Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coffee Under Achievement?

I feel compelled to post every page. I am having a blast reading "Skinny Bitch"!

I am liking this "Skinny Bitch" I will probably have it read by tomorrow. Chapter 1 is about giving up the vices. And she tells it like a "Skinny Bitch" would. LOL.

The book is part of my Eve2Easter goal. Drinking less coffee and replacing it with tea is my NSV goal for Spring Chick Challenge.

I like caffeine in my tea for the reasons that SB is witching about. I like the jolt! Home brewed and using the sucralose Walmart Brand because it is cheaper than the Splenda I used to get. (I think there is some hidden demon in that) I fear it is BLOAT. So I looked it up...
"Sucralose-Cons" from specifically mentions bloating.
"11 Sucralose Side Effects "From 3 Fat chicks on a diet blog.
"Scientific studies have discovered some risks associated with Splenda, but only at very high dosages. One study on rats found that it caused the thynmus to shrink, but only if the rats ate the equivalent of 17,200 packets of Splenda every day for a month. At the FDA’s Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) level for Splenda, which is the rough equivalent of about 15 cans of diet soda a day, no risks were found."
(Then comes in my quick to mistrust anything to do with "the Feds" syndrome that I have mentioned. LOL)

Sucralose has a dot org website  pacifying any Conspiracy Theorist with a list of "Myth" answering.

 (Ritual De Lo Habitual is not just a "Jane's Addiction" Album LOL).
We all experienced the rituals of food during the Holidays. There is also the ritual of the drink as soon as we wake up-that cup of Jo. You can smell it, you can feel the warmth and now you can suck on a frothy smooth creamy flavored one from your favorite Barista.  It is a way of life. Even as a child, before drinking coffee at all, the house smelled of coffee in the morning filling the senses with "the smell of morning".

I liked how she wrote "if you need it, give it up". Yeah like how big is your mug or your car mug? When I was younger, I had a 32 ouncer. Now a days, I have limited my coffee to 2-3 cups daily, but that fancy smancy flavored creamer has 2 carbs per tablespoon. And it takes 2 tablespoons to make the coffee right maybe 3...Which was the primary reason for my wanting to replace it.. Since our Sam's Club card expired, no DaVinci Sugar Free Syrup. Why am I dwelling so much on a drink? A drink.

I joked in life that I was a Coffee Under-achiever...

So I have voice to text (v2t) on my phone and when I was responding to Princess Dieter's last comment on my blog, I thought that if I get it in email, it would still post it to comment if I replied to it. No.
Funny thing is that when I wanted to post that "he is listening" the v2t typed out  something like "And he lived in  Antioch". That was not even near what I had said and the word Antioch reminds me of some biblical history I read.. When I tried to correct it, saying "he is listening" again, the v2t typed "he is coming".

I was at the 99cent store trying to get the v2t in before shopping showed my daughter. I told her my android is sending me messages from God. LOL.

No seriously. Antioch is one if not THE  first built churches when the Apostles set out to spread Christianity..Check it out on google search,  How could my phone type such a specific name in place of the words "he is listening"? I see it that "he is texting" as well.


  1. Okay. I totally LOVE what this says. I'm GETTING THAT BOOK!

    BTW - I thought the samething a year ago, gave up coffee and started getting an extra hour of sleep every night. Forever Amen if I didn't start feeling 2000% better.

  2. Way to go on the book. I'm having a hard time finding the time to actually sit down and read mine.

  3. Based on your post, I looked at the book on Amazon. Some reviewers gave it only one star because they said it promotes a vegan diet. Since I don't intend to become vegan, do you think it is still worth purchasing?

  4. I now have images of a white bearded, white robed guy sitting on clouds texting away.....
    Good reading....I did do better when I cut down the caffine and soda last year.
    Keep up the good job.

  5. I never bought that because after dabbling in vegan, it wasn't for me. I do believe in lots of water for, especially, dieters. It's invaluable.

    I will never give up coffee. It has too many benefits (antioxidants, contra-diabetic properties, filling up properties, dessert fill-in) and was instrumental in helping me avoid cravings in my journey out of morbid obesity. Tea and coffee are essential to me. Period. Unless all the coffee beans in the world go radioactive, I'm drinking my 4+ cups a day (2 to 3 with caffeine, the rest decaf). I drink green tea also...nice iced. For the health and hydration benefits. I mostly drink decaf green tea, but I have green tea powder I use in green smoothies now and then.

    Antioch has beautiful resonances. And one of the most hilarious associations in the universe: The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch...begin the countdown.

  6. And we just figured out how to make fraps with our magic bullet we bought at an auction for 5 bucks (brand new). I have measuring spoons and carb value resources...I think I can sneak one in.

    The book is like reading Saturday Night Live, though. I can see a bunch of bitchy vegans going hell yea. The Atkins diet is called "The Dead Rotting Decomposed Flesh diet by the author. I had to stop there at chapter 4....but it was funny.

  7. Well, they did say they were "bitches", didn't they? ; )

    Some folks thrive all vegan-ey. I didn't and don't. I need a lot, A LOT, of protein to satiate and calm the appetite. And being hypothyroid, I cannot ingest much soy (though I love tofu and miso). I won't eat much beans anymore due to the anti-nutrients (for the sake of my autoimmune). I won't give up dairy...not negotiable. Cheese rocks my world. I'd rather be plump and have my cheddar. :D


  8. love the series of "bitch" books, i met those ladies when skinny came out and they were a HOOT! and they did write a book just for men called skinny bastards! LOLOL

  9. I've thought about trying coffee because it smells awesome. I am drinking a tiny bit of tea.
    I'm going to check out that book. A good smile is worth a lot when we're working so hard to become healthy.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  10. I love me some coffee! Next year, some one will say it's bad for us. I will still be loving me some coffee!!


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