Friday, September 30, 2011

Week 2 Day 5

Las Vegas Move Update:

 So in a way we are thankful that the 75 dollar application place is not taking applications from out of state people. We found another place that is in a way good area.  It is right across the street to the community pool OMG.  Having my stepson check it out and we got paid so all we need to do is pay pro rated rent and whole deposit and we get the keys. We forsee no problems in the application. Pool baby Pool!  That will keep me from the casinos and 7-11 machines. I never really gambled much the 6 yrs I lived there. I will need sunscreen. Kids will need floaties!

I used to deliver Domino's Pizza back in the get it free if it is not there in 30 mins day (1990)  in the area the house is in. Actually they were built after the fact, but this is in a new area. I got great tips and people were always happy to see me. Gas was like  99 cents a gallon. I had air conditioning and a blasting stereo.

Please pray for us, cross you fingers, do some voodoo, light a candle or burn some herbs (legal hopefully) what ever your mojo in life is that this all goes smooth.

Diet Update:

So this morning (Friday) while I am eating my breakfast, I realize I was liking it a lot. Kinda enjoying what food I get in me. I actually waited so I could have hopes that the intermittent fasting window would be taking effect. But WOW after two bites, I realize "whoa mama you are inhaling it" so I decided to count my chews. I got up to 30 chews and then swallowed it. I tried this through the rest of the plate (licking the juices these days).  When lunch came around, I decided that I wanted a no brainer, so I made the same thing, but added broccoli and parmesan. I started counting, but a couple of times I forgot.

I weighed myself before and after a BM. There was a difference. thinks let me Google to see what is the weight of an average BM...It was interesting and I want to share this as my Freaky Friday LOL This comes from a chat record from UrbanBaby check it out:

I know some of you have had to have tested this at least once, huh? I almost thought I should do it daily and make and average, but I took my OCD meds and stopped (just kidding).

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week 2 Day 4

Looking for a house to live in online is a bitch. All the realtors want application fees from 30-75 bucks. My daughter, who went to high school in Las Vegas has a bff who is helping us. Looking at them and doing the footwork. Being from there both she and my daughter know the bad places. There is one we are gonna try first. My 40 yr old stepson went through this realtor that actually charges the high price, but apparently you get what you pay for. The rent is cheaper there than here, believe it or not! At least for a 4 bedroom home.

I threw away my watch long ago. I used to wear one on the nontraditional right wrist and with the face inward just to be different.  I would joke about not wearing one and say that it kept my vision sharp trying to sneak a peak at other peoples watches. And it is natural human interaction to ask a passerby stranger "Hey do you have the time"? Also an opportunity to use my tremendous smile (while my real teeth are still in). Now Nowadays there are cellys.  When my ex husband (who I never divorced)  died at 57 three years made me look at the clock. That is why at 53 yrs young I embrace the grandma role so strongly. Why I live and travel with them. I just would love it if my other daughter would live close to me as well.

 Diet Update:

I had a lazy don't want to cook or think day Wednesday. I just fried up some sliced carne asada thins. It is lean bottom round steak. I seasoned them with Goya Sazon which is a seasoning of choice on everything lately.

Thursday(today) decided to make sure I did not do so. I included some veggies, yet kept my carb level low. Want the induction burn to kick in. Taking my vitamins and other supplements and drinking plenty of water.

Still nothing past normal household activities. Chasing the grand babies around. Cleaning and packing. We posted the not taking stuff into Craigslist. Got instant hits. Still got this mega giant projector screen TV that needs servicing in my room. Probably end up giving it away. I might crack it open and see if it is just a stuck on off switch. Pretty sure that is it. Need to find an allen wrench (before it gets packed).

Put a My Fitness Pal button on the sidebar. Friend me if you use it or click it to peek at my boring menu. I keep the ingredients simple so I can track it easier and stay on plan. Next week I am kicking in some exercise. I think the rib cage can handle it now. I have a hint of memory pain there, but nothing is aggravating it like it did there for a while. Like lifting the one year old.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week 2 Day 3

Want to get a post in today, so decided to put one of my favorite ones from my other blog, "Bluezy's Virtual Dumpster Dive".  It is an eclectic collection of my personal web crawling and some odd ones...
It is called "An Interview with Barbie".

Journey (with Steve Perry)-Lovin Touchin Squeezing courtesy of YouTube

My first altered Barbie post called "Barbie The Undead and more..." in Sept 28, 2010 [link]is my second most all time popular page with 421 page views.
As I crawled in the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet....

I found Barbie again!

The thing is about that given time...there is more to learn about her!

Like she was launched in 1959, so that makes her a 52 yr old American icon. I visited her recent site...[link]
to see how she is doing lately in an exclusive interview:

Bluezy: "Barbie you are looking really happy and comfortable"!

Barbie:" Well, Bluezy, I AM looking fab at 52! Yet still the moms keep giving me to the young kids and they end up stripping me naked and losing the clothes. It has been a very cold time! However, moving to Malibu I got a cool car and this couch is great to lounge on".

Bluezy: "So how is Ken doing"?

Barbie: "Well, Ken is a long story.We were happy for a while...:"

Barbie (cont.): "He always had problems being accused of being a girl's toy. And there was that one time when a boy did have him as a toy and Ken had his first homo experience, he wasn't right with me after that. He had this big identity crisis".

(cont.) "Then an awesome opportunity came around"

"Steve Perry went solo and Journey was looking for a replacement"!

"Kenbo looked so good with long hair and he could sing, but he lost to some dude named Arnel that was discovered on YouTube! You know it is just like it is today, hell Arnel is not even American or Native American like Steve Perry -Ken has 1/4 Lakota"!

"Then Kenbo really lost it"!

Bluezy: "Omg that is terrible, but did he dance like Michael Jackson, too"?

Barbie: (broke out in tears) "Oh, I just didn't know what to do. I started gaining a lot of weight finding comfort in food and watching youtube videos and comment section jumping letting my frustrations out on Libertarians and sometimes Republicans. I finally got out of the house when my dear friend Jim asked me to join him at a convention."


 "Jim was such a handsome gentleman. He told me what I needed was a Jeannie intervention! He happened to know the Jeannie Doll and hooked us up".

Barbie: "Jeannie told me that sometimes plastic immortals really just want to be immortal humans. So she blinked my Kenbo into a human and he seems real happy now".

Bluezy: "Oh...I wondered how this kid just came around out of nowhere...I see the resemblance, too"!

(MEDIA RATIONALE: all sources can be found with keywords: fat barbie, altered ken, homo ken, justin bieber. No infringement or disrespect. see disclaimer on sidebar) All this was not intended as hater attitude, just some humor.

THANKS FOR STOPPPING BY! Keeping on track!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 2 Day 2

We are in the process of packing up to move to Las Vegas!

I usually don't announce any changes around here until I see some action. Since my daughter has purchased 75 moving boxes and already packed 25 of them...I think that this new plan is gonna be going on. Yep... I will be in Las Vegas by Mid October!

I left there 18 yrs ago after living there for 6 yrs. Much has changed. I was 7 months pregnant transfering from N. Cali Travis AFB to Nellis AFB. Hubby got to work in the Stealth squadron when it was still Top Secret! I cried when I got there in Feb. 1988. The mountains were made of dirt (treeless) and it was snowing. I cried "How the frack does it snow in the desert"?  And the only grass was lawn grass!

The desert has it's own beauty that I grew to recognize. The sunsets are beautiful and the night sky on the other side of the mountain out of town is full of stars. I understood how a nightlife town must be in the desert. It is so right just walking in shorts at 1 AM and the strip is lit up and busy! I don't gamble much, but I do go see the freebies now and then. Walking is so much easier with a fun view...

Son in law got hooked up on a great trucking job that is based in St George, UT, but he goes through Vegas a lot (hardly gets up here in Ideeho). He will be able to see his family more. We have my husband's son (40 yr old) living there and  my daughter has many friends there. One of them is reviewing rentals for us.

I have reviewed the pros and cons of living in the city that never closes. The pros win. And no snow...well like one day every 5 yrs...maybe.

Sticking to the plan. Little slow on the water last night. Needed to catch up towards the end.
Stoked that I lost weight. Hoping to lose more!  Let's do it!
Thanks to all the comments on my linked update. It really is appreciated.

My Fitness Pal Link

For Mir/Princess Dieter and her allergies and asthma
I have no idea which anime this is from...but she looks so cute!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 2 Day 1

Start Weight: 258/117.27k
Current Weight: 253/115k
Weekly loss: 5 lbs/2.27k

  • Kept on top of food tracking.
  • Kept on top of calorie intake (no more than 1200 cal. daily).
  • Kept on top of water intake (135.2 fl oz daily). 
  • Did NOT keep in track of exercising at least 3 times a week.

The above vintage magazine cover made me think of Christmas Dress with one thing added: How about the shoes?  Shoes must go with the ensemble is the fashion rule, right?  And the wrong choice can make or break the whole look.

Makes me want to ask this question:

Did you ever own a pair of shoes that most would find just horribly unfashionable?
Or do you own some pet piece of clothing that no one in your family (or maybe on the block or whole town) would like, but you do?

I dare not confess too much, but my answer to both is yes.  Just leaving it at that. I was thinking of blogging a history of shoes my mom hated me wearing...but nah.

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    Sunday, September 25, 2011

    Week 1 Day 7

    I love mushrooms!  Fresh mushrooms are the bomb. But if all that is available is be it..I like em, too. Because they are mushrooms!!!! Hmm...mushroom...I was thinking how did this word get it's origin?

    I like to Google things...I don't Bing Or Ask Or Yahoo. I like the term "Google". To me it is also a verb as in Googled, Googling, or just to Google. I added all forms to my spell check dictionary. It is capitalized all the time...The the sound of the word Google is like goo goo eye balling digitally maybe...

    So back to mushrooms-I Googled 'origin of word mushroom". They actually have a two page PDF file link on it. It was written text book style and had major footnoted references!

    And then there is The Mushroom Chronicles I found to be a better read. LOL find in this one is that the Latin word for mushroom is fungus. LOL. Yet somehow the Latin was derived from Greek word spoggos which means sponge.
    Greek? Huh? Do they PAY these guys?
    Why the mush fuss? Well the cans of mushrooms are way too high in sodium for my liking. 370 per can and yeah at 40 calories a can..why not eat the whole can?

    Oh yeah and yesterday's post where I found an awesome quote from Loretta's Journey from 460 to 199...I thought of it as I cooked.
    yeah man...Loretta found some deep meaningful stuff. I really felt this way when I fixed dinner and it was abundant, but not something that would make me gain weight. It was a pile of chicken breast seasoned with Mrs. Dash then sauteed with mushrooms and broccoli , parmesan and a slight dopple of Buffalo Ranch dressing! Tracked it all. Drank my water. Avoided the kid's crackers (Cheezits) with ease. I took my vitamins (etc) and felt evolved.

    Excited about seeing the challenge results all around Blogland on Monday!!!

    My Fitness Pal Link

    Saturday, September 24, 2011

    Week 1 Day 6

    The Sister G Dancers 1930 mild Before and After
    I don't have much on my blogger wanna post mind.  I had Shrimp Cocktail for dinner on Friday..yummy Low carb and low cal..just a wee bit of more sodium.

    I just hope you all enjoy your first weekend of literal Fall season.  Feeling on track. Not too  much exercise though. What I do extra right now is not worth adding to My Fitness Pal.  Most people do this daily. I just upped the housekeeping and yard care a bit. But entering my food into the diary...that is a MUST and I am so thankful for the web tools available now a days for such.
    Consistency is key... Make it about you, not about the food, not about the exercise... because when you focus energy on redefining your relationship with yourself--the good choices with food and exercise evolve naturally... [for more go here]
     Loretta's Journey from 460 to 199 posted the above Friday. It is a lengthy, but wonderful post. It was the best of my blog reads.

    Well..then I was on My Fitness Pal and got on a forum topic and this one girl posted: "I was hungry". As a response with a crying emoticon. You just had to be there. It was quite the daily LOL It really did not have much to do with the thread topic, but out of the blue it was hilarious to me.

    My Fitness Pal Link

    Friday, September 23, 2011

    Week 1 Day 5


    Coming round the last stretch of the first week of 

    I am feeling good about this week. I decided to peek Thursday morning at the scale. It looks hopeful for my goal. Then I remembered my whole drama about doing that and then seeing it go up and then down. With this in mind, I will only weigh in on Monday morning and not peek again. I don't want a repeat of all that. LOL.

    Nothing is worse than the yo yo diet scale blues
    Yet I decided to create a happy little cure for the yo yo diet scale blues.  
    Hope you like it!

    OMG post edit: 
    You gotta check this blog out Super Earthling!  
    I just can't believe she only has 17 followers. 
    The blog is amazingly funny and designed with fun!  

    An example of her illustration, FAQ and humor!

    I truly enjoyed clicking around her blog. 
    I am positive you will, too!  

    My Fitness Pal Link

    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    Week 1 Day 4

    At 21, I was a newlywed and a bit naive even though I had made it through USAF basic. I was just a Reservist and having been home a while, I was starting to gain weight. A new neighbor moved in across the street-Judy. I remember her for life because she had been the first extreme weight loss person I had met. She was 38 (me at 21 thought she was ancient lol) used to weigh 350 some lbs and was the first thing she said when we met. She then pulled out the loose skin  from her tight Levi's and showed it. She said she would have to get surgery. I was young (circa 1979) and the sight of all that skin terrified me and was way TMI right off. Judy's whole personality was sort of whacky scary. One of those persons who wants to be your best buddy right away....and was  pretty much a drama queen and nosy. Her window looked right at our front door. But what really bugged me about her is that she was flirty with my man way too much. She moved after two months, fortunately. The memory got me to thinking about skin...

    So I was researching this saggy skin possibility. Google Images were not so bad except for the saggy guy above and the links below had answers on how to lessen it and how to care for your skin.  I personally want to know how to avoid or lessen this problem.  However, if I lose a lot of weight and have to deal with my buddy "Flappy Belly" it is far better than a buddy named "Diabetes" "Hypertension" and their relatives! LOL
    What I read at the links below doesn't sound too horrible. What I have seen on videos and blogs is also reassuring, though.

    12 Ways to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss …

    The Myth Of Loose Skin

    Excess Skin After Weightloss

    Recap Week 1 day 3

    This is my water. I fill it up and do this amount twice a day. A total of 8 bottles daily. 16 eight ounce portions. I drink it pure out of the tap and no refrigeration. I use old bottles from bought water. I am taking 8 pills of supplements that include vitamins. If I am having irregular difficult bowels...I got some fiber going on as well if need be.LOL
    My exercise was more raking and yard work. And the final step was sprinkler watch. LOL.

     Now that I am past the hump on this...I am feeling like it will  happen and things are becoming routine. I feel the mojo is back. I am on a diet. 
    I am on a diet. I am on a diet. I am on a diet.

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    Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    Week 1 Day 3

    The image of the Witch of The Waste slim from the anime "Howl's Moving Castle" has not been done. I like it when I think of something imagewise and it has not been done. I like to be the first. The low carb diet of men's hearts...actually made her gain! LOL

    This one comes from a tumblr blog called True Blood (go figure).  I was thinking that clips from the latest episode could make super gifs and then saw the ones I wanted to do. They were posted hours after the episode. Beware of spoilers...but you can go back a ways if you already seen some of the older episodes. The one I wanted to make was of Pam, but the whole scene even the little clip might be a spoiler.
    If you watch the series, are you Team Bill or Team Eric?  Personally, I think they both are super sexy vampmen, but I kind of like Eric with his Viking history and his up front bad boy past.  Bill keeps too many lies that disrespects trust between he and Sookie.

    I am an image hound on the Internet. And I am an image maker. I want to make a digital footprint on the Internet as the first to come up with it image maker.
    My other blog "Bluezy's Virtual Dumpster Dive" has a lot of image posts and music. I started blogging with it as a dump place for my many wants to share on Facebook.  I thought instead of creating endless newsfeed links (like spam), I could just share it on a blog and also keep a digital memory of my crawling habits and bizarre interests. Gif creation from video is easy using GIMP (this one is free) or Photoshop (costs about 200-300 bucks) and there are how to's on YouTube.

    Another first that I did before it hits the editing floor and banned 
    I called it "Bette And Paul":

    Another first I call "Natalie's Signature Dance". Natalie Merchant has always had this move she does when she sings. I had seen her in a 10,000 Maniacs documentary as a child telling everyone that they should watch her, because one day she will be a famous singer. Imagine this to the song "Carnival" intro...

    And I couldn't find any who had made a Grilled Cheese Marilyn, so I think I am the first. Too bad it is not real, because I could make some bucks!

     Recap of Week 1 Day 2

    Kept with in my parameters. Hydrated and exercised. Also raked some in the yard. Feeling positive and focused. Keeping to the plan. I am really sort of peaved that I let my ticker go down and been lagging for so long. I want to see the progress and mojo that I had at the beginning of my diet blog and am determined to see this holiday through with some substantial weight loss. If I can make it to Onederland by 2012, I will be a happy bloggie!

    My Fitness Pal Link.

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    Week 1 Day 2

    I thought I would relive the beginnings of my blog diet and do a Flapper berfore and after manipulation.

    Recap of first day week 1

    I did fine until I ate some cheese. The cheese was apparently going bad. It tasted good, but it made me feel yucky. I had to hit the toilet and the rest of the day I felt tired and slept a lot. I did drink a lot of water, though. It could be a sign of lactose is the first dairy product I have eaten in a while.  Either way...I think that it is best to stay away from cheese anyways. The calories and the salt are high.

    Today I plan on some morning pilates using the original link I had started with in the beginning of my blog diet. I will continue to hydrate and track my food.

    I wanted to share a memory of potato chips. I remember years ago going to a friends house and seeing a half a bag of chips on her shelf for several days. I just did not understand how a bag of chips could be opened and not downed immediately. Especially when you have a family. I see this happen here where a bag of chips,candy, or cookies remain in the house for quite a while and realize that we all have changed our habits. If a bag of chips can stay half opened (sealed of course) or a jar of cookies can last even a week, that is pretty good in my book. We are not teaching too much the binging behaviour to our children. Heck we have a bag of gummies and it lasts us all month. I personally do not eat that, but it is good to see that the kids are not downing instantly large quantities. Even last year the spoils of trick or treating lasted a long time!

    My Fitness Pal Link.

    Monday, September 19, 2011

    Challenge Day 1

    I have prepared myself to understand those across the pond.
    Time:  London time is ahead of Idaho by 7 hrs.
    Scale: UK using metric so a kilo is equal to 2.2 lbs. (I knew that in my younger hippyesque days weights and

    And here is my goal post:

    Beginning weight: 258 lbs
    Dress size: 24-26

    Desired dress size...omg when I went to actually see what size I wore...If I saw that dress on another person, I would not even think about it, but on me...I had images of Big Momma's House and really bummed me out.
    My desire is to not wear the above dress...and to decide later on an ensemble. I did try a pair of pants out that were size 24...

    Post regularly.
    It is easier for me to make a goal to lose at least 3 lbs per week.
    Eat no more than 1200 calories.
    Drink lots of water.
    Using My Fitness Pal, I will track my food and make sure the water bottle icon is overflowing (if not full).
    Oh not to forget...exercise (at least 3 times weekly) which is a hard one for  me, but I will let my grand children chase me and run around with them...use my 1 yr old as a bar something fun like that

    My Fitness Pal Link.

    Sunday, September 18, 2011

    Day before challenge

     I had to get rid of the animated background it was driving my eyeballs crazy!

    Today is Sunday and also my granddaughter's 5th birthday. Since dad is on the road with his new Godsent job, we will have the party conjoined with my daughter's best friend's 1 yr old twins in a week.  My Amazonian adopted daughter (6 ft 3) as I have described her in my blog, knows how to throw a birthday party. Her husband is not only adept in culinary arts, but he is a DJ. He has an assortment of children's songs that blasted at a few prior parties and got the kids dancing with games as well.

    Since it is still Sunday...I am stretching this not on a diet one more day. I will post my goals tomorrow along with the official weigh in with photo...cuz gots my internet back. YAY.  The only temptation on the holidays is Halloween candy and turkey stuffing for me. I really never go get candy, but if it is right in front of me and is caramel nutty or peanut buttery is hard not to want it.  Thanksgiving, I like the turkey berry sandwiches. It is made with deli cut berry wheat bread, stuffing, cranberry sauce, of course turkey, lettuce and generous mayo. So this is the edible temptations I will need to beware of. I am done mourning my stroke of bad luck and want to get back to the original plan I started the blog with.

    I was babysitting yesterday here is the breakdown:  total kids 7 kids. Twins at age 1, my grandbaby age 1, almost 2 yr old toddler boy, almost 5 yr old, 6 year old and a 8 yr old. That is a total of 4 diaper wearing kids. LOL. I baby sat 8 hrs and was on the poo poo like a production line!  The older kids were really helpful.  Later on, some girls came over below.

    Brianna and her sister Sara are two entrepreneurial local girls who are very artistic. Sara came over to "Amazonia" to take hair clip orders. She makes really lovely ones and came over to show them. She also brought along her sister Brianna on the right is a recently single mom who designs fitness wear. She pulled out some skorts for kids that were one of a kind cool! Brianna designed and sewed all these sportswear outfits they sell at the local fitness club and on this website called . It is an up and coming sensation that is taking interest in the Zumba crowd locally. They plan on becoming elaborate with this all like Zumba is. I just had to take a pic and tell them I would mention them in my blog and sidebar their website when they start it. I really like it when ordinary people are innovative and become extraordinary!  It only pleases me to share this on my blog.  I know they will do well. It is the opportunity promised by a digital world and they are going to boom that I am sure of.  Brianna also has a blogspot with her digital scrapbooking designs called Time To Celebrate.

    I will see all my bloggie friends tomorrow with my head back in the game. The thought of family get togethers in December with a bunch of weight lost! Wow! I need this structure and am thankful for Thursday's Child for organizing it!

    Thursday, September 15, 2011

    Txting skills

    I downloaded "Blogger" app.  Using it now. It is nice and compact. Fits my android screen and the image uploader is visible.  It also allows you to take a pic literally with your phone cam so you can post it!
    I can move back and my post gets saved to draft. I see this handy for one on the go. Instead of all the upload motions, you can do it real time. Like with this post I will be stopping by my scooter later and will show you the scatches on the side. I didn't want to take pics of my owies because it would look sick, but some may appreciate the lack of appetite factor of viewing road rash. LOL
    Well...I wrestled with this app to get.a photo posted and with my browser it kept busy loading until it crashed Trying one more time