Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Walk in Peace

I read the first page of "Skinny Bitch" to check it out. So I am reading 2 books!

Hey thanks for all your support And let me tell you what a miracle is now!

The State of Idaho released the levy! My son in law called direct and they found it was "their bad". It takes 42 hrs and a bit to go back and erase the bad that "did" happen. Phew!

Coming of age during the "Nam" years and being mostly a counterculture rock star from high school until sobriety...kinda expected "the man" to be cruel like that. I imagined the "hammer down" and "in justice for all". We got a "my bad have a nice day" from them. Wow. I get to recognize my humility in my golden years. Also, "the man" really does a lot of good. We just have to communicate first and not go directly against them. LOL.

Oh and in these times of everybody needing work or losing it my bad ass son in law got hired right away...AND the pay is better AND God is good to us. (you might think I am a heathen because of my potty mouth,..but I have stories(and now another) about GOD being there for me and my family and GEE OH DEE knows I believe in him and have a legitimately :gee double oh dee" soul)

And Mir: thanks for the email session. LOL "take a breath and wait two days before quiting". You are a wise one!  How quickly we flopped from panic to peace. The money was actually back in the bank before we could get there!!
Peace bloggies, I am still in the game!


  1. "I get to recognize my humility in my golden years."

    Oh yeah. I'm there!

  2. I agree about the humility. I am learning it, too. And so glad the levy was resolved. Whew!

  3. Never underestimate the power of women praying. Several of us were issuing prayers for you..and I truly believe God interevened. Sometimes, prayers are answered in delayed or in no. You got a yes. A big one. Praise Him big time for it, my darling, sassy gal.

  4. I'm so glad this has worked out for you can continue to rock out/along with us all. Prancing down the street in a thong....maybe not but I can think I can.

  5. Using voice to text from the walmart parking lot thank you for your prayers! I instantly thought of how u all were/must of been praying and that was so amazing. Zap zap all better even "more better"!

  6. Wow, I just read your last two posts. I'm so glad everything worked out okay, and that you didn't have to flee The Man. :-)

  7. HURRAY! Did we not ask for a miracle? Praise HIM for HIS Help! I'm so happy for you and your family.

  8. Thanks for the comment and yes lets lose some weight. Also I stopped by to see if you got a shout box.

  9. I might have to check out that Skinny Bitch book from the library.

    Funny you should say that about the daleks! My sister lives in Cardiff (where they film it) and she sent me a picture of the TARDIS outside the Millennium Theatre a few week ago! Her exact words were 'not exactly what you expect on your way to work'.


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