Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 2 Day 2

We are in the process of packing up to move to Las Vegas!

I usually don't announce any changes around here until I see some action. Since my daughter has purchased 75 moving boxes and already packed 25 of them...I think that this new plan is gonna be going on. Yep... I will be in Las Vegas by Mid October!

I left there 18 yrs ago after living there for 6 yrs. Much has changed. I was 7 months pregnant transfering from N. Cali Travis AFB to Nellis AFB. Hubby got to work in the Stealth squadron when it was still Top Secret! I cried when I got there in Feb. 1988. The mountains were made of dirt (treeless) and it was snowing. I cried "How the frack does it snow in the desert"?  And the only grass was lawn grass!

The desert has it's own beauty that I grew to recognize. The sunsets are beautiful and the night sky on the other side of the mountain out of town is full of stars. I understood how a nightlife town must be in the desert. It is so right just walking in shorts at 1 AM and the strip is lit up and busy! I don't gamble much, but I do go see the freebies now and then. Walking is so much easier with a fun view...

Son in law got hooked up on a great trucking job that is based in St George, UT, but he goes through Vegas a lot (hardly gets up here in Ideeho). He will be able to see his family more. We have my husband's son (40 yr old) living there and  my daughter has many friends there. One of them is reviewing rentals for us.

I have reviewed the pros and cons of living in the city that never closes. The pros win. And no snow...well like one day every 5 yrs...maybe.

Sticking to the plan. Little slow on the water last night. Needed to catch up towards the end.
Stoked that I lost weight. Hoping to lose more!  Let's do it!
Thanks to all the comments on my linked update. It really is appreciated.

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For Mir/Princess Dieter and her allergies and asthma
I have no idea which anime this is from...but she looks so cute!


  1. Ideeho?! LOL Good luck on your venture! Hope all works out well for all of you!

  2. Wow, that is big news. Now if I ever get to Las Vegas we can meet in person someday. Good for you. All things positive! Hugs lady!

  3. With your big personality, I can totally see you enjoying the vibrancy there!!!

    I don't know who the neko chick is, as I run far from animes with cat ears/animal ears. They tend to be annoying, hence my never watching Loveless or Inuyasha. Though I am tempted to give the Loveless manga a look one day. :D Feeling great so far. My lungs are cooperating this week. :D Sans steroids. THANKS, BLUEZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to be remembered anime-ically. :D

    I hope the changes are only for the best!!!


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