Monday, January 16, 2012


The egg is now for us a very significant icon.

I watched the U-Stream Live Cam of "The Decorah Eagles Nest"  this year. I discovered it shortly after they hatched in April. I plan on following the whole cycle this year. The mother labeled "D1" is being tracked by satellite to catch the copulation date. The laying is supposed to happen in February.  I imagine it is a great sight to see wild eaglets breaking through their shells! As it will be equally exciting to see all the challengers do so as well! 

 Challenge Week 2 Update

I used "EditGrid" to create the box above
Screen captured it and then cropped it out.
It's free to use. Works like Excel.
Oh no Nerd Alert! LOL

I need to do the mini challenge all next week instead. I tried it once, then did not think about doing it consistently. I have been housework busy.

Bloggie love to you!


  1. HA! I love the editgrid thingy you put up, very geeky <3
    That's a great loss for the week chicka, great job!
    Inspire me some more this week LOL.

  2. Oh that editgrid thing is super handy!! Good job this week!

  3. Great loss this week! Here's to another one!

  4. Another great week. And you know Ilove the grid. I am a lover of charts. I can't wait to hatch n2 the real me...

  5. Congrats on the weight loss. Keep up the good work! How many challenges are you doing?

  6. Hope this week is going good for you.


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