Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week 2 Day 4

Looking for a house to live in online is a bitch. All the realtors want application fees from 30-75 bucks. My daughter, who went to high school in Las Vegas has a bff who is helping us. Looking at them and doing the footwork. Being from there both she and my daughter know the bad places. There is one we are gonna try first. My 40 yr old stepson went through this realtor that actually charges the high price, but apparently you get what you pay for. The rent is cheaper there than here, believe it or not! At least for a 4 bedroom home.

I threw away my watch long ago. I used to wear one on the nontraditional right wrist and with the face inward just to be different.  I would joke about not wearing one and say that it kept my vision sharp trying to sneak a peak at other peoples watches. And it is natural human interaction to ask a passerby stranger "Hey do you have the time"? Also an opportunity to use my tremendous smile (while my real teeth are still in). Now Nowadays there are cellys.  When my ex husband (who I never divorced)  died at 57 three years made me look at the clock. That is why at 53 yrs young I embrace the grandma role so strongly. Why I live and travel with them. I just would love it if my other daughter would live close to me as well.

 Diet Update:

I had a lazy don't want to cook or think day Wednesday. I just fried up some sliced carne asada thins. It is lean bottom round steak. I seasoned them with Goya Sazon which is a seasoning of choice on everything lately.

Thursday(today) decided to make sure I did not do so. I included some veggies, yet kept my carb level low. Want the induction burn to kick in. Taking my vitamins and other supplements and drinking plenty of water.

Still nothing past normal household activities. Chasing the grand babies around. Cleaning and packing. We posted the not taking stuff into Craigslist. Got instant hits. Still got this mega giant projector screen TV that needs servicing in my room. Probably end up giving it away. I might crack it open and see if it is just a stuck on off switch. Pretty sure that is it. Need to find an allen wrench (before it gets packed).

Put a My Fitness Pal button on the sidebar. Friend me if you use it or click it to peek at my boring menu. I keep the ingredients simple so I can track it easier and stay on plan. Next week I am kicking in some exercise. I think the rib cage can handle it now. I have a hint of memory pain there, but nothing is aggravating it like it did there for a while. Like lifting the one year old.


  1. I grew up in a P.R. neighborhood where every mom used "sazon". About 15 years ago or more, when I finally read the ingredients, I ditched the stuff. Honey, MSG and SALT..that's the main stuff. Make your own sazon with a little sea salt, garlic powder, and some cumin. MSG and fake coloring is crap!!! Okay, that's my "nasty convenience food" heads up for the day.

    Better yet, take your meat and marinate it overnight with lemon juice, bit of orange juice, minced garlic, and some salt and pepper. Voila, Latin flavor without the msg.

    Here's to y'all finding a great, great, cheap, sfae place to life.

  2. It sounds like you're doing well, good luck with the house hunting! Nice effort taking a moment to focus on your meals again, it doesn't have to be fancy to be healthy

  3. Oh thank you Princess for the heads up. Every time I open it I think this is too easy there has to be something wrong with it.

    Unfortunately, the only thing healthy about my diet is that I have lowered the calories and carbs, but still using "convenience" stuff. And Ranch dipping it if it needs more. When tracking it and the calorie and carb count are to my liking...I then just ingest it.

    I feel like I am betraying the health blogger code and really terrifying you all. I am sure.

    I have not touched the salt shaker in a while, but Mrs Dash is abused....

  4. Thanks for the update. With all the packing you also get your exercise. :-)


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