Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 1 Day 2

I thought I would relive the beginnings of my blog diet and do a Flapper berfore and after manipulation.

Recap of first day week 1

I did fine until I ate some cheese. The cheese was apparently going bad. It tasted good, but it made me feel yucky. I had to hit the toilet and the rest of the day I felt tired and slept a lot. I did drink a lot of water, though. It could be a sign of lactose is the first dairy product I have eaten in a while.  Either way...I think that it is best to stay away from cheese anyways. The calories and the salt are high.

Today I plan on some morning pilates using the original link I had started with in the beginning of my blog diet. I will continue to hydrate and track my food.

I wanted to share a memory of potato chips. I remember years ago going to a friends house and seeing a half a bag of chips on her shelf for several days. I just did not understand how a bag of chips could be opened and not downed immediately. Especially when you have a family. I see this happen here where a bag of chips,candy, or cookies remain in the house for quite a while and realize that we all have changed our habits. If a bag of chips can stay half opened (sealed of course) or a jar of cookies can last even a week, that is pretty good in my book. We are not teaching too much the binging behaviour to our children. Heck we have a bag of gummies and it lasts us all month. I personally do not eat that, but it is good to see that the kids are not downing instantly large quantities. Even last year the spoils of trick or treating lasted a long time!

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  1. I love the flapper before and after!

  2. I hope you're not lactose intolerant. Cheese is wonderful! Hah, I indulged in some Manchego yesterday. Mm.

    I really enjoyed DEATH NOTE, both the anime and the flikcs. Well, except for the "L" specific flick, which I bought cause back then Netflix didn't have it, and man, it sucked. If it weren't for the fact I have a mad crush on Ken'ichi Matsuyama, it would have been totally worthless. But Kenichi is adorable, as "L" and as other characters. What lips! What eyes! Great "L".

    THere was a parody of the anime potato chip sequence on youtube that cracked me up, but I've long lost the link. Hah.

  3. Sorry to hear about the 'cheese incident'. Hope you are feeling better now.
    Great food diary as well.


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