Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week 1 Day 3

The image of the Witch of The Waste slim from the anime "Howl's Moving Castle" has not been done. I like it when I think of something imagewise and it has not been done. I like to be the first. The low carb diet of men's hearts...actually made her gain! LOL

This one comes from a tumblr blog called True Blood (go figure).  I was thinking that clips from the latest episode could make super gifs and then saw the ones I wanted to do. They were posted hours after the episode. Beware of spoilers...but you can go back a ways if you already seen some of the older episodes. The one I wanted to make was of Pam, but the whole scene even the little clip might be a spoiler.
If you watch the series, are you Team Bill or Team Eric?  Personally, I think they both are super sexy vampmen, but I kind of like Eric with his Viking history and his up front bad boy past.  Bill keeps too many lies that disrespects trust between he and Sookie.

I am an image hound on the Internet. And I am an image maker. I want to make a digital footprint on the Internet as the first to come up with it image maker.
My other blog "Bluezy's Virtual Dumpster Dive" has a lot of image posts and music. I started blogging with it as a dump place for my many wants to share on Facebook.  I thought instead of creating endless newsfeed links (like spam), I could just share it on a blog and also keep a digital memory of my crawling habits and bizarre interests. Gif creation from video is easy using GIMP (this one is free) or Photoshop (costs about 200-300 bucks) and there are how to's on YouTube.

Another first that I did before it hits the editing floor and banned 
I called it "Bette And Paul":

Another first I call "Natalie's Signature Dance". Natalie Merchant has always had this move she does when she sings. I had seen her in a 10,000 Maniacs documentary as a child telling everyone that they should watch her, because one day she will be a famous singer. Imagine this to the song "Carnival" intro...

And I couldn't find any who had made a Grilled Cheese Marilyn, so I think I am the first. Too bad it is not real, because I could make some bucks!

 Recap of Week 1 Day 2

Kept with in my parameters. Hydrated and exercised. Also raked some in the yard. Feeling positive and focused. Keeping to the plan. I am really sort of peaved that I let my ticker go down and been lagging for so long. I want to see the progress and mojo that I had at the beginning of my diet blog and am determined to see this holiday through with some substantial weight loss. If I can make it to Onederland by 2012, I will be a happy bloggie!

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  1. Love your pics and glad to see that you're on track so far. I'm doing ok but for me it doesn't get difficult until after the first 5 lb are gone. BTW - how did you get your weight ticker to post? I've tried and tried and it keeps telling me that "my gadget is broken".

  2. Vampire dude is pretty gory. The only vampires I've ever been into watching were John Carradine and Bela Lugosi. I'm old school!! haha

  3. Weren't you having fun!

    I love HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE. Miyazaki rules! I love how merciful they were to the witch.

    And how great was Christian Bale as the voice of Howl, huh? And Jean Simmons..Emily...lovely vocal cast in English.

    I'd have fallen for Howl, myself. :D Even as a winged beast, he was sexy. hee. If only my hubby could carry me over the rooftops, weightless...

  4. Tbese were not all done recently, just the first one...I do like how Sophie was kind to the witch.

  5. Love that GC Marilyn. Wow! Too bad it is not real....

    Nice work staying on track.


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