Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mid week with weight edit now

Edited in my weight whoo whoo 245.6 from 247 on Saturday.
Didn't want to break the rules of the challenge. I gotta fess up and girl up on it. 
This is encouraging!
I am doing ok. Did not weigh myself. This week I have been racing in the morning getting my grand kids ready for school. By the time I am done, I have already walked outdoors and chugged some coffee in me. Not very primal, yet habitual for years. I just don't want the scale to drive me psycho.

NSV is water and getting my grand daughter involved. You see she is a very girly girl. She sees shoes and goes wild. Her favorite color is pink. She has a pretend bra. Like her mother, she was all about wearing a bra as a kid. It is hard to let a kid so young do so for me. Mostly because I can't handle them wanting to grow so fast. At first they pretended doing it with her bikini tops...then we just let her be happy. In order for us to get her to eat her veggies, she has been told it makes your boobs grow. And now with water, I told her it not only is good to have healthy boobs, but your skin won't get zits and your hair becomes shiny. It is working with the grandson when we mentioned the no zits. LOL. I like it when they drink pure water opposed to koolaid. You know they didn't get mad about Santa Claus and there is some truth to what I told them. Especially the skin.

We found a deal on cucumbers 17 cents each.  Fills my snack need. Also found a deal on avocados 5 for a buck, but that is my daughters thing, Too many carbs for me. I have to watch them dipping chips in the blender guacamole. I love to dip and dunk. I had to do it the first time they did it on Sunday a bit. They were dipping chips and later dunking was hard.

Tonight, I saw noodles and sauce and realized it has been a while. Left them alone, though.

I have this cramp in my back thigh from wrestling the easy chair extension down. It is a hard one and I pulled it. I can walk fine, but it hurts to pedal my bike. I will be better very soon. Done it before.

Oh so is this whiner Wednesday for me?  Sorry.

Bloggie love to all!


  1. I have always been very careful about letting my kids in on my struggle with my weight, but this time I was honest. My 5 year old is all about questions asking me why I was exercising or why I was carrying my water bottle around. I told both my daughters that I was changing my habits and working towards being healthy.
    It was a special thing, because they wanted to join in on their own accord. When they drink a lot of water they claim they are being healthy and are proud. Same when they do something extra active.

    Kids are amazing and a great motivator.

  2. I only weigh once a month because of the very reason you state. It's just too emotional and I begin focusing on the weight instead of the process of losing it. If we do what we know to do, the weight will come off whether we weight or not and I figure the drop will be bigger and more of an encouragement if I weight on the first day of each month.

  3. I have been weighing every day but it is getting frustrating this week. I'm retaining a lot of water and so the scale isn't moving. I'm going to try to get more water in today and I may fast for half a day in order to let my body settle in a bit. I wish you the best. :)

  4. What a deal on cucumbers - I love them, I could eat them all day. I love the smell and the freshness.

    Whining is allowed as well as any other things you need to get out. :)

  5. I have learned not to take the scale too seriously. Even though I love to see it go down, I´m starting to "FEEL" my body more. I can usually feel it when the scale will go down or not.
    Hope you don´t let it get to you and continue on. Doesn´t seem whiny to me your post.

  6. Oh man, you HAD to bring up guacamole! I've never eaten gauc that I liked, until I went to Mexico. Then I pretty much lived on the stuff. Yum. Nice job resisting temptation!

  7. Nice on the scale but even better on resisting the chips and pasta. keep up the good job and let that muscle heal.

  8. Your grandkids sound adorable. I had to smile at what you told them to get them to want to eat veggies and drink water... cute story!

  9. Well done on your weight and resisting temptation.

  10. That is a great deal on cucumbers. I love to use them in my juicer and usually buy a ton of them at about 60 cents.


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