Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day before challenge

 I had to get rid of the animated background it was driving my eyeballs crazy!

Today is Sunday and also my granddaughter's 5th birthday. Since dad is on the road with his new Godsent job, we will have the party conjoined with my daughter's best friend's 1 yr old twins in a week.  My Amazonian adopted daughter (6 ft 3) as I have described her in my blog, knows how to throw a birthday party. Her husband is not only adept in culinary arts, but he is a DJ. He has an assortment of children's songs that blasted at a few prior parties and got the kids dancing with games as well.

Since it is still Sunday...I am stretching this not on a diet one more day. I will post my goals tomorrow along with the official weigh in with photo...cuz gots my internet back. YAY.  The only temptation on the holidays is Halloween candy and turkey stuffing for me. I really never go get candy, but if it is right in front of me and is caramel nutty or peanut buttery is hard not to want it.  Thanksgiving, I like the turkey berry sandwiches. It is made with deli cut berry wheat bread, stuffing, cranberry sauce, of course turkey, lettuce and generous mayo. So this is the edible temptations I will need to beware of. I am done mourning my stroke of bad luck and want to get back to the original plan I started the blog with.

I was babysitting yesterday here is the breakdown:  total kids 7 kids. Twins at age 1, my grandbaby age 1, almost 2 yr old toddler boy, almost 5 yr old, 6 year old and a 8 yr old. That is a total of 4 diaper wearing kids. LOL. I baby sat 8 hrs and was on the poo poo like a production line!  The older kids were really helpful.  Later on, some girls came over below.

Brianna and her sister Sara are two entrepreneurial local girls who are very artistic. Sara came over to "Amazonia" to take hair clip orders. She makes really lovely ones and came over to show them. She also brought along her sister Brianna on the right is a recently single mom who designs fitness wear. She pulled out some skorts for kids that were one of a kind cool! Brianna designed and sewed all these sportswear outfits they sell at the local fitness club and on this website called . It is an up and coming sensation that is taking interest in the Zumba crowd locally. They plan on becoming elaborate with this all like Zumba is. I just had to take a pic and tell them I would mention them in my blog and sidebar their website when they start it. I really like it when ordinary people are innovative and become extraordinary!  It only pleases me to share this on my blog.  I know they will do well. It is the opportunity promised by a digital world and they are going to boom that I am sure of.  Brianna also has a blogspot with her digital scrapbooking designs called Time To Celebrate.

I will see all my bloggie friends tomorrow with my head back in the game. The thought of family get togethers in December with a bunch of weight lost! Wow! I need this structure and am thankful for Thursday's Child for organizing it!


  1. I like these butterflies too! Your granddaughter is precious! Love that look! Hugs.

  2. Thank you for the less busy style here. The other was a bit much for my old eyes. Darling little girl; what pretty eyes. Best of luck as you begin this challenge but sorry to say luck has nothing to do with it. I should say best of hard work or best of commitment or something that tells it like it is. This can be the start of a new and healthier you. Let's make our challenges the bomb!!


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