Saturday, January 28, 2012

Being "Jedi"

Unlearn what I have learned...

The amount of unlearning at my age? I tell ya it is frakkin amazing how much! It is like that mini challenge on the Spring Chick Challenge to eat a week using your non dominant hand I experienced a double entendre (usage right?).  Like my dominant side represented the way I used to eat. Using the non dominant side was difficult physically, but also mentally. I felt a bit unsatisfied with each bite.

As I examine the changes I want to do, I wonder if they are changes at all. They are more like sporting one of those designer fake sunglasses, purse, shoes or clothing. I am still trying to be the over eater that I am, but thinking it out with less carbs and calories.  Is this type of replacement actually unlearning?
  • Replacing chips and dip with fresh veggies and a low carb dip... 
  • Drinking my coffee with a splenda and a touch of vanilla giving me a "faux French vanilla"...
  • Using 4 eggs to my veggie omelet to give me a pile of right food instead of a pile of pancakes or 4 to 6 donuts to dunk. 
  • Fresh fruit instead of ice cream for desert...
Is is just alimentary methadone? It has worked for that ever standing at 50lbs lost...but is this a long term plan or just a fake fix??  My eating is a behavioral addiction. It is Winter. I am a classic hole up and fatten up USDA sort of cow grazing in my barn...I think this and I need to be extra careful at this time of the year.

Sometimes I do feel when dieting I am in some sort of order not unlike Jedi where it takes a great deal of mental control and also much sacrifice. Some things are just not of the Jedi-et way.

no change maybe the decimal which i forgot what it was last week
We need to get a handle on shopping. I am going to freeze mushrooms and idk cukes and make sure we get enough eggs. We got our Sams Club card renewed so I love the flav-a-pac broccoli florets.  I want to think this all out better.

*The cable guy came by to disconnect our broadband (using WiFi tethering on my phone to lappy) in between me editing this post. We just started talking right off. He was an older chubbier country version of Billy Bob Thorton. He had the same voice and some facial features that made me think "bad santa" lol. I was wearing long underwear and a long t-shirt. We just kept talking about this and that. I had no makeup, my hair was messy and my lips chapped. As he walked away to his mini truck...I was compelled to ask for his number. Well...I got his employee number on the receipt. I kind of feel like leaving my number at his work and inviting him out for coffee. Hmmm...what was that all about? 



  2. If you guys were simpatico, then for sure, leave a friendly "no pressure" message that you'd like to chat again. Why not?

    I've gotten used to having fruit for dessert, or some nuts and no-sugar choco, or yogurt with berries. It's habit now. I've always liked dessert with dinner, but it used to be tiramisu or chocolate mousse or cherry pie or fruit tarte or napoleons or sundaes.

    Now, it's a whole different idea of "dessert". hahah I still have that "I want something sweet" after dinner habit, but it's not supercrap!

    You'll find your groove. The thing is to always focus on protein and veggies and then add what you like to make it YOURs..the spices, the fruits, the safer carbs/starches in right proportions, the healthy oils, the nuts and calcium rich foods. It's finding the healthful balance that also makes you HAPPY.

    Cause if you don't find some satiation of mouth and gut, it won't last. You'll find it.


  3. Keep working on what works for you. You'll find the combination that fits.
    Good luck this week. Take care and God Bless!!

  4. Hang in there! I'm trying to work on patience (which I always short of). Follow the plan, and you will arrive at your destination.


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