Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Uncle Levy From IRS
It's bad. The Idaho State Tax Commission levied money out of my daughter's bank account. All of it. It is a long personal story. Misinformation from the bankruptcy lawyer last spring on them. And It was only a 500 dollar debt, but it accrues interest. It has put us in flight mode. Gotta downsize, store it and move to family with what money is left and start over. Going to California.

Needless to say, one would think that I would start emo eating. I did. I made lunch low carb. I had some meat and cucumber on the side. My water is right on today as well.

No one will negotiate with us. Bills can't get paid with NO MONEY. 

I will blog as I can with my phone.

What is really driving me crazy is the Kindle Android won't accept my e books. I tried other readers even a pdf reader. My other phone accepted my files this one I need to probably google around and see if it is the MotoBlur or what? I even tried text!

I am pulling the hard drive out of my computers. When I can get another, I will pull my files out of the hard drive.

Yep it is THAT bad. When you wait for pay day and then it is not there...luckily I have some will make for our get away.


  1. Well, we emailed and you already know I feel awful this has happened...and between all of you and family, I'm hoping a better place can be reached calif or wherever. Man, you're really getting around the country lately.

    These are scary economic times, and getting bad legal advice just makes it worse. I know super tight-budgeting is in your future and the computers/gadgets will have to wait. We'll be here, waiting for udpates.

    Be well, you and yours, Bluezy. Keep updating with the phone as you can.

  2. I'm sorry to hear this bad news from you. Hope, God sends you a miracle and helps you to solve these really bad problems. It's not nice, if one doesn't know how to pay the bill. Stay strong, Bluezy.

  3. God sends you a miracle and helps you to solve these really bad problems.


  4. WOW - bless your sweet heart... just hugs.

  5. A big HUG from down south! Hope every thing will be ok. Let us know how you are!

  6. OH crap. I'm sorry that you're experiencing money issues. Those are the worst and the most stressful. I hope you make the move well and that things go as smoothly as possible.


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