Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 1 Day 4

At 21, I was a newlywed and a bit naive even though I had made it through USAF basic. I was just a Reservist and having been home a while, I was starting to gain weight. A new neighbor moved in across the street-Judy. I remember her for life because she had been the first extreme weight loss person I had met. She was 38 (me at 21 thought she was ancient lol) used to weigh 350 some lbs and was the first thing she said when we met. She then pulled out the loose skin  from her tight Levi's and showed it. She said she would have to get surgery. I was young (circa 1979) and the sight of all that skin terrified me and was way TMI right off. Judy's whole personality was sort of whacky scary. One of those persons who wants to be your best buddy right away....and was  pretty much a drama queen and nosy. Her window looked right at our front door. But what really bugged me about her is that she was flirty with my man way too much. She moved after two months, fortunately. The memory got me to thinking about skin...

So I was researching this saggy skin possibility. Google Images were not so bad except for the saggy guy above and the links below had answers on how to lessen it and how to care for your skin.  I personally want to know how to avoid or lessen this problem.  However, if I lose a lot of weight and have to deal with my buddy "Flappy Belly" it is far better than a buddy named "Diabetes" "Hypertension" and their relatives! LOL
What I read at the links below doesn't sound too horrible. What I have seen on videos and blogs is also reassuring, though.

12 Ways to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss …

The Myth Of Loose Skin

Excess Skin After Weightloss

Recap Week 1 day 3

This is my water. I fill it up and do this amount twice a day. A total of 8 bottles daily. 16 eight ounce portions. I drink it pure out of the tap and no refrigeration. I use old bottles from bought water. I am taking 8 pills of supplements that include vitamins. If I am having irregular difficult bowels...I got some fiber going on as well if need be.LOL
My exercise was more raking and yard work. And the final step was sprinkler watch. LOL.

 Now that I am past the hump on this...I am feeling like it will  happen and things are becoming routine. I feel the mojo is back. I am on a diet. 
I am on a diet. I am on a diet. I am on a diet.

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  1. Well done on the water. As for skin.....I guess it's something that comes with the territory, slow weight loss is the way to go. I think it's a lot worse with rapid weight loss, the body doesn't have time to adjust

  2. You're doing great - wish I could force myself to drink water like that.

  3. Loose skin ain't no myth. ; ) I got it. I did a lot of the recommended stuff--exercised/built muscle before losing weight, drank lots of water, used MSM creams and soaps. I even talk to my body and tell it to tighten up every night. I kid you not, figured worth a shot. :D

    I will never be so lean like that guy who says LOSE MORE FAT. Shoot, when I had a working thyroid, was pre-menopausal, active, and a teen, I wasn't as lean as he'd recommend. So, ain't gonna happen NOW.

    But I figure I can learn to accept it. I hate it. Hate the crinkly gross inner thigh and upper arm and hanging belly apron. Hate it. BUT...I like being mobile, flexible, off many meds. :D

    it's a trade-off.

    Also, I'm 51 and don't have to attract any hot young dudes. I got my prince and he's fine with my body. If I were young and hangy/crinkly, I'd worry. Or single. Cause I'd think it would be an impediment.

    right now, anyone who doesn't like my crinkles as I wear sleeveless tops and, screw em. ; )

  4. Princess...I don't believe you...well I am sure you are not lying, but from looking at your new you pics on your blog...nuh uh Your exercising and your whole physique is curvy beautiful. there are areas...but this is how I figure it...

    The memory of my young self meeting an older woman who just flapped it out was spooky. I know when I get there...I will have my flappy buddy with me, but I will tuck it in and not lay it on the table for all to see. I figure my size will go down but I will have to compensate for my flappy buddy. I will wear clothes that accentuate not wear a half shirt and tight Levi's like Judy and pull it out to scare daddy's little girl at 21.


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