Wednesday, November 28, 2012


So someone needed to hollah at this chubby girl to get me into mode. It is shopping season and my head was up my butt and looking and browsing. I need to finally get the payday..then spend then be broke...before I can calm down mentally.

Thank you to Brooke from Brooke Not On A Diet for hollerin my way reminding me of my challenge commitment to The Skinny Snowman (linked over there in blue).

I am starting off late. Mind y'all I am doing everything via smartphone due to my move with my mom who is a 1950's chic and the only tech she succumbs to is Digital cable, cordless phones and she likes how her car has radio button controls on the steering wheel and a button above to open her garage. I am not sure if I feel any safer than I was as a kid when she drives though this time I am not looking out for cops and she is sober lol.


Small small small keyboard. But I have this option I am using right now called text to voice. AWESOME. How many points do I get for that? Lol.

Enough said... I missed Meatless Monday and unfortunately I ate meat today so tomorrow is my makeup. All the way around my post will detail the aspects of what will give me pointage for the week. K??

Bloggie Love and in the words of my favorite liar : LIVESTRONG

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