Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mid Week Update

up from 244.6 on Saturday

I knew it before I got on the scale. I knew it when I ate it. It was good. It was made with processed ingredients that were high in salt. It was good. On top of that, I ate some cheese. My daughter cooked it. She uses those otc ready mixed spices.

I have not read much. I have surfed the web on topic and spread some bloggie love here and there.
I have been trying to be at the desk less, but has transformed into more time to play Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion on the 360o.  My character named Alma Bane is THE mamba jamba Battlemage. She raises her hand to cast a spell and the enemy drops instantly!

I am going for a walk. Gotta  get away from electric comfort and enjoy the day!

Bloggie love!


  1. It's just midweek. Redeem the rest and laugh a lot. Laughter is healing. :D

  2. Okay, you ate the salt and cheese. Now drink a gallon of water. Good girl!

  3. Gallon of water and some potassium... potassium rich food sorta oppose sodium and help your body process it - so potatoes, plums/prunes, bananas, etc.

    You've got more time before the official weigh in! :) move it move it!


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