Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 1 Day 5


Coming round the last stretch of the first week of 

I am feeling good about this week. I decided to peek Thursday morning at the scale. It looks hopeful for my goal. Then I remembered my whole drama about doing that and then seeing it go up and then down. With this in mind, I will only weigh in on Monday morning and not peek again. I don't want a repeat of all that. LOL.

Nothing is worse than the yo yo diet scale blues
Yet I decided to create a happy little cure for the yo yo diet scale blues.  
Hope you like it!

OMG post edit: 
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I just can't believe she only has 17 followers. 
The blog is amazingly funny and designed with fun!  

An example of her illustration, FAQ and humor!

I truly enjoyed clicking around her blog. 
I am positive you will, too!  

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  1. Yes, the scale is very evil at times. LOL... I wish I would just throw mine away and only weigh in at Weight Watchers once a week. Harder said than done though :)

    Sounds like you have a great start getting to your goal. Keep up the good work.

  2. We give the scale more power than we should don't we? That little piece of equipment can make or break us. If we stay committed and do what we know to do, the weight will come off whether we check it or not but it is nice to get that reinforcement for our efforts.

  3. lol ka-blam! as much as I enjoy not having a scale this month I think if I even had one at the moment, it'd be hard not to want a sneak peek!

  4. I find it very hard to keep myself OFF of the scale every day! Just can't seem to help myself.

  5. I have a problem with not scaling daily as well. Yet how many times do we do what we are supposed to but there is that up and down even if it is just 1 pound that bums one out? I am at that stage where I weighed good yesterday and a bit fearful that the scale will tell me it lied. LOL.

  6. I have to make myself weight in only once a week. Otherwise, I drive myself crazy!

    I added you as a friend on MyFitnessPal! I'm TheBestMe82 =)

  7. Wow, I came here to take a peek and say thanks for stopping by my blog--and I find your VERY kind words about my blog. :D Thanks so much for sharing. You made my day.

    Love your solution for the yoyo diet scale. I may have to employ that one myself. :-o

  8. I do tend to peek usually, but with aunt flo in town it's not happening until Monday! Some things don;t need to be seen! I don't think there's a problem with it so long as it isn't making you feel bad. I had some time when checking the scale so often was starting to define my moods, so I pulled back a bit.

    Glad you've got your determination mojo flowing.

  9. If I go on my scale to often, my mood goes just the way the scale shows it in the morning. If it goes down, my mood goes up. If the scale numbers are up, my mood is down and I tend to comfort myself with sweets. So, I won't weigh myself until Monday. I like the picture of your scale on your blog.hahaha


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