Friday, January 13, 2012

Musical Upbeat Friday

Back into my mode from the beginning of my blog. Before and After retro themes... Introducing Musical Upbeat Friday! (I think I will make this a habit. I will keep it low key...maybe LOL) So we found out we could pay 15 bucks more on our phone plan and tether one of our phones to our computers. It is wireless. You can use your phone while it is happening and you can run up to 3 devices...We get 1MBPS on the lappy that is an older HP with Vista and 4 GB RAM and is ok fast, but I can imagine it on newer processors it is actually a pair made in techy heaven. Take your phone and lappy anywhere there is a phone signal. I am posting with my dinosaur Compaq 1.9 mhz 1gb ram. Streaming is a bit rough you gotta wait for loading...but if you are not in a hurry...


  1. I like to listen to music when I'm reading blogs. I'm not following many with music right now so sometimes I leave mine open in a different window so I can have music while I catch up.

  2. I usually have the radio streaming or music on when I read bogs, too. Sometimes the music on blogs makes them upload slow, at least for me.

  3. Always a Foo Fighters fan!!
    I pay a fortune for internet connection here and it is still pretty crappy loading more than one thing at a time.

  4. I vary, sometimes prefer quiet...but when I have music on I prefer it to be my playlist.... this is giving mixed feelings today. The foo fighters opened for the chili peppers at a show yrs ago that I went to...we have tickets to the upcoming tour as a birthday present for has just been put off...from mar to oct and to a mon night....don't know if I will get to go. My son has tickets in calif and he won't even be there when they come now. LOL...she what your little post started.


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