Friday, June 8, 2012

Up Late again!

I drank Chai Tea at 11pm! I guess I am a light weight! I have got to try to sleep or I will be slumping tomorrow oh I mean

Yesterday I got my baby girl tattoo done. Working on getting a sleeve. It is what I want to do...There will be some sort of sun in the upper left and vectored rays of light filling in orange or yellow or a fade of both in the empty gaps. Another sunflower will be on the right of the girl and it will be facing the rays. The stem will swirl into scripted word saying "Love Me". It is still fresh. The red is supposed to die down, if not I will have to have it toned down. She looks a bit sun burnt!

I did really good today on the 5 mile challenge. I just up and went there to do it. It was around 8 something and I managed to get 7.5 miles in before the sun set. I am thinking I can do 10 easily and more. It is great quiet time. I am thinking of investing in a weight of sorts for my arms and alternately work them out as I go. I also keep conscious of my tummy muscles and try to feel the pump in them. And I breath....

Check out my sidebar for my total progress gauge. Pretty cool gadget. Got it from "Google Code Playground" just need to edit the HTML by hitting the edit HTML on the code box. To check to see if your edit works you then hit the debug button on the box with the visual result below the code box. You then copy the code then paste it to the HTML sidebar gadget.

Bloggie Love!


  1. I need to get my running tattoo... NEED!

  2. I LOVE that gauge. How cool is that. Great job on 7.5 miles today; wow. You have this challenge in the bag.

    1. I just read today it was 5 miles walking, though. I think I need to compensate by doing double in cycling. I can do it. Plus the kids get to go to the playground in the park and roll down the hills and drink fountain water. LOL.

    2. 10 miles on the bike sounds like a GREAT challenge. Yes it started out as a walking challenge, but that is just because that is what I am doing. Make the challenge work for you. 5 miles on a bike is great too. But hey 10 works too :)

  3. One day I am going to get all the tattoos I want damn it! LOL
    Love the gadget too, looks like I am going to be playing with HTML today :D


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