Thursday, September 15, 2011

Txting skills

I downloaded "Blogger" app.  Using it now. It is nice and compact. Fits my android screen and the image uploader is visible.  It also allows you to take a pic literally with your phone cam so you can post it!
I can move back and my post gets saved to draft. I see this handy for one on the go. Instead of all the upload motions, you can do it real time. Like with this post I will be stopping by my scooter later and will show you the scatches on the side. I didn't want to take pics of my owies because it would look sick, but some may appreciate the lack of appetite factor of viewing road rash. LOL
Well...I wrestled with this app to get.a photo posted and with my browser it kept busy loading until it crashed Trying one more time


  1. So this is the healed ankle. Blogger app worked I just missed it because my browser took so long to load it.

  2. You're a dangerous woman. And now I will post about how I broke my foot on a scooter this week. Making a note of it now.

  3. Glad you've got at least some access back. The linky is up on my blog for the christmas dress challenge, go over and link up your goal post!

  4. Glad to be in the Christmas dress challenge with you. I've linked up, and am ready to go. I'll be following you through the challenge.


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