Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fashion is simply smashing 1939

So explaining a bit further my situation. Decided to visit my mom. Decided to stay which is a total flop of my desires to be a local close by grandma. My mom is anchored to this lahteedah desert my dad left her with. She is happy I am here. Not as fearful. We will see how this goes. Considering the conflicting values....making the best of it. No longer a 5k event virgin. Thanksgiving day I walked for a charity that feeds the homeless. I ate there in 2000 where I met my mom for a sec and she said she could not have ME live/stay with her when my world went awry. She paid me 15 bucks and did not even ask where the grandbabies were. Been walking daily. Planning two trips in the near future to see my grand babies and my eldest. Will be taking the Zephyr Train from Ca To Chicago early spring.

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