the children eating cookies and how the 19 month old baby dunks pretty good, I had a revelation of sorts. Food is not the enemy. Abuse is. There are so many wonderful foods that if you are on a diet are like Satan, but over eating habits put me in FAT HELL.  Sitting on my butt makes me stay there.  The problem is ME. 

When Mint Oreos came out, who ate the whole package after work while playing Fable on Xbox?  Dunking them in hot coffee for a sec to make it melts minty in my mouth? ME!

After Jared became the poster weight loss guy for Subway, who was hell bent eating double meat double cheese extra mayo foot longs chased with chugging either beer or a two liter Pepsi ? ME.

Who saw ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET literally? ME.

My conclusion was you can eat many things just not all of it at once.

The best thing about starting to diet is the accountability. I'm thinking before I'm shoving.  If I want to shove I choose better food. And I cant be mad everybody who can eat cheesecake.

Bloggie love! Good week!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

E2E week 1link

Did not quit! thanks again for all your prayers! WEIGHT 247 ( - 2 lbs) BOOKS 3 chapters "Skinny Bitch". 15% "Primal Blueprint". EXERCISE At least 1.5 miles a day. Rode bike twice for 30 mins. No Pilates. TRACKING doing it in my head...messing up with drinking it in form of "sugar free" creamer and Splenda. Bloat issue with Splenda in the iced tea, I think. My menu with so much the same. I didn't want to repeat myself on my fitness pal. Kind of a personal goal to not be the desktop as much as I have been. Another issue is the other people cooking using more salt. And lunch meat snacks are not good. WATER Mostly on it 64-96 oz. Watching my buddy Lv2. Communicated at least 3 times. AND I COMMENT's what I do Still no tape measure...sorry. Please note I am just 'reading' the books not adopting their diets. Skinny Bitch was entertaining when you omit the vegan but then they dissed on meat. Primal blueprint has some great knowledge to share...I could never go on that diet entirely. 01- organic food is expensive. 02- I am all 4 Grok modernizing globally. I do get though that it is sort of a theme adapting to new science using an original model as example. Maybe it is the latent steam punk in me but I like industrial man. We all just need to calm down and not let it make us lazy. Techy Grok is versatile and adapts.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coffee Under Achievement?

I feel compelled to post every page. I am having a blast reading "Skinny Bitch"!

I am liking this "Skinny Bitch" I will probably have it read by tomorrow. Chapter 1 is about giving up the vices. And she tells it like a "Skinny Bitch" would. LOL.

The book is part of my Eve2Easter goal. Drinking less coffee and replacing it with tea is my NSV goal for Spring Chick Challenge.

I like caffeine in my tea for the reasons that SB is witching about. I like the jolt! Home brewed and using the sucralose Walmart Brand because it is cheaper than the Splenda I used to get. (I think there is some hidden demon in that) I fear it is BLOAT. So I looked it up...
"Sucralose-Cons" from specifically mentions bloating.
"11 Sucralose Side Effects "From 3 Fat chicks on a diet blog.
"Scientific studies have discovered some risks associated with Splenda, but only at very high dosages. One study on rats found that it caused the thynmus to shrink, but only if the rats ate the equivalent of 17,200 packets of Splenda every day for a month. At the FDA’s Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) level for Splenda, which is the rough equivalent of about 15 cans of diet soda a day, no risks were found."
(Then comes in my quick to mistrust anything to do with "the Feds" syndrome that I have mentioned. LOL)

Sucralose has a dot org website  pacifying any Conspiracy Theorist with a list of "Myth" answering.

 (Ritual De Lo Habitual is not just a "Jane's Addiction" Album LOL).
We all experienced the rituals of food during the Holidays. There is also the ritual of the drink as soon as we wake up-that cup of Jo. You can smell it, you can feel the warmth and now you can suck on a frothy smooth creamy flavored one from your favorite Barista.  It is a way of life. Even as a child, before drinking coffee at all, the house smelled of coffee in the morning filling the senses with "the smell of morning".

I liked how she wrote "if you need it, give it up". Yeah like how big is your mug or your car mug? When I was younger, I had a 32 ouncer. Now a days, I have limited my coffee to 2-3 cups daily, but that fancy smancy flavored creamer has 2 carbs per tablespoon. And it takes 2 tablespoons to make the coffee right maybe 3...Which was the primary reason for my wanting to replace it.. Since our Sam's Club card expired, no DaVinci Sugar Free Syrup. Why am I dwelling so much on a drink? A drink.

I joked in life that I was a Coffee Under-achiever...

So I have voice to text (v2t) on my phone and when I was responding to Princess Dieter's last comment on my blog, I thought that if I get it in email, it would still post it to comment if I replied to it. No.
Funny thing is that when I wanted to post that "he is listening" the v2t typed out  something like "And he lived in  Antioch". That was not even near what I had said and the word Antioch reminds me of some biblical history I read.. When I tried to correct it, saying "he is listening" again, the v2t typed "he is coming".

I was at the 99cent store trying to get the v2t in before shopping showed my daughter. I told her my android is sending me messages from God. LOL.

No seriously. Antioch is one if not THE  first built churches when the Apostles set out to spread Christianity..Check it out on google search,  How could my phone type such a specific name in place of the words "he is listening"? I see it that "he is texting" as well.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Walk in Peace

I read the first page of "Skinny Bitch" to check it out. So I am reading 2 books!

Hey thanks for all your support And let me tell you what a miracle is now!

The State of Idaho released the levy! My son in law called direct and they found it was "their bad". It takes 42 hrs and a bit to go back and erase the bad that "did" happen. Phew!

Coming of age during the "Nam" years and being mostly a counterculture rock star from high school until sobriety...kinda expected "the man" to be cruel like that. I imagined the "hammer down" and "in justice for all". We got a "my bad have a nice day" from them. Wow. I get to recognize my humility in my golden years. Also, "the man" really does a lot of good. We just have to communicate first and not go directly against them. LOL.

Oh and in these times of everybody needing work or losing it my bad ass son in law got hired right away...AND the pay is better AND God is good to us. (you might think I am a heathen because of my potty mouth,..but I have stories(and now another) about GOD being there for me and my family and GEE OH DEE knows I believe in him and have a legitimately :gee double oh dee" soul)

And Mir: thanks for the email session. LOL "take a breath and wait two days before quiting". You are a wise one!  How quickly we flopped from panic to peace. The money was actually back in the bank before we could get there!!
Peace bloggies, I am still in the game!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Uncle Levy From IRS
It's bad. The Idaho State Tax Commission levied money out of my daughter's bank account. All of it. It is a long personal story. Misinformation from the bankruptcy lawyer last spring on them. And It was only a 500 dollar debt, but it accrues interest. It has put us in flight mode. Gotta downsize, store it and move to family with what money is left and start over. Going to California.

Needless to say, one would think that I would start emo eating. I did. I made lunch low carb. I had some meat and cucumber on the side. My water is right on today as well.

No one will negotiate with us. Bills can't get paid with NO MONEY. 

I will blog as I can with my phone.

What is really driving me crazy is the Kindle Android won't accept my e books. I tried other readers even a pdf reader. My other phone accepted my files this one I need to probably google around and see if it is the MotoBlur or what? I even tried text!

I am pulling the hard drive out of my computers. When I can get another, I will pull my files out of the hard drive.

Yep it is THAT bad. When you wait for pay day and then it is not there...luckily I have some will make for our get away.


New Year's Eve went well. The drinking was controlled. There was no drama. Just happy family and one sleeper on the couch. They drew on his face and put a wig on him then we all took pictures next to him. It was actually fun.

The weather out here is great. Did some biking and Monday we took a long walk to the store and around the neighborhood.
Putting on the Paisley Before pic to comply with the E2E

I have not been tracking my food, but what I ate, I know was well with in calorie realms. The carbs were a bit more than I prefer. Still have not gone grocery shopping for MY food. OMG tonight with white castle, potstickers and orange chicken and  pie and ice cream  with the eaters...they really eat a lot! Last night it was pizza and wings and reeses ice cream bars. I am happy I have a book to dig into. Only in my mind at times I think they enjoy to eat more like that when I am dieting. Later in the challenge, and as I read of what others are reading, I am going to actually browse Amazon for a kindle book to help me with that. I had a giant ceaser salad over at a little jewel of a Pizza place around the corner. The croutons were like dipped in a garlicy Evo and were oily-crunchy. I had to pick them out being carb conscious, but they were unusually good.

Got a lock for my bike and training wheels for the cool "Monster High" bike. Tomorrow after school we all are gonna ride.

I still need to get a tape measure.

I tried to load my kindle copy of Primal Blueprint to my phone so I won't be anchored to my desktop. Somehow THIS phone I have doesn't want to do it. The other phone I had took it. I read some of it and rationalized I could eat nuts and had 4 handfuls of peanuts today. Not good. I will kick into gear once the kids are gone to school.

I have not made it to the Y to join, yet.

I will do some surfing the blogs real quick before I hit the hay.

So I have not dealt with the less coffee more chai. And I ate out. Once I go shopping tomorrow...I will be on track. U betcha!