Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pre Challenge Come back Ramble

This is the time of year when it is almost a given of human nature to look back. We have done the time and now it is time look back. A sort of sorting of the pictures of the trip we took. Always, we seem to want to do it better the next time around, don't we?

So I am listing in my mind the things I did and the things I want to do in "twenty twelve"!

Always (from forever and ever it seems) weight loss is on the top of the list.

What is different about twenty twelve to twenty eleven is that I get to start this year from the start in blog mode.  Again apologies for the hiding. I knew in my heart that there had to be a time to stop before all of my past progress would have been lost.

A magical motivating NSV happened to me:
When I first got here to Vegas, I had blogged about my desire to join a fitness group of sort. As Santa's helper this Christmas, I have been totally tapped out until January. With this fallback on my dieting, I knew I needed to live up to what I wanted back when the mojo was strong. Logged on to the YMCA web and found that they dropped the $75 sign up fee for a limited time!

Already physically things are picking up. I feel those good feel endorphins after an outdoor session today with my grand babies. We hung out in front and rode our bikes around in circles. The winter desert sun was invigorating. We played this computerized dart board later. Pretty cool.

Desiree the older girl, she needs to get some activity. It is a priority for me to ensure this. I don't want the cruelty I faced as a young chubby to affect her little heart. It has started already a slight. Kindergartners are not that that cruel, but as the grades go up so does the level of name calling and mean girl encounters. No way not my Desi! The Y will be perfect for her. And she loves to swim! And they have great programs.

Thanks so much for all the comments. I am glad to be back on the blog. I will weigh myself on Saturdays, from now on maybe, but need to check the challenges fine print. LOL. I will have to nudge that ticker back just a slight. I peeked. Not so so bad. Made me not say yes to the corn bread muffins at dinner and the biscuit and gravy breakfast.


  1. Young woman, theres no need to feel down.
    I said, young woman, pick yourself off the ground.
    ...♬♬♫♪♫... good plan!

  2. Your grandkids are gorgeous. You have a Desi and I call my Destini Desi too. How cute.

    Good for you on taking charge. It will be great for you guys! Happy New Year!

  3. Activity benefits everyone, young and old, but young people are, when unfettered, naturally active. When they're NOT, I assume there's an issue. So, yes, encourage lots of play and activity and love of movement to guide them onward.

    These kids are just beyond cute. And the girls are so beautiful. Yes, yes, let's keep her unfettered from chub and flab, so her beauty can shine undiminished and she doesn't have to look back with regret like, well, many of us do. :(

    On to a new year...

  4. Oooh, how did Anne H do those musical notes?? Cute!

  5. You are so right, Mir. We eat too much around here. A pattern of satisfying boredom with food. Festivities involve food. Going out involves food. Des is naturally active, but all that food food food is more. My daughter actually is buying more fresh fruit and less carby snacks. (the hubby has a hostess and cookie stash pile in their room). The Hubby (son in law) has personified his weight. He is who he is and likes being a big and tall guy. He would not know what to do with a six pack unless it was in soda form. Thankfully he is not attracted to the alcohol type six pack. And Butt is a terrible and common sight round these parts...Poor Desi I told her she needs to be butt crack aware. She just lets it smile way, too much. I just worry what the kids would do at school and want to give her a heads up help. I tell her "Butt Crack Alert, we need to be butt crack aware" She smiles and we fix it.

  6. Grandkids are adorable and blessed you have you as a role model. Greta news on the Y. I am sure everyone will benefit from going there. I look forward to reading your posts.


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