Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Testimony Tuesday

I got to see the first baby I ever met after not seeing her since 1999.  She was visiting Vegas and met up with us Saturday and Sunday. She (now 32) is the daughter of my  best friend and neighbor in 1979. I met her when she was 6 months old and wanted one just like her. Her mom was an L.A. biker chick and I thought she was the coolest woman on Earth! I used to say I was happily riding in the side car of her life's wild Harley. Our friendship lasted 20 yrs. My marriage was pretty stable for the 14 yrs it lasted. I had rescued her family from bad relationships and hard times at least 3 times in those years. Her kids were close with mine. Literally called me Aunt. I had left the whole scene because somewhere in our happy little green pot garden, the white snow of amphetamines came in. I was a fat girl on a diet that took more of my brain than it did my waist. We went our separate ways since I chose sobriety in 1999. Her mom is still all caught up in the life.  The daughter who visited is the only child of her 6 kids that did not end up in prison or lost in drug addiction. She works in a hospital as an RT on the supervisory level. Oh she also had a Gastric Bypass and is skinny as heck!  I did a thing with all the kids that I left behind.  I beat my heart once with my fist and said "this is what it is all about here in the heart, babe. Let's FEEL here." I pointed to my head and said " Let's THINK here". I then smiled and pointed to it and said "And then we will both SMILE". I reminded her of that when we saw each other and we smiled together. 

At the beginning of the month, we were about to just leave broken,  something unexpected happened. An institution that is much disliked, IRS immediately removed their money taking mistake. No notice that it would be 3-10 days. We called and they returned the money. Thanks for all the bloggie prayers!

After all that and a pause in employment of 1 week that delayed my son in laws pay, a series of "unfortunate events"occurred with a flip flop effect.

We were already late in paying some bills because we put them off due to Christmas. First came the cable with internet to be disconnected.  A day before this happened, a silver tongued go getting door to door sales girl smiled her way into our household. We hardly ever let sale people in and really we did not even have money to buy her Dish Network or Direct TV...She convinced us we did not need money and also showed us we were paying the cable company way too much. She gave us 300 plus percent more TV for only 10 more. We could of had less for 20 dollars less, but opted for more channels. Payable when we get paid.

My daughter called our cell phone provider to check out what this "WiFi" hot spot is all about. Omg 15 bucks a month. We tested out on our movie streaming to the TV and it works. I was paying 70 bucks a month in Idaho for Internet. In Washington I paid 85.

Today they disconnected our electric. We were hoping to be bailed by tax returns, but because we moved, w-2's are delayed. I was about to call the LDS church. My daughter said they would not help, but my late husband was Mormon (jack) and I have his baptismal records. My daughter told me that they only help their own and blah blah blah blah blah...I told her that after talking to ME the bishop would most likely help. I went  through a bunch of stuff to try to get a number to the local bishop. Monday is their closed day. Hmmm. I talked to a Brother Hart and a Sister Alma on the phone. Before I talked to Sister Alma, I was harassed by a honey bee outside. The bee is the symbol of their industry called Deseret. Alma has been my rpg  gaming character name since 1988. It  means "soul". It was sort of spooking me out in a good way. As we spoke, the son in law had called and said he got paid.  The power company was called but they said that there are no guarantees that after 2 pm the power will be reconnected so it may be tomorrow. I paused for a moment as I was playing chess with the 18 yr old brother in law on the porch. As I heard that there was no guarantee, I thought of the advice given to me by Princess and Myra. Power of prayer. I put my hand up in that Catholic way of prayer I grew up with. I said "Hold on guys, I think we should pray". We held hand and I said, "Well God we are so thankful that there are signs all around us screaming of your presence and we believe whole heartedly. We mean not to be disrespectful, but want to try one more time to see an immediate sign of your Godly power". As I completed "Godly" click the lights went on as I said "power". My daughter started crying. I told her we need to go to church. I was thinking that we should just get in the car and drive and go to the first one that we encounter. Then came the "if we go to blah blah church" they will judge you by your clothes and "if we go to blah blah blah church" they will start speaking in tongues. All from my daughter. Man she sure is judgmental for a youngin'. I told her that blah blah church would surprise her if I came dressed like a bag lady (which is similar to how I currently dress less the smell and messy hair depending on what time of day it is LOL). I imagined this to happen that I dress ultra baggy poor and go separately. We take a video and see what surprises come up. Later, I thought that was too cruel, unfair and judging. I think we should just go with what we know or at least just do the go to the first one we see no matter what denomination. Even more so maybe a Synagogue? I told my daughter that if we do it that way she will be crying again because the topic of sermon will be exactly something that is going on with OUR personal life. Heck they might even say "let there be light" and then my daughter will be balling loud as heck!  WHAT DO YOU THINK?

I will update on what happens.

 LOL I have a great deal of respect for any Christian church. Even more respect when I see them out on the street. The Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses and Catholics seem to get a lot of criticism from the faith my daughter follows. I just wonder why? Not saying that the 3 I mentioned don't do it as well...So some on the narrow road are glancing out their windows wondering what kind of ride you have and pointing that nasty finger?  And I am kinda crazy with this sign association. I am just riding my simple ride looking out the window and saying "wow" I know God wanted me to see that and I am very thankful for the attention. I am also very surprised that he had the time to holler back at us one more time!

Bloggie love!

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  1. God always has time for us. Sometimes when we don´t hear or see an answer right away, it´s because He knows what is best for us. I´m so thrilled that you had this experience with Him and hope you continue to search for a church that fits you.
    Hugs from Betty


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