Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week 1 Day 7

I love mushrooms!  Fresh mushrooms are the bomb. But if all that is available is be it..I like em, too. Because they are mushrooms!!!! Hmm...mushroom...I was thinking how did this word get it's origin?

I like to Google things...I don't Bing Or Ask Or Yahoo. I like the term "Google". To me it is also a verb as in Googled, Googling, or just to Google. I added all forms to my spell check dictionary. It is capitalized all the time...The the sound of the word Google is like goo goo eye balling digitally maybe...

So back to mushrooms-I Googled 'origin of word mushroom". They actually have a two page PDF file link on it. It was written text book style and had major footnoted references!

And then there is The Mushroom Chronicles I found to be a better read. LOL find in this one is that the Latin word for mushroom is fungus. LOL. Yet somehow the Latin was derived from Greek word spoggos which means sponge.
Greek? Huh? Do they PAY these guys?
Why the mush fuss? Well the cans of mushrooms are way too high in sodium for my liking. 370 per can and yeah at 40 calories a can..why not eat the whole can?

Oh yeah and yesterday's post where I found an awesome quote from Loretta's Journey from 460 to 199...I thought of it as I cooked.
yeah man...Loretta found some deep meaningful stuff. I really felt this way when I fixed dinner and it was abundant, but not something that would make me gain weight. It was a pile of chicken breast seasoned with Mrs. Dash then sauteed with mushrooms and broccoli , parmesan and a slight dopple of Buffalo Ranch dressing! Tracked it all. Drank my water. Avoided the kid's crackers (Cheezits) with ease. I took my vitamins (etc) and felt evolved.

Excited about seeing the challenge results all around Blogland on Monday!!!

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  1. I absolutely love mushrooms but neither one of my kids will touch them! They seem to have a problems with "eating fungus."

  2. I also love mushrooms. Sodium in the canned ones is crazy. I prefer fresh for sure.

    I love your comments on my blog, you're just too stinkin' cute and I like the Spanish challenges. I ordered a book yesterday because this is one of the goals I haven't really worked on at all. Thanks for the reminders ever so often in your comments. You're a doll!

  3. I’ve always loved mushrooms. My mom always served canned mushrooms when I was a kid. I don’t even remember seeing fresh ones until years later.

    I’ll never forget the day when I was at my paternal grandma’s and she served real mashed potatoes (my mom only used instant) with fresh mushroom gravy. OMG, I was in heaven! REAL honest to goodness potatoes with lumps, and real butter instead of margarine, AND fabulous chunky pieces of real mushrooms in silky homemade gravy!

    The bad news is that’s probably the day I became a confirmed, card-carrying, lifelong foodie, in search of rich, delicious, non-canned, non-instant, and non-packaged foodstuffs.

    I’ve also been a yoyo dieter ever since. :-o

  4. It's strange, when I was younger I ate a lot of canned mushrooms, but now I only eat fresh ones. Back then, I hadn't discovered the joys of fresh mushrooms, that might be why I'd eat the canned ones...


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