Monday, September 19, 2011

Challenge Day 1

I have prepared myself to understand those across the pond.
Time:  London time is ahead of Idaho by 7 hrs.
Scale: UK using metric so a kilo is equal to 2.2 lbs. (I knew that in my younger hippyesque days weights and

And here is my goal post:

Beginning weight: 258 lbs
Dress size: 24-26

Desired dress size...omg when I went to actually see what size I wore...If I saw that dress on another person, I would not even think about it, but on me...I had images of Big Momma's House and really bummed me out.
My desire is to not wear the above dress...and to decide later on an ensemble. I did try a pair of pants out that were size 24...

Post regularly.
It is easier for me to make a goal to lose at least 3 lbs per week.
Eat no more than 1200 calories.
Drink lots of water.
Using My Fitness Pal, I will track my food and make sure the water bottle icon is overflowing (if not full).
Oh not to forget...exercise (at least 3 times weekly) which is a hard one for  me, but I will let my grand children chase me and run around with them...use my 1 yr old as a bar something fun like that

My Fitness Pal Link.


  1. Unless it's the 4th of July, I can't see me in a flag any size. ; )

    I wish you the best in the challenge and a much smaller dress size, babe. Thank God that the dizzying butterflies be gone. Or thank Bluezy! :)

    New anime season will start soon. Something to keep us distracted from food, yes? :D

    Hubby and i danced to Wired Life at the end of today's streamed episode of Ao No Exorcist. I'm gonna make a point to dance more to anime themes. hahah

    Nitey. Hope the healing goeth well...

  2. Aww, bless you for checking out the british things. Most people on the challenge are american, so I will be putting my wieght in lbs and kg, but it's good to know the time difference so you know when the linky is up. For a random bit of trivia, though we do use kgs (out country has officially been metric since before I was born), for some things we still use imperial. For body weight official records may be in kg, but it's most common to use stones and lbs. 1 st = 14lbs, so you might say 'I'm 15 and a half stone' or 'I'm 10 stone 2' (if you were 142lbs).

  3. Good luck on the challenge. I knew the time difference for the UK simply because my son is stationed there.

  4. Good luck with the challenge - Big Momma's House LOL. I hear ya there. I'll see you around!

  5. I am in this one with you, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog, too. I will be following your progress! Exercise and tracking calories has been my mainstay in this journey to better health. Let the games begin!

  6. Great goals! Using the one year old as a bar bell = LOL!

  7. Look forward to doing the challenge with you.

  8. I want pictures of you working out with that barbell! haha. Good for you and I'm supporting ya all the way!

  9. Good luck on the challenge !!! Looking foreward to follwoing your progress.

  10. Wishing you luck on your journey. Yesterday was my first time ever using My Fitness Pal, I think its a great tool, only I think it thinks I need to consume too many calories based on all the starting info I entered in. I am not sure. However I am going to stick to the calories it tells me for a couple of weeks and see how I progress.

    I look forward to reading more on your journey :)

  11. Good Luck to my fellow challenger! We can do this!!!

  12. Good luck on the challenge. I know you are going to do awesome.

  13. I "salute" your goals, Bluezy. I'm doing it as well and wish you much success. Jackie


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