Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 2 Day 1

Start Weight: 258/117.27k
Current Weight: 253/115k
Weekly loss: 5 lbs/2.27k

  • Kept on top of food tracking.
  • Kept on top of calorie intake (no more than 1200 cal. daily).
  • Kept on top of water intake (135.2 fl oz daily). 
  • Did NOT keep in track of exercising at least 3 times a week.

The above vintage magazine cover made me think of Christmas Dress with one thing added: How about the shoes?  Shoes must go with the ensemble is the fashion rule, right?  And the wrong choice can make or break the whole look.

Makes me want to ask this question:

Did you ever own a pair of shoes that most would find just horribly unfashionable?
Or do you own some pet piece of clothing that no one in your family (or maybe on the block or whole town) would like, but you do?

I dare not confess too much, but my answer to both is yes.  Just leaving it at that. I was thinking of blogging a history of shoes my mom hated me wearing...but nah.

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    1. Hmmmm, a shoe mystery! Since the lady is already wearing shoes, I don't get it either.

      As for my own fashion sense, I imagine I would be a good candidate for "What Not to Wear". Nuff said!

    2. Hmm i'm not sure I get the ad either.. are they slippers? She has other things to worry about like "where did santas hand go?" LOL ;) the only embarrassingly fun items I have are pajama bottoms. I own more pairs of those than actual pants. I'm an addict.

    3. You did great this week - good job!

    4. WOW ! You had a great loss this week. Keep it up lady !!!!

    5. I was FORCED to sell my cute zip up sweater this summer at a yard sale.... I was the only one who thought it was cute. Everyone called it my 'grandma sweater'. It was chocolate brown and it had blue snow flakes and random zig zags and stuff on it. I hapened to love it, I bought some cute snow flake earrings and when my sister saw me wearing those together last year she almost lost it. No more grandma sweater for me.... but, I can always find another one! :)

      Good job on the loss!!

    6. Shoes :) I love shoes. Especially uncomfortable ones - because they look so good. In highschool I had a pair of pink and white (real) platforms and burgundy plastic shiny Airwalks. My mom hated em both, lol. Anyway - awesome weight loss!!! Simply amazing - keep it up!!

    7. I've never really been a shoe person, I'm really more 'they fit my feet, the heel won't knock me over (easy to do), it's vaguely the right colour? awesome, done.

      Well done on the 5lbs! That's amazing!

    8. Congratulations on the 5-pound loss!!

      And that's a resounding YES to both questions. LOL

    9. I am so basic (read: boring) in my shoe and clothing choices so, No is my answer. But the lovelies can answer yes to this! LOL

    10. Wow, you managed to loose a lot of weight in just a week!!! Congratulations! You are doing great!!!

    11. I am impressed (and inspired) by your loss this week!
      You are doing awesome! As for shoes - I have a closet full of crazy platforms that my mother hated me wearing when I was in my 20's....I am sure I have a few fashion faux pas hanging in my closet too.....(I just can't fit in them).

    12. Holy Goodness! Five pounds gone this week! Awesome! Aren't you going to love slipping into your Christmas dress and wearing whatever funky shoes you want to wear? I have lots of my mom's old costume jewelry - big, chunky, and lots of bling. And guess what? It's all back in style now and I love it. Good job on your weight loss. On to challenge week #2. Blessings, Jackie

    13. What a fantastic week for you!!!!!!!!!!! here is hoping for another great one.

    14. WOW! Great loss this week :) Keep up the inspiring work.

    15. Wow.....way to go....keep it up.

      My closet is probably full of those clothes and shoes!

    16. Fabulous week and a wonderful start! As for the shoes...these days I'm more into comfort than looks. I kind of march to the beat of my own drummer in that respect!

    17. I've worn a lot of stuff that nobody else would want to be caught dead in. I think, for me, it had to do with wanting to hide and draw attention away from myself. I'm working on that, though! :)


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