Thursday, January 26, 2012


Easter Bonnet tradition.

Any recommendations on a binge and emo help book? I already finished The Primal Blueprint....There are many things I can use that I have learned. Some of that Primal stuff is pricey, but all in all the reprogramming your genes runs along with (barefoot as Grok lol) behavior and the mind. In my mind, I can either make believe or be real. I can't pretend.

This continues with the Jedi words from Yoda on perseverance ..I am not in line with the jedi way.

With me this past cycles I have been wearing an "eater bonnet". I am kicking it somewhat.
Yesterday I searched around Mark's Apple blog. Reading on Fish Oil and anti-inflamatory foods. I get his news letter.
I'm having a hard time editing using my phone. Keeping it short and sweet. Blogg app not so good.
Nice to see that Mark appreciated one of my fave artists - Banksy . Bloggie love!


  1. You may enjoy "100 Days of Weight Loss." It's bite size reading every day. It gives you a little information to read and think about and then it gives you an exercise (usually mental) to do that day. It helps you understand your approach to food.

  2. The most helpful "stop bingeing" books for me were THE END OF OVEREATING (the science behind our overeating, and a rehab program in there) and Gillian Riley's books (EATING LESS, WILLPOWER, BEATING OVEREATING, I have all three).

    You have to own it as a choice. You have to know that making the choice not to binge increases self-esteem (sense of achievement), which nurtures better choices ongoing. YOu know you have the decision to make: choose to binge or choose not to. Then own the choice. It's not out of your control, it's IN your decision. YOUR decision. So,stop and actively make the decision, "yes, I'm gonna binge" or "No, I'm not gonna." Sometimes, just stopping and making the decision...actively a help. No excuses. It's a choice. :D

    I know there are cheapo used versions on amazon of some of Gillians's. Kessler you can start reading right off in the amazon cloud reader. And search google books. Sometimes, a hella lot of a book is available in "preview".

    Off you well..

  3. Oh, and I haven't binged since May of clearly....they helped. :D

  4. You are a Master Jedi, Princess! Perhaps from Phlida Or Dorna III? Thank you much on the help.
    Nanette's suggestion as well. thank you!

  5. Oh I get email from Gillian I think...I subscribed. She is having some sort of rehab or retreat in Scotland?

  6. I LOVE that Yoda quote. As Mir pointed out, the power is in making the decision, by yourself, for yourself.

  7. Yep. She does seminars. If she ever came to my neck o ' the woods, I might still go...though I really could have used her more years ago? ; )

    that is one bodacious Easter bonnet up there....I only just noticed. Snarf!


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