Thursday, November 29, 2012


Me at 220 wearing my 4 dollar outfit I bought at the local thrift shop. BTW the pants are size GET THIS>>>>>MEDIUM. They are plaid red black and white pajama type pants. No pee pee hole so must be a womans size lol. And the shirt I call a Charlie Sheen (Adonis DNA) Style Bowling shirt. And those are my cheap $9.99 WalMart (I call the Commie store) Mary Janes. They are so so comfy.

1>>All that is a bundle of positive unless you are the Fashion Police.
2>>Picked 2 long stem roses gave them to my mom to put next to the departed's urns.
3>>On my Wander Walk ©2012 I complimented this older man probably in his 70's as I passed him in front of Trader Joes and said he looked great. There was a lady sitting on the bench who said she was thinking the same. He was tan and had some leg muscles to envy.
4>>Again on my Wander Walk ©bluezy2012 I saw a yellow butterfly fluttering near some purple flowers then a hummer comes bullying it's way in they flit around...the butterfly leaves then the hummer comes right in front of me.
5>>Ate all meals on the patio. Since I am posting via mobile Blogger...the pics are what they are. Bloggie Love!

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